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11 Jul 2022 13:19:38
If Anaheim is really looking rebuild and Gibson really wants to stay there, then why not go after Stolarz I have mentioned before. He is cheap and a UFA end of season.

Robertson ELC
Woll $.767M

Stolarz $.950M
Jones $1.295M

Anaheim gets some young players for the rebuild and Toronto gets a potential goalie and big bottom 6er.

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11 Jul 2022 14:11:37
This is quite laughable.

11 Jul 2022 15:07:02
Why is that Tbuds, because every leaf player and prospect carries incredible value? Didn't you even claim Mrazek had value iirc.

11 Jul 2022 15:31:29
Just for comparison, Stolarz is a little older than Campbell when the Leafs got him, but # of games played, save%, GAA is very similar to Stolarz numbers. at $.950M a season, they are not giving Stolarz away.

11 Jul 2022 15:50:19
I’d do the deal.

11 Jul 2022 18:43:46
Ok so Jones has not materialized into anything, in 137 NHL games he has 17G and 11A, so no value to me. Robertson, is unknown, but potential is still high.

As for Stolarz, who is 28, he is in the final year of his deal and is a great back up goalie, but he played a career high 28 games last year. Woll who is still only 23, and signed for 3 more years and still an RFA may be just as good in a back up role this year.

So no, I'd prefer to keep the better contracts and younger players.

11 Jul 2022 19:14:03
T-buds. So, you would rather keep the unknown prospects that may or may not work out better than the actual NHL players in the return. Contracts combined save like $700K. That is what makes the proposal laughable to you? Odd.

11 Jul 2022 20:10:45
Yes, I feel you could trade Robertson for better value and Woll is just better to keep at this point. Stolarz is not a starter, so he's readily replaceable as a back up.

11 Jul 2022 21:04:29
Now we have made each other laugh.
Robertson is almost 21. He has played 16 NHL games with 2 pts. Same pace Jones was on his 1st 30 games. Jones a bit better actually. Robertson has only been healthy enough to play 49 AHL games over 2 seasons. His point totals are fine, but not outstanding in the A. Yet he is worth more than the two NHLers I proposed. You gave me a good chuckle as well. Cheers.



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