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28 Oct 2023 05:40:19
All right....well i guess it's about that time....with the new "Leafs Might Be Able to Buy Low" article on Morgan Frost...I suppose he will be the flavour of the week.....So here I go again....just for LeafsLife...

Leafs Trade:

Flyers Trade:

Leafs get cheaper better playoff player with Konecny....and we solve our long term issue with 3C with Frost centering Knies and Domi....

Kampt goes to 4th line with Reeves and Gregor

and if people wanna keep Nylander maybe we package Kampf and Janrkrok and something else perhaps for Frost Walker

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28 Oct 2023 06:44:14
Done. Let's go Konecny!

28 Oct 2023 08:49:47
In what world is konecny a better playoff player? Nylander is by far the better playoff player. Check the stats. Nylander is almost never injured, whereas Konecny is often. Not saying i wouldn’t want him. Just no way in hell I’m trading Nylander for him (even with Frost included) .

28 Oct 2023 13:00:53
I agree Konecny would be a good add but I’m also not interested in trading Nylander.

I know we all get very frustrated from time to time with his visible non efforts in battling for the puck.

It’s very upsetting for sure because we know when he chooses to battle he generally wins.

Those battles along the wall are generally in the O zone. Heaven forbid he does that in the D zone.

And we also know how he can single-handedly take over a game.

If Marner is worth $10.9m Nylander is worth $10m. The difference is Marner has more D ability but his next contract will be much higher.

So pick the lesser of two evils and get a boatload back on a Marner.

And now the debate rages!

28 Oct 2023 16:27:56
They will find a way to sign and keep them all. Next year will be the toughest until Tavares contract is done. Tavares will sign for way less or they will cut him loose.

28 Oct 2023 16:50:22
@Bob if they keep all 4 of these guys, they will never win a cup. They eat too much salary. Championship teams are built from the Goalie/ D out. With no cap space to sign a quality #2 D and some size and grit, we will be nothing but a top regular season team with early playoff exits. Thank heaven Woll turned into what he is but our D core are far off a championship caliber team. Just compare them to Colorado, Boston, TB, NYR, FLA (when healthy), plus many more. Offence will only take you so far. IMO of course.

28 Oct 2023 17:48:20
@Clarky I wouldn't include JT in that. If he stays it won't be for 11+ again. It will be for significantly less.

I'd say Marner and Nylander contracts will be a big one though. If Marner gets Mathews money and Willy gets 10+, it will be difficult.

28 Oct 2023 18:27:27
I don't believe we can keep going with a poor 6 man D that we currently have. and that's because e have too much cap tied up now and possibly in the future with willy and marner . for me obe if them has to go and if I can get 30 goals from konecny and roughly 20 from Frost for pretty much what willy makes this season and next season then we can add to defense instead of worrying how are we gonna find a spot for often injured Timmins. I swear the way he had been out on a pedestal this year allcayse he had 4 or 5 goals in exhibition hockey is ridiculous.

28 Oct 2023 18:30:03
And @bob1965 I still take your comments with a grain of salt. you're still just an old cranky pants I see who never posts his own proposals but complains about everyone else's.

28 Oct 2023 18:45:51
That’s what I’m saying …. Tavares will be taking far less or leaving. Right now Tavares and Willy combine for about 18 million. In two years their salaries will combine for less (10 and 4.5), plus the cap will be higher. Domi, Bertuzzi, Samsonov, and Klingberg represent over 15 million potentially coming off the books next year. The cap situation is not that bad going forward. Not great, but not horrible.

28 Oct 2023 19:02:00
@LL Marner is the contract Tre should be firm with.
IMO if Marner is not willing to sign for $11.25/ 11.5M for 6/ 7/ 8 years, then you either try to trade him or let him walk after next season is done.

28 Oct 2023 19:08:24
Compromise and sign Nylander 2yr at 8.5m then give him 6x10.

28 Oct 2023 19:58:53
Someone is going to give Nylander 10 million per…. may as well be Toronto.

28 Oct 2023 20:00:23
Loxley…. you’re breaking my heart .

28 Oct 2023 20:20:32
Good prop. I would have to think Willy's trade value is huge right now. Probably worth more than this atm.

28 Oct 2023 21:05:48
@Tags agree on Marner. I would have traded him when he flying around the continent looking for offer sheets. You cant let players bully you like that.

28 Oct 2023 21:40:41
Give Marner 13 more dollars on his next contract. =$10,916,000 @8 years

Give Nylander a $10.880,880 8 year contract

Trev talks deep with Johnny T and shows a path that also pays him his earned money and more, them, . JT retires and begins his new path as assistant GM to Trev to become 1 day the GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

lol, This stuff above may be way easier to accomplish if, . We win the cup this year ;) Nevertheless, it would be worth a shot to try and land that approach.

29 Oct 2023 13:29:44
Tavares is still a point per game player and a few years from retirement yet. Hopefully in his next deal he gives up the captaincy to matthews and signs something like 3@4.5.

30 Oct 2023 00:21:27
Nylander is already 27 years old and not a good fit for the Flyers rebuild timeline.
I don’t believe Flyers would be interested.

To Leafs: Frost

To Flyers: Minten, Robertson (a 3rd round pick if Flyers will retain 50%)

30 Oct 2023 08:18:10
No way JT signs for 4.5 if he is still putting up 80pts+. JT seems to be getting better with age. Don’t forget about the players that will be getting raises over the next few seasons (Knies, Woll, Lily ect. )
What I don’t get here is everyone is quick to crap on Domi and Bertuzzi but when playoffs come around, they will be some of our best players. Build this team for playoffs not to get the most points in the reg season. Defence will always be the Leafs Achilles heel, until we open up cap space and are able to spend some money back there.



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