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04 Jan 2023 18:50:29
On to todays possible deal.

Leafs: 1st, 5th, Robertson, holl, Minten

SJ: meier, Knyzhov.

let the fun begin, leafs get another tool for its sluggish PP unit, and a younger defense minded defenseman who is an RFA (but injured since season began) . hes waiver exempt so it wont be difficult to pass send him down to the minors.

SJ is getting a couple of draft picks, a fresh start for robertson who can get playing time on a rebuilding team, sturdy defensice RHD and a tempting young prospect who can help them down the middle (or a back up plan dangling kallgren/ woll as they dont look overly stable in net. )

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04 Jan 2023 23:14:58
I'm all for getting Meier, but this is extremely light. He's an RFA on expiring and 26yo. I think it starts with Knies+1st.

05 Jan 2023 00:09:11
Meier@50% I forgot to put.

05 Jan 2023 04:43:06
I think it starts with Knies and a 1st round pick to pry Timo Meir loose from San Jose.
If Leafs send Kerfoot ($3.5), Holl ($2) and Wayne Simmons ($900,000), three expiring contracts, back to San Jose they have the cap situation pretty much covered.
Timo Meier requires a $10 million dollar qualifying offer next summer which needs to be taken into consideration.

05 Jan 2023 13:49:24
I must be missing something on the QO for Meier.

Yes he is a RFA so must receive a QO if SJS wish to retain him.

His current salary is $6m.

As I read the rules the QO must be 100% of his current salary (105% if less than $1m) or 120% of Cap hit, whichever is lower.

So I don’t understand why people are saying it’s $10m.

What am I missing?

And BTW, just because a non-offered QO might be high does NOT mean he will sign for that amount. Since a team doesn’t offer a QO the new contract will likely be much lower.

05 Jan 2023 13:56:51
So I’ve spent more time on the QO for Meier.

It seems the reason his QO is $10m is because his 4year $24m contract is back-end loaded.

This year’s salary is $10m, so his QO should be the lower of 100% of salary OR 120% of Cap hit.

So I calculate that to be $7.2m and not $10m.

Again what am I missing?

05 Jan 2023 20:01:02
Stipulations for qualifying offers include: offering at least a one-year contract and offer at least 100% of their previous salary.

06 Jan 2023 11:17:14
As far as I know it is as Hrenklin says, which is why I brought up months ago that if acquiring Meier, you have to take into consideration that his salary is $10M and that will be his qualifying offer. He may sign long term for less. But if he wants his $10M, unless the Leafs qualify him, he can walk as a free agent and essentially became a rental and the Leafs would have given up a ton of assets likely.

06 Jan 2023 13:30:27
maybe they can work on a sign and trade. hopefully somewhere near the nylander price point. people can consider taking less for a bonafied SC team. and the leafs get closer and closer with every first round exit so far.



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