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30 Jan 2023 13:15:06
Engvall $2.25
Robertson LTIR
Voit ELC
2023 3rd(Ott)

Domi (50% retained)$1.5M
Raddysh $.758M


Kerfoot $3.5M

Schenn $.850M

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30 Jan 2023 17:33:04
@RLF. dunno who Raddysh is . but is there any way we can add Lafferty to the Hawks deal as well.

Would be fine with the Schenn deal. but the fans all seem to have him on a pedestal. hopefully management does not.

30 Jan 2023 19:37:53
Loxley, shenn is probably the single most sought after rental add on any playoff bound team is looking for. He might be a a bit slower of a skater or put up points but his value is in the wear down of opponents through damaging hits. Blocks shots and plays on the PK. Essential stats for teams playing the long game.

Let's take a thought of what a 3.5m bottom 6 player like kerfoots value would actually be. You'll only really get an asset for him, from a contending team since he is a free agent after this season. To upgrade the return the leafs would have to retain 50% which being a cap team they wouldn't want to do because they would allocate that to a much better player. Next take into account how many higher skilled players are potentially available. From captians, elite wingers, even younger RFA wingers with control past this season could be available. Those factors really. dimishing the price for kerfoot. Playing him as a 3rd max with 50% retention. While a bidding war between just the Atlantic teams alone would go to a second. And if shenn were to choose of the 3 major players, it would likely be Tampa since he already has 2 cups with them tho I'll say leafs have even odds as Boston due to being drafted vs best team in the regular season.

I think the leafs could make a very serious offer for shenn, and I hope they do, but it'll take a better peice than kerfoot.

30 Jan 2023 20:57:37
@Loxley. I cannot remember if I have ever heard so much hype and value being put on a career 3rd pair D-man who was almost out of the League a couple of years ago. I am no Kerfoot fan, but he has been a mid 6 forward his whole career with 3 40+ pt seasons. When was the last time a 28 year old mid 6 forward wasn't worth a 5 year older career 3rd pair D-man.

31 Jan 2023 03:38:09
I’m sure Vancouver isn’t interested in acquiring an expiring contract for Schenn.
They are looking for a pick or a good prospect.
A 2nd round pick, an (A) prospect, or a 3rd plus a (B) prospect.
Vancouver will probably receive some such option.
Tampa is supposedly already in talks with the Canucks inquiring about Schenn.

31 Jan 2023 04:58:42
@RLF All I'm basing it on is what fans on here and cap friendly seem to think he is worth. I get your point but I don't see why Vancouver would take back UFA. think they would rather a 3rd pick. simply because he is that tough hard to play against playoff Damn. but hey if they take Kerfoot Id be ecstatic.

31 Jan 2023 05:03:22
@Hrenklin. not sure where u were going with that comment but I agreeSchenn had value for his style of play for playoffs. I think we are both on same page as I also think it will take something other than kerfoot to acquire him. at minimum a 3rd pick. I think Canucks would want a rebuilding piece for him.

31 Jan 2023 12:43:27
Kerfoot for Schenn.
I get what you guys are saying and makes sense. The other side of it is taking into account that Rutherford has said he is retooling, not rebuilding. They need top 9 forwards. Kerfoot is from BC, so a hometown boy.
Horvat is gone and not coming back. That leaves Pettersson, Miller, Kuzmenko, Pearson, Mikheyev, Beauvillier in their top 9. Garland they had healthy scratched and long rumoured they would like to move Boeser. Kerfoot would fit in nicely with the first 6 mentioned and getting him now means they can work on an extension for a player they may want to keep over a Dman that is not likely going to be on the team next year. A 3rd or even 2nd round pick does not help a retool, but Kerfoot would.
Obviously it all depends on whether or not Van has interest in Kerfoot longer term and my thoughts are that they would as his speed, PK ability and that he shouldn't cost a lot to resign (likely not even a raise), he could be a good fit and could make the trade worth it for Van.



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