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13 Nov 2022 01:09:40
Sandin and Niemela to Ottawa for Alex Formenton.

Sign him for 3 x $3m.

Robertson for Andrew Peekie.

Leafs give Ottawa a needed boost to D corps and scoring to CBJ.

We get an amazingly speedy big man who can score and PK.

Peekie is a big upcoming 2-way RD.

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13 Nov 2022 02:41:01
Isn't Formenton involved in the hockey Canada investigation? I remember hearing something along those lines anyway.

13 Nov 2022 06:42:51
@Leafslife. i believe he is. which is probly why he has not been signed. or traded. which i think this trade would be a huge over payment for him.

13 Nov 2022 12:44:45
Okay you’re quite right to question this trade if he’s involved. I was not aware of this so good catch.

Assuming he is, let’s set our sights elsewhere.

I’ve always liked Athanasiou, similar to Formenton. Size, amazing speed, PK ability and decent offence.
Replace Niemela with Bobby McMann and check in with Chicago.

13 Nov 2022 12:53:01
We trade 2 defenceman (which is an are of weakness) for a forward? Peeke was just signed long term, I don't see him being moved.

13 Nov 2022 19:19:05
And sending Sandin away will improve the D, he’s the primary weakness on D!

A big fast forward, strong on the PK helps the team defensively.

As you know strong D is a team concept.

13 Nov 2022 22:00:28
I also like Athanasiou. I think he has another level he can reach in the right system.

13 Nov 2022 23:42:15
More forwards Leafs do not need.
A better defense is what they do need.
Yet you propose to trade two, young defensemen (Including Niemala a RHD) to Ottawa for another forward.
I don’t see how this helps the team?

13 Nov 2022 23:43:54
CBJ’s just lost Werenski for the season.
They are not about to trade a defenseman (Peekie) for a forward I wouldn’t think.
This does not improve their team at all.

14 Nov 2022 07:04:35
@WB CBJ is calling the season a write off I'm sure. I can't see them thinking this is a contention year.

Sandin can go for a bag of pucks for all I care anyway. He's a bad skater and has zero hockey IQ.

14 Nov 2022 13:40:48
When I submitted these trades I was not aware Werenski was shelved for the season so CBJ might choose to pass on Robertson.

But they may see it as a longer term improvement since this year they won’t make the playoffs.

Subtracting / trading Sandin, as I say, improves our D simply by replacing him with any current D in the Leafs system! He’s a big liability!

I removed Niemela in the Athanasiou trade, so we lose only one D. Athanasiou would add much to the Leafs forward group (never can have too many) and he replaces Robertson.



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