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07 Jan 2022 19:16:41
Mrazek $3.8M
Robertson ELC
Ritchie $2.5M

Girgensons $2.2M
Anderson $.750
Hagg $1.6M

Cap in $4.55M
Cap out $6.3M

Buffalo gets a vet goalie for the next few years while they build. They get a young talented prospect, but have to take on Ritchie's contract to get Robertson. Buf still needs to reach cap floor and Ritchie may be better off in the obscurity of Buffalo over the spotlight of Toronto. With just one more season on Ritchie's contract, it should make sense for them.

Toronto picks up a cheap vet back up, a two way C/LW that is solid defensively and also a solid depth D in Hagg who can play both LD/RD. Leafs get $1.75M in cap space.
Both Hagg and Anderson are off the books end of season giving Leafs even more cap flexibility to re-sign Campbell(extra $2.35M). Girgensons signed for one more season at $2.2M. Leafs could move Kerfoot in the off-season and re-sign Mikheyev cheaper than Kerfoot's $3.5M clearing some more cap now that they have Girgensons, Bunting, Mikheyev on the left side.

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07 Jan 2022 19:56:37
@RLF I do like it. Small deals that makes the Leafs better IMO, saves cap space and really doesn't tinker with team chemistry.
I really like Girgensons.

A couple of questions:
1. Do you think Mrazek would waive he NTC for Buffalo?
2. Is Hagg good enough to play top 4 RD?

07 Jan 2022 21:28:47
1. Probably not, but not impossible. Depends on whether he wants to be a #1 or if he is fine in a backup roll. I don't think he is getting the chance in Toronto he thought he would get, so maybe.
2. If the #3 is really, really good he may be able to play a complimentary #4 role or in a pinch because of injuries he could fill in. But I see him as a good #5.

07 Jan 2022 23:13:05
If we're relying on #3 being really really good, then I think we may be in trouble.
I know you prefer not to break the bank for add ons, but I don't agree. Leafs are right there and I'm sure Dubas is going to try and make a big splash for either a top 4 RHD or top 6 LW.
I honestly would target Chychrun at 23 years of age and with 3 years left at $4.6M. Get this deal done and then worry about trading Muzzin on the off season.

08 Jan 2022 13:56:27
I said I don't agree on breaking the bank for a rental. Chychrun would not be a rental. They will ask the moon for Chychrun though and he would be on his wrong side. I would look at guys I have mentioned beg=fore like P. Myers, Severson, Roy, Peeke. Can you pry Cernak out of TB for prospects as they will have cap trouble again next year. Cernak would not be cheap, but none of the others should cost what Chychrun will.

08 Jan 2022 15:06:04
@RLF sorry misunderstood.
Anyways, I still would pursue Chychrun even though steep price.
Core 4 is still younger with the exception of Tavares. As long as they do well in playoffs, they'll remain together.
Rielly is corner stone with his new contract.
Leafs need Muzzin's replacement as he is approaching his best before date IMO. Chychrun will have to play RD this season (which I've read he has played in the past, not sure about in NHL though) . hopefully this pairing rejuvenates Muzzin.
Once season is over, Muzzin needs to be traded and Chychrun takes over.

Probably not going to happen, but that's the direction I would.

08 Jan 2022 15:10:48
BTW do you think Mayfield may be possible with the position Islanders are in?
He is big, tough and has playoff experience with another year remaining on his contract. He should't cost too much and would definitely be an upgrade over Holl.

09 Jan 2022 06:06:09
Another good prop by RLF.

09 Jan 2022 14:20:36
@Tagz. Mayfield may be available, but although he is decent defensively, is big and hits, his whole career he has been a giveaway machine. He is not very careful with the puck and that improved some under Trotz, but not when he has been forced into a larger role with Pulock out. He is fair priced at $1.45M. If you are looking for a true safe top 4 Dman, I don't think Mayfield is that player.
The reason I said the guys I did is they may be affordable and have either shown they can play top 4 or have in the past.
Severson will cost the Leafs, but he is a top 4 that allows Brodie to play with Muzzin which would help Muzzin's game.
Peeke keeps improving every year and he is cheap.
Myers was quite good in Philly and seems to have lost his way in Nash, but he has all the tools to be a top 4.
Roy I am a little iffy on because of his cap hit, but he should be an improvement over Holl.

09 Jan 2022 17:24:22
@RLF How do you know so much about these players? Very impressive.
Do you think Severson's price went down since NJ is not in the playoffs hunt?
Dermott and 2022 1st enough?

10 Jan 2022 06:30:41
RLF what are your thoughts on Manson or Lindholm as possible trade targets for top 4?

10 Jan 2022 16:28:35
@Tagz. It is just my opinion on the players, nothing more. No, I don't think that would do it for NJ. Severson is a big minute eater. Can play PP and PK. Good for 25-40 pts per season. Is not afraid of physical play and he is a positive when he is on the ice. Another year at $4.16 makes him an attractive target for many teams.

@Glimmo. Two different styles of D-man imo. Manson is more physical and defensive minded where as Lindholm is more high risk/ reward with the puck can can be a difference maker in a game. I am not a big fan of blowing prime assets on a rental this season, but I understand why some would. I don't see ANA trading either if they feel they will make the playoffs. Every team could use the playoff revenue. I would choose Manson though as I think he would be cheaper to acquire and he would help the PK and because he is the more physical and defensive D-man of the two.

10 Jan 2022 18:17:31
@RLF last one I promise.
Not a sexy add.
Justin Braun would probably be cheap to acquire.
Is he a worthy target?
Do you think he would improve our Top 4RD? He has plenty of playoff experience.
What do you think he would cost?

10 Jan 2022 21:11:19
I think it would be a lot to ask of the almost 35 year old Braun to play in our top 4 because of how heavily Keefe relies on the top 4 for minutes. Braun is playing 20 mins a night in Philly for the first time in 3 years. He is still behind what Rielly, Brodie, Muzzin and Holl do for average icetime per game. I could be wrong, but I think it will be tough for him to continue to play 20 mins a night the whole season plus playoffs and be an effective top 4 guy.

10 Jan 2022 22:35:03
Thanks for your opinion. I was thinking to trade for him and let Lily continue getting top 4 minutes with Muzzin for experience and Braun at less minutes with Sandin.
Then with 10 games left move Braun with Muzzin so they get accustomed to each other for playoffs.



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