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25 Aug 2022 17:15:40
To Toronto: Jérémy Lauzon
Tanner Jeannot

To Nashville: Justin Holl
Alexander Kerfoot
Roni Hirvonen
2023 1st round pick
2023 3rd round pick

First thing is assuming Kerfoot and Holl waive their MNTC. Second is if Nashville says yes. I realize they probably don't "want" to trade Jeannot, but I feel this is a pretty decent offer. They will have to pay him next year anyways and I wouod rather pay Jeannot then say Bunting. If we had to pick between the 2. Our team gets much bigger and more physical. While locking in Lauzon for 4 years at 2M. Leafs would also have around 1.2M in cap space. Barry Simmonds and or Clifford and you should have money for Sandin. I believe they should run 7 defenceman during the regular season to shelter and protect Muzzin and Giordano. Nashville would have to move out around 300k to be cap complacent.

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25 Aug 2022 20:53:54
New poster here boys but read your stuff all the time. Love the trade ideas and believe if Dubas would actually read these some good proposals might hit him in the forehead and get him to maybe think more about components we are actually missing. 1) A POWER FORWARD!

Enter: Tanner Jeannot cheap $850k I believe and is serious flying under the radar at this point. One more yr of play like last yr and boom he’s on everyone list of potential must haves.

Now my concern with this proposal is only does it make Nashville better now? Makes our boys better for sure…. That conversation might begin with Bunting plus and 1st even a top prospect no? An no way to Knies being that prospect. Am I wrong?

25 Aug 2022 22:24:42
I would do anything to keep Knies, though I feel they would prefer him. He's more comparable to Jeannot's style of play. Is Nashville better, not by much (if any) . Are they worse, I don't think by much. Kerfoot 51 points, plus 19, with the ability to play center. Jeannot 41 points plus 2. I understand he brings things that Kerfoot does not. I'm not exactly sure where Nashville currently stands. Contending, re-build/ tool. This gives them 5.5M off the books (should they choose) next year and a few picks with a good prospect.

26 Aug 2022 00:31:51
Jeannot is definitely not flying under the radar in Nashville.
Management loves him.
His teammates love him.
The fans love him.
He plays the heavy game Nashville is known for.
That said, if he was available for an overpayment, as you say, I would prefer to pay Jeannot next year rather than Bunting.

26 Aug 2022 11:59:11
Welcome Henry. Well thought out imo.
I will say what I have said before about Jeannot. Nashville's moves suggest they are trying to contend. Jeannot is a 20+ goal scorer who hits, fights etc making $850k. Why would Nash move a contract like that when to compete, teams need excellent value contracts?
I don't think they want to move him and any deal that may seem like an overpay, probably doesn't make sense on the ice. I don't think Jeannot is going anywhere. Trenin may be possible, but I doubt that as well.

26 Aug 2022 14:39:55
I totally agree with you. I just don't see Trenin as a top 6 forward. Kerfoot is a better forward then Jeannot, stats wise. But Jeannot brings so much more to the table. It would be a dream to pry him from Nashville. If I were them, I wouldn't be moving him either.



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