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26 Oct 2022 03:17:53
Marner- 10.9
Sandin- 1.4
Aube Kubel -1m
2024 2nd

Wheeler -4.2 (8.4 @50% retained)
Dillion =3.9
Gagner- =.750k


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26 Oct 2022 11:01:05
Swap that with Murray and I might be interested.

26 Oct 2022 15:47:32
That's an interesting deal.

Hell boy is definitely the better goalie in the package, but Marner is the best forward.

I think you lose me at Wheeler. As Randy said, without Murray swapped for Samsonov, I have no interest in Wheeler.

26 Oct 2022 18:47:15
The Jets wouldn't have a goalie if they trade Helly. That alone would be a no from the Jets.

26 Oct 2022 21:23:10
My whole grab was to attain a true #1 starter, . Helly is that so to make the numbers work I had to add in Horton who in my mind could play along Tavares and Nylander while also toughing up The D with Dillion who to me is also a great add. Gagne in my mind anyways could flourish on the top line along side of Matthews. Horton yes is on the decline but in order to change things up (which we need) Horton had to be a part of the mix. I do not feel Murray would be able to go the other way just to suit our fancy unless Winny needs the LTIR cap space, . (which they don't, so I gave/ offered them Samsonov who could still be on the cheap next year as I think the Peg needs to rebuild in a sense, but, . they may have to fall a bit further in the standings to realize it.

27 Oct 2022 01:37:21
Wheeler, Dillon and Gagner are of no value whatsoever.
Marner for Hellebuyck is unthinkable and would get Dubas fired.
Adding Sandin makes it even more bizarre.

27 Oct 2022 16:21:41
WaterBuf- Dillion is valuable, so are the other three but if you feel Marner isour best shot at attaining a long playoffrun, . then fire yourself. Per4sonally I feel Sandin is not as valuable as Dillion, Helly in our net makes us better even if we lost Marner on a 1-for 1 trade (marner for Helly) and if Dubas could do that alone, . I do not feel he would lose his job, It would show that Dubas grew some balls. (Marner is an ego head) imo.

28 Oct 2022 00:38:54
Dillon is 31 years old.
Gagner is 33 years old.
Wheeler is 36 years old.
Under Dubas’ watchful eye Leafs have gone from being one of the younger teams in the NHL to one of the older teams.
Adding 3 more players in their 30’s will not help this team.



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