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25 Jan 2023 04:25:08
This formula simply doesnt work all these 10+ M players. Nylander will be next. that's 4 Matthews will want Max $$$ so 15M ( and they say they wanna win a championship) yeah right
Trade Matthews. He has a NTC . Hes only one piece of the puzzle A HUGE piece of the puzzle but a piece all the same. Arizona would be stupid to not step up and take him for whatever the leafs would ask for. This is not only a hockey trade but a organization being saved by a single player a hometown boy.

The leafs could take advantage of this scenario quite nicely I think

All this of course assuming they falter once again the play offs.

TO BUDS ::: 2023 2ND, 2024 1ST, 2024 2ND (FROM HABS)

9,800,000 HEADED BACK TO TORONTO ( McBain is an RFA and will get a raise for sure) but as it stands T. O is saving gaining just over 3,240,000 in cap space and getting some good return and good high picks.

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25 Jan 2023 10:41:45

25 Jan 2023 11:27:00
Stop believing kyprios there is no proof that matthews is asking 15 mil further more if they did make this deal the leafs are taking their first this year and probably next plus one or two of their top prospects.

25 Jan 2023 14:08:12
I'd love to get Meier and worry about signing or trading his rights in the summer we need an impact player on the Tavares line. Not sure if they consider Woll, holmberg, Topi, Voit and our 1st with some retention from them to make the money work.

25 Jan 2023 18:11:08
Unless the 12st pick was protected theyd never give up the Bedard sweepstakes.

25 Jan 2023 18:12:18
MPH as Ludicrous as you say it is and yes its never gonna happen It would make the leafs a far better team. One player a team does not make.

25 Jan 2023 20:05:56
you dont need Kipper for proof of what Matthews is asking for just look at the history he went for it all in his last contract he will do it again. He wants all the $$$ he can get that's all that matters to him. Not bashing him Hes earned the right to choose what he wants to with his life. he has chosen to make as much $$ as he can and forfeit the opprtunity the chance to win the cup by leaving some of that extra money on the table for the team to sign other players.

Mackinnon did this got a cup and is NOW getting paid. It can be done has been done. there is your example. Leafs need to decide do they want a player like Matthews who wants will get you lots of points and sell you lots of merch or someone else without the flash but wont take all your money and be a better fit to help u win a cup. just my opinion but an opinion shared by moret han afew.

26 Jan 2023 01:48:58
I don’t necessarily object to trading Matthews but not in that deal.
Particularly if Leafs do not make it to the Conference Finals this year.
Trading Matthews would be a 2023 summer deal not a trade deadline deal.

To Leafs : Crouse, Chychrun, Logan Cooley, McBain (since you like him), 2024 1st round pick, 2025 2nd round pick, return of Leafs 2023 3rd round pick (or 2025 2nd round pick, Coyotes choice) from the Lyubushkin rental.

To Coyotes: Matthews, Sandin, Robertson.

26 Jan 2023 11:16:27
So trade a sure fire HOF player. for what again?

26 Jan 2023 17:55:30
It wasn't Kipper I was taking the rumour from. he hasn't been accurate since he ko'd all those years ago. below is the article I took the middle number of around 15M as the number as you will read it can go up by 3-4 million or down by 2-3 million based on a lot of factors. Any way you slice it no one player is worth that money when you're trying to win a cup sorry just not.

Auston Matthews article

26 Jan 2023 18:56:12
waterbuffalo--- Sorry Id rather have a cup banner in the rafters over the scotiabank arena in Toronto then HOF banner of mathhews over the Scotiabannk arena. Just saying.

Is there a nre rule future HOF players can't get traded? missed that one.

26 Jan 2023 18:59:30

MY apologies. I responded to a comment you didnt send .

but I wanted to respond to the comment you did send. The return for MAtthews would simply kill the future of th Yotes. Its bad enough they have to play in a University arena but with that trade ypu'd also leave them pretty much a uuniversity type roster.



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