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23 Oct 2023 07:59:02
Leafs trade Klingberg

Arizona 3 rd

I wonder if Timmins serves the leafs better than Klingberg and Niemela 3 pts in 4 Marlie games is he a call up option in the near year. I just think Topi needs a little more time with the Marlies


I think the big need for Leafs is figuring out the best 3 rd line

Many guys can play with Matthews and Marner. Bertuzzi isn't contributing very much

Minton should be returned to WHL then Leafs have To decide who offers more offence on third line Kampf or Holmberg

Bertuzzi Matthews Marner
Jarnknok Tavares Nylamder
Knies Kampf/Holmberg Domi

Domi was good in the third period against Tampa but if he can't bring it each game and work well with Knies as he did Saturday night then max Domi must be traded

Without Domi the leafs could put Robertson on first line and Drop Bertuzzi to 3 rd Line. Before you really fix the defence you must have third lime set

Three guys can play Center Kampf Holmberg and Domi but max isn't great back cheating so I'm not sure if he is a Cebter option

What do you guys feel is the best 3 rd line ?

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23 Oct 2023 08:15:42
If leaf's can have 3 solid lines then they can fix defence

I don't know what things Bertuzzi Is bringing to First line?

Can anyone tell me what Bertuzzi is adding to Matthews and Marner?

23 Oct 2023 09:20:28
Bertuzzi playing with2 of the top 10 players in NHL 1 goal zero assists 5 games played

Bertuzzi 2022-23 Detroit 29 games 4 goals 10 assists
Bertuzzi 2022-23 Boston 21 games 4 goals 12 assists
Bertuzzi 2023-24 Toronto 5 games 1 goal 0 assists

Bertuzzi wasn't playing with the likes of Matthews or Marner in Detroit or Boston and his numbers were way better last year. Something is wrong either its bad chemistry with Toronto's two best players or Bertuzzi is playing awful

What is wrong with Bertuzzi?

23 Oct 2023 11:45:29
How were his numbers way better? Assists yes. Goals, he’s actually on pace for more this year. He had 8 goals in 50 games last year. Maybe he’s just not that good.

23 Oct 2023 13:15:23

Yes the Leafs need to figure out the 3rd line. . . and maybe the 1st and 2nd as well. Of course that's what happens when they have 8 new players to sort out.

I said form the start that they had Kampf penciled in as the 3C, which I, and I know I was on an island here, agreed with. Kampf is not the offensive black hole that many say. He had 24 even strength points last year. He was 7th on the team forwards in even strength assists and 9th even strength goals while playing a lot of 4th line minutes. He was 2nd in short handed points. I had Kampf with Domi and Jarnkrok ahead of the season and that is what I would still do.

I agree with sending Minten down if he isn't going to play in an offensive role (Top 9). Let him go have a good junior year.

I have Knies with Matthews and Marner. Bert with JT and Willy. Kampf with Jarnkrok and Domi. Reaves with Gregor and Holmberg.

On D, Klingberg is used to playing 20+ mins a night throughout his career. I put him with Rielly and give them mostly offensive starts. Brodie pairs with McCabe and Gio with Lily

I would start Woll next game and see if he can go on a run.

23 Oct 2023 20:27:32
Think the Leafs have a number of things to figure out, including L3.

Still hoping Bert is injured and what we currently see isn’t the real Bertuzzi.

Sorry RLF, Kampf is not a true 3C. He’s a 4C who can PK. Decent size and skater, not physically punishing.

Don’t get me wrong he had a role with the Leafs and in a pinch can play 3C.

23 Oct 2023 22:37:25
@Rsears a true 3C would probably be someone like Kadri. That just isn't possible with this cap situation. Best you're getting is Kampf.

23 Oct 2023 23:49:08
Rsears. Sorry, everything about Kampf screams 3C. Unless you think a 3C is like a 40-60 pt player.

24 Oct 2023 00:22:17
I think an interesting trade that could improve the Leafs would be a trade for Hoffman (Sharks) for Bertuzzi and Roberts. We are seeing a duplicate of Ritchie and coincidentally they both came from Boston as non producers. A change of scenery made a difference for Ritchie maybe the same might be a good thing for both Bertuzzi and Roberts.

24 Oct 2023 12:57:08
Gary Robert’s is retired and we are 5 games in. Rarely do new teammates come together and gel instantly. 15-20 games in, you will retract your statement.

24 Oct 2023 15:25:23
Bertuzzi got a change of scenery when he came to Toronto. Leafs will not give up on him until the 20 game mark.

24 Oct 2023 19:15:16
Kampf’s best scouting year was last year with 7g and 20a, short of what I would call secondary scoring.

Points are certainly one criteria but I’m not arbitrarily closed to needing 40+.

Athanasiou would be perfect, last year was a 20/ 20 guy. Size, speed and PK.

Others are Domi (but doesn’t have Kampf’s D skills), Charlie Coyle, Anton Lundell, Nicholas Paul, Tyler Johnson, etc.

I would take Joe Veleno (soon to be a 29/ 20 guy), Michael Rasmussen, Michael McLeod, Yakov Trenin or Jack McBain.

Look, I like what Kampf offers as a 4C.

25 Oct 2023 12:37:36
Rsears. Yes, I like some of those guys a s well, but that doesn't mean Kampf isn't a 3C because you pick your favourite's and say you would rather have them.

Firstly you pick Coyle and Lundell. Two of the better offensive 3C's. Yes, there are better 3C's than Kampf.

I am not going to nit pick each guy to compare to Kampf. Although Trenin and Athanasiou play wing mostly as well as Johnson for the past 3 years. Veleno is just getting 3C chance this season because they moved Rasmussen to the wing in the top 6. Red Wings are still sheltering Veleno. The 2nd line is getting the defensive role while Veleno's line isn't used in many defensive situations. McBain is also playing 4C mostly this year and he has never been good on the dot. McLeod has also been bumped to 4C.

Trenin has never reached 27 points yet, nor has McLeod or McBain. Paul's best is 32 points.

What about Benoit-Olivier Groulx, Krebs, Dickinson, R. McLeod, Novak, Pageau, Cates etc?

It's not that I wouldn't like to have some of those guys on my team, it's just when you compare Kampf to the typical 3C (not the best of the bunch) he fits right in. imo.



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