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10 Jan 2023 17:05:31
Robertson $.797M
Anderson $.750M
Gaudette $.750M
McBain $.834M
Bjugstad $.900M

ARZ gets too young players and a vet they may be able to flip if they give him paying time, for a bottom 6er and an UFA pending forward. Both Robertson and Anderson should get a chance in Arz. Also helps Arz in tanking for Bedard.

Tor picks up a young big LW that plays hard and from Toronto as well as a solid/big bottom 6 vet for the playoff run while clearing a contract spot if wanting to make another move.

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10 Jan 2023 17:17:54
I think you probably need to add something to this, as Yote shave no interest in 2/ 3 of those players.

Maybe a minor add, but something.

Good targets, but you forgot Trwnin.

10 Jan 2023 18:27:06
@LL. Nope, haven't forgot him. I just can't let Loxley win by mentioning him. lol

I thought I would hear that it is too much considering all the hype many put on Robertson. Bjugstad couldn't find a job with another team and signed cheap in Arz. How much value does he have?
I know I have mentioned McBain for a couple of seasons (no one seemed to even know who he was back then), but is he starting to get overhyped and overvalued now? He is a bottom 6 guy on Arz. I mean, when I wanted Bennett he was in the same kind of situation and I was told he wasn't worth going after. He was a 3rd/ 4th line guy and nothing more. Bennett had more pedigree than McBain.
So what do you think needs to change in the proposal?

11 Jan 2023 01:11:22
@RLF I really just don't see Robertson as having any value at all to most teams. He's done nothing in the NHL other than get hurt.

Leafs fans always overvalue players, that's just how it is.

11 Jan 2023 03:17:49
I really like your 2 Arizona targets they would be a big help to our lineup not sure if what you offered will get it done but I'm on board with this trade.

11 Jan 2023 15:20:54
@ RLF. I won't mention Trenin if you don't mention Mier. as you know i like these targets based on my huge deal from before that i really got no feedback on.

as for this deal might be a little light, i compare Robertson to McBain as far as potential except like LL has said and i agree Robertson either gets benched by team when healthy or is hurt. i like his heart and energy when he plays but the Leafs have kind of ruined him based on sitting him. other than potential i dunno what he is. that leaves Bjugstad for Anderson and Gaudette. an old vet ans another "potential guy". i see him maybe having the value of an Engvall maybe?

So maybe another small add or something to that bunch. i dunno. that's how my deal exploded to the 12 player deal it did. lol. and wow. Timo Meier has 23 goals. plays great with Lebanc. maybe send Willy over for those

11 Jan 2023 18:18:30
All in good fun Loxley. Ironically, I wasn't the one who mentioned you and Meier. lol

I think Robertson still has value and more than some here I guess. Posting an updated version.



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