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02 Nov 2022 19:50:06
Matt Dumba is an interesting RD, mobile, physical, young and with an offensive skill set but has an injury history.

Is in his final year at $6m. Given his injury history could the Leafs sign for something slightly less than $5m?

If so would the Wild send him our way with Marco Rossi for Brodie, Sandin and Robertson?

I see it as a fair trade and one that piques my interest.

Any takers?

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02 Nov 2022 20:17:50
I'm not actually sure he's a better fit than Brodie. I would like to have Dumba, but just swapping them doesn't seem like an upgrade to me.

02 Nov 2022 21:22:53
I don’t seem this trade making the leafs better dumba is a good player but not the best defensively.

02 Nov 2022 23:29:03
It’s Marco Rossi that is the most interesting piece in this trade.
Though I am not sure that this is enough to satisfy the Wild I would make that trade in a heart beat!

03 Nov 2022 00:14:39
Yes it’s Rossi that is the key!

03 Nov 2022 10:46:00
Honestly, I don't understand the reason for this trade considering the players involved. To me, Dumba is no better than Brodie and costs more and in the final year of his deal. Then as you say, he has an injury history. So Leafs give up a pretty durable guy in Brodie who can play both sides for an often injured Rightist? Is there much difference between Robertson and Rossi? Not to me there isn't. And then the Leafs add in Sandin as well. Very lateral move where the Leafs give up more. Imo.

03 Nov 2022 21:48:03
If Dumba can stay healthy IMO he’d be my choice over Brodie because of his physicality and offence.

Brodie’s only attribute is his defence which in my eyes is deteriorating. He has no offence.

Brodie is at least 4 years older than Dumba!

Brodie has one more year at $5m and I’d do the trade if I could get Dumba for 2x$4.75m

And I think Rossi has more upside, again just my opinion.

Leafs also need to get under 50 contracts to secure the flexibility this offers.

So I think there are definite reasons from where I sit.

But I’m generally willing to listen or look for other options.

03 Nov 2022 23:43:17
Rsears. There are a lot of ifs in there is my point. What if Dumba wants a raise from $6M? Not even D of his age range want or take less like you are hoping. So far, Robertson has outperformed Rossi at the pro level. And Sandin still has top 4 potential imo.

04 Nov 2022 14:28:06
Agree there are ifs and if Dumba demands an unearned raise then I do look elsewhere.

I would still like to get Rossi because I think he has a better all-around game than Robertson.

I will say they are very close, even in size and age, but there is something about Rossi. Perhaps it’s his edge work and agility and his ability to control the play better.



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