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24 Jul 2022 19:59:15
As appealing as Hinz off Dallas is RFL is correct. Why would Dallas do this. His contract is a steal . Outside marner and Matthews nothing leafs have would equal Hinz overall value. Nylander is close but still not quite.

Let's move on to the next player

Enter..Timo Meier

6 million cap hit for 1 year but 10 million salary owed and at the end he is still an RFA but the cost to qualify him is that very 10 million. Yikes. Even if San Jose decides to deal him there aren't too many teams who can afford to qualify him financially.

He is close to point a game player who can get 30 goals. Is he worth 10 million obviously not but his cap hit is a little under his value. Put him with Tavares and nylander and bam elite line.

Now what would it take for 1 year of service followed buy a summer situation much like tkachuk just had. Now tkachuk has better stats so giving sanjose marner won't happen. Also, San Jose might continue rebuilding grabbing assets.

So here's my stab at it
Kerfoot for cap reason
Holl again cap reason
2025 1st round top 10 protected

Meirer (25% retained)

Now why only 25%. We'll point of dealing him now is to get out of paying him 10 million bucks. Getting kerfoot at .75 salary and retaining 5 million makes using kerfoots contract as a positive salary wise now a negative.
Retaining 2.5 million salary and adding kerfoot .75 salary makes kerfoot basically play tor his value now in that round about way of thinking.
The cap value of the retention is 1.5.
Holl for Megna both guys suck but at least leafs gain 1.1 in cap space from this transaction
All together 5.5 cap leaves while 5.4 cap comes back.

So unlike the Calgary deal more than just player for players has to be looked as as the money value is way differant and team trading players direction is much differant


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25 Jul 2022 01:23:10
1- Hate to say it but both you and RLF may be wrong and Hintz is subjected to injuries and also Dallas may need an angle to make a trade to try and improve whatever way they may seem fit. An aproach is just that and the way I see it is Timo is probably one of their best commodities and a new GM may try to gain the very best deal for him. That offer just may satisfies Vancouver and Miller for the same reason. I choose Miller, but I still admire this target as well as we all know it would totally make our 2nd line a huge threat. Pssst. Why can't Dubas see this stuff lol ;)

25 Jul 2022 02:01:59
I like the target, but is 1 year of meier worth Robertson sanding and a first?

25 Jul 2022 03:35:38
Man that's a good prop. Not so much because I agree with it, but the potential it has.

You throw him in the top 6 and watch him get a 40/ 100 season. If he won't resign for a reasonable number, you trade him for a tonne of assets.

I like it.

25 Jul 2022 12:10:16
I like Meier. Would like to see him on the Leafs. Remove Magna, unnecessary imo. Since Holl and Kerfoot are both on expiring contracts and the 1st isn't until 2025, this looks pretty reasonable. SJ is heading to a rebuild it looks like, so young players should interest them. Many will look at this as put Meier with JT and Nylander, which should be a great top 6. If the Leafs made this move, I would be wanting to trade Nylander now for a younger player+ and the cap space. Like Nylander to Arz for Crouse, McBain + 2nd would really interest me if this deal was made. JT/ Meier/ Crouse. That is a playoff line.



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