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14 Nov 2022 16:04:52
Leafs have so much cap space. Muzzin won't play again this year plus you have Engval Holl that traded would bring 4 million more dollars

Plus I have this feeling that Matt Murray will get shut down at some point this yeas

That's 15 million in cap space

Leafs 1st 23 Holl Engvall knies

Chicago Kane 50% paid by Chicago

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14 Nov 2022 18:53:18
The Leafs have $5.1M in projected cap space with Murray and Muzzin out. When Murray comes back tomorrow it’s $500k!

Plus I’m not trading Knies!

14 Nov 2022 22:41:13
With Muzzin on LTIR even with Murray back how do u get 500k? Muzzin is 5.6mill?

15 Nov 2022 00:09:33
Can someone explain with Murray back and Muzzin on LTIR we lose 5.1mill and end up with only 500k in cap space cause my math my be off.

15 Nov 2022 00:41:38
I would venture to point out that Leafs need defense more than they need offense.

15 Nov 2022 13:51:27

In my comment I stated the Leafs would have about $500k cap room when Murray returns.

But I forgot to add (back) Petrozelli’s NHL contract of $817,500.

The Leafs actually have $1,265,833 available

I will attempt an explanation:

A maximum of a 23 man roster is used in determining each team’s position against the $82.5m cap.

If a team total of $83m is reached with that 23 man roster 2 or 3 things can be done to comply.

The first is most often done where the team chooses to file a 22-man roster by moving out someone who makes the minimum $750k or more.

Trades can be made as well.

When a player like Muzzin is put on LTIR it does give extra space and ability for a team to do something (I. e. adding salary over the cap) .

However one can’t simply take the full salary ($5.625m) off the total salaries because that player has counted against the cap based on a pro rata calculation by games played!

So behind the scenes each team’s totals can change on a game by game basis depending how they manipulate the active roster and who might be on LTIR.

The calculation therefore is not as simple as totalling the active 23-man roster with IR, LTIR and Buried Cap minus the LTIR.

It’s all done game by game based on the 23-man roster on that particular date.

A danger for any team is making a big signing based on poor judgement in when a player might return, like Murray for example.

So projections are done for us and accessible on capfriendly which. I look at daily.

Hope this helps a bit.

And just to add I am not the expert!

15 Nov 2022 15:10:03
@ Rsears I’m picking up what your putting down haha thx buddy.



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