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23 Jul 2022 15:10:55
Roope Hintz -3.150
Hakanpaa -1.5


Holl 2m
Sandin signed @2.2 for 2years

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23 Jul 2022 17:56:18
My goal ever since leafs were eliminated was to look but not touch on this site. I was addicted to chatting with other passionate leaf fans and my father along with myself have been on this chat forum since Matthews scored his 4 goals in game 1 of 2016 when I dubbed Matthews my created NHL video game player I create of myself in every game since create a player was available in late 90s.

So now without my dad and yet another disappointing year of hope I decided I’ll keep looking at comments getting my fix of the site but no responding

This all changed thanks to this deal from That guy.

Hintz broke through in a 40 game sample 2 seasons ago then continued his success. Why? He shoots and hits the net, his shot% had always been 15-17% but the more he shoots his goal total keeps improving. A huge upgrade for Tavares and nylander

Hakanpaa and his 248 hits and 118 blocks is what leafs need and fans want. Imagine him on right side of muzzin. Muzzin when asked to be a defence only dman is ok but nothing special when he is covering up defensively for his partner or lack there of. This also takes away from any offensive game he has as he is too focused on defence. Now give him a defence first guy and his defence goes from ok to elite having a partner making him look good on his mistakes. Also now his offence which is well above average in this kind of spot can now shine. Muzzin with hakanpaa might give leads an elite looking muzzin again

For the return
Holl who in paper is not far off hakapanaa but we know they ain’t close and is just a cap bump with negative value
Sandin you’d think is a must but Dallas has 4 lefties on D. Yes heiskanen can play right side but Lindell suter with Miller and heiskanen are the top 4. Holl is bottom pair right D with Sandin type prospect in Harley.
Is liljegren a better fit in this trade? Maybe who knows

Robertson is a must have for Dallas

Knies is the deal breaker and Dubas will now say no but without Dallas says no.

How about kerfoot for cap purposes and an ok replacement along with Hirvonen and niemela instead. They are both Finnish prospects which if u haven’t noticed is a Dallas theme,

Anyways this brought me back so well done I’m quite intrigued by these 2 players.

23 Jul 2022 19:08:42
@JDB. They are players we would probably all be happy to have, but no one is explaining why Dallas would want to move them. I can't see why they would. Hard to get better value per cap hit than Hintz and if Hakanpaa is on the 2nd pair at $1.5M for 2 more years, how do you get better value than that?
Nice to dream though.

23 Jul 2022 19:33:52
Good to have ya back craiggers.

23 Jul 2022 22:51:31
First off, sorry about your Dad! (Mine also was the goal posts bro. ; today as a matter of fact would have been his 89th *true story^) and RLF imo this is where a trade starts (starting point) in order to gain you have to give so Leafs most likely add to it somewhere along the line be it drafts picks, another player ect. The target counts in order to improve your team if you believe in it. We all know that. ;)

24 Jul 2022 01:16:41
@Thatguy. I understand all that. That doesn't answer why Dallas would entertain trading Hintz especially and Hankanpaa. It would be like an Arz fan saying we are offering "insert players, picks etc" for Matthews. Why would the Leafs trade Matthews? I can't imagine an actual realistic scenario in which they would.

24 Jul 2022 03:28:56
Sorry to hear about your Dad That guy.

24 Jul 2022 04:28:36
LL-thanks bro

RLF- recall how phaneuf got traded? It was out of the blue as they were talking trades and deals and that is what popped up and out eventually. same goes here.



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