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27 Aug 2022 04:40:41
To Toronto: Pesche

To Carolina: Sandin
2023 1st round pick

Not sure if this is still on the light side, but solves 2 teams problems. Carolina is 2.6M over the cap. They have 5 RHD and 2 LHD on their roster. Enter Sandin, cheap LHD. We need help on the Right side, Pesche has a good cap hit for 2 more years. Find a 3rd team to retain some salary and or get rid of Holl/ Kerfoot to be cap complacent.

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27 Aug 2022 06:55:04
Like the target a lot. We all used to throw Pesce trades out there all the time.

I think this is light though. Pesce is a solid top 4RHD on a great contract.

27 Aug 2022 12:07:29
I know he was a very popular target in the past. Since they acquired Burns and their wealth of RHD, it could be the perfect time to pry him out. How much more do you think it takes? I would be hesitant to add say Niemelä, because you're emptying your defensive prospect pool almost entirely. That's with Giordano at 38 years old and Muzzin 33.

27 Aug 2022 14:20:58
I had posted awhile ago looking at Pesce for Nylander type of deal again. Same reasons you have put. Carolina is fine for cap space. They have Gardiner's $4M and Patch is put for 6 months giving them $11M in LTIR. I still think something around Pesce for Nylander would make sense especially with Patch out.

27 Aug 2022 16:41:44
I read gardiner is supposed to be back this year.

27 Aug 2022 21:35:56
@Randy. I forgot about that. Apparently he has been cleared to play. got to figure Carolina is looking to move him.

27 Aug 2022 23:08:37
@Randy/ RLF Max Pac is out for 6 months minimum following the trade. They have lots of time.

28 Aug 2022 16:27:55
I'll be honest I just checked Capfriendly for their cap hit. Not sure if they have it right up to date with LTIR. I think Jake the snake is calling it a career, though I believe he was cleared.

28 Aug 2022 21:46:44
@L67 this time of year, cap friendly doesn't have LTIR. LTIR only counts in season, so it's hard to judge at times.

29 Aug 2022 13:54:28
L67. If Gardiner retires, he gives up $4.5M, so I am doubtful he retires. The Canes could bury him in the minors and save almost $1M against the cap, but carrying the extra $3M would suck for them. Not sure what they are going to do with him other than try to move him.

30 Aug 2022 10:49:44
Gardiner is gonna play. Never said anything about retiring.



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