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30 Jan 2023 19:27:13
To Toronto
Henrique $2.9125 (50% retained)

To Anaheim
Robertson LTIR

Not sure if this is enough getting Henrique @ 50% retained (for this year and next).

Henrique is what Leafs need for a reasonable cost. He can PK, can play 3C and/or 2LW if needed.

Then Leafs still have cap space and more picks/prospects to pursue a top 4 PKing defenceman.

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31 Jan 2023 03:00:32
Henrique offers basically the same thing that Kerfoot already does for the Leafs only for $2.325 less cap impingement.
Henrique is owed $5.825 for 2023 - 2024.
Kerfoot is owed nothing.
Leafs have to resign Bunting who is going to get $4.5 - $5.
Much rather keep Bunting, have Kerfoot’s contract expire opening up $3.5 in cap space.
That’s a $9.325 million cap swing for 2023 - 2024.

31 Jan 2023 05:22:49
@alexpalm if we could get Jeannot outta the Preds for Kerfoot I’m IN!

31 Jan 2023 13:46:41
@Tagz. I know you like Henrique, but that is alot to ask Ana to retain for 1 1/ 2 years just to get Robertson and SDA and whatever they can get for Kerfoot.
From the Leafs side. where do you see him? 3C? 2LW?
He's kind of a softer player who isn't really that good defensively, nor is he a guy to go hard into corners and dig pucks out. Like Kerfoot, he is an average point producer, but as WB said, is he really that much different than Kerfoot? I don't see it.

31 Jan 2023 14:56:43
@WB I would only take him at 50% retained so his actual salary becomes less than Kerfoot's.

@WB & RLF I just believe Henrique is a player that wont break the bank in a trade (not sure what else would need to be added to get him @ 50% retained) . I believe Henrique is much better than Kerfoot, especially at C. He is a better goal scorer and can actually play center.
I don't know how to find all these stats, but apparently Anaheims numbers are much better with him on the ice than not (RLF maybe you can find those stats - I remember you saying that Kerfoot's stats last year looked better because of team on ice % or something like that) .
I would slot him at 3C so we move Kampf to 4C (where he should be) . I think that Henrique would be a better option to move up if Matthews or JT miss some time. Kerfoot is out of his comfort zone at 2C (even at 3C) IMO.
Also next year, I believe Kampf does not get resigned so we will have Matthews, Tavares, Henrique (@$2.925M) and Holmberg down the middle.

01 Feb 2023 02:45:45
My problem with Henrique is that even at half retained it would seem to remove the cap space required to resign Bunting and I much prefer Bunting to Henrique.
Henrique may have more offense than Kerfoot but he is nowhere near as good defensively so I see this as an unnecessary tradeoff of similar players.

01 Feb 2023 13:42:20
Statistically speaking, yes, Henrique is solid. His sh% this year is high, even for him and he has a great career sh%. Anaheim is even using him on the PK this year. But I believe that is out of necessity over his defensive prowess. He is solid on the dot. He should have his 40-50 pts again. His possession numbers are good compared to many teammates etc. I take all stats with a grain of salt because the eye test can best tell why those stats are what they are. For me, he just isn't what the Leafs need. He can produce, good skater etc, and I like that he is a local boy. But, he is also not very big or physical and his playoff experience is limited, so can't even draw off of that. He hasn't played a playoff game in 5 years. Then there is the contract as he is signed through next season. Do the Leafs really need a $3M (even at 50%) 3rd line C that is not great at shutting teams down?

What I had said about Kerfoot was that many of his goals last year were tap-ins and that his assists were often secondary where he didn't really do much to create the goal. He benefitted from who he was playing with. Unlike Hyman, Kerfoot cannot make those around him better, he benefits from those around him more than vice versa. It wasn't really stat oriented, more observation. He is a decent complimentary piece. He will probably have his 30-40 as usual across the board this year as he isn't getting much top 6 time and didn't take advantage of it when he did. He will have 30-40 pts, hits, blocks, giveaways, takeaways and 40+% FO% and will bounce around from 2nd to 3rd line mostly. That is Kerfoot in a nutshell. This is who he is. (Although, he is being used in an even more defensive role more often this year than past years. )

01 Feb 2023 17:00:56
@RLF fair enough, we'll agree to disagree.
I agree on picking up a physical player or 2 if possible (I like Jeannot & even McBain), but I definitely want someone with some playoff experience. I pushed on ROR in the past but am hesitant since his injury.
What about Toews. Rumours I'm hearing is a 2nd gets you Toews with retention. Sounds a bit light, but maybe adding a 'B' prospect.
Do you think he would move, and possible chance Leafs can land him?

01 Feb 2023 20:33:56
Toews is an interesting one. He seems healthy and putting up decent numbers. What concerns me is his declining physicality and that he only has 6 even strength goals. Love the experience and hopefully he would have a strong desire to win on home soil. Still over $5M caphit even at 50% is tough.

01 Feb 2023 22:14:31
Leafs can get a second team to retain cap down to $2.625M.
His cap is $10.5M, but actual salary is $6.9M, so 2nd team only needs to retain on $1.625M of actual salary which should only be a 4th or 5th round pick.

02 Feb 2023 00:26:54
Yes they can, but that will cost as you and Leafs do not have much draft capital to send.
What is your proposal for Toews?

02 Feb 2023 02:25:02
Ugly goaltending tonight.

Anyways, Leafs trade
Anderson, plus 2024 2nd
Toews @ 50% retained

2023 5th to Arizona
for another 50% retention

Leafs get Toews at $2.625M AAV.



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