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09 Nov 2023 22:32:11
Klunkberg Steeves to hawks
5th 2024 to leafs

Niemela , Noah Chadwick 1st 2024 to flames
Andersson to leafs

Dumba Ingram to leafs
Samsonov Moldenhauer holmberg Liljegren to yotes
yotes retain 50 percent on Ingram
25 percent on Dumba

Buy out , bench, whatever it takes to punt reeves

Knies 34 16
Bertuzzi 91 88
Robertson Domi Jarnkrok
Gregor Kampf McMann

Rielly Dumba
McCabe Andersson
Benoit Brodie


Deal or No Deal?

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10 Nov 2023 00:52:31
I like the targets I don't see Calgary trading Andersson when they have 3 free agent d men.

10 Nov 2023 01:11:29
Very laughable.

10 Nov 2023 01:38:27
You may not have noticed but Dumba is a -6 after 11 games.
Far closer to Klingberg’s -8 than Liljegren’s -1
Liljegren is a far better defender than Dumba and will continue to improve while Dumba is what you see!

Calgary trading Andersson a top pairing RHD for two AHL players and a mid to late 2024 - 1st round pick?
Are we to take you seriously?
Surely you jest.

10 Nov 2023 02:32:35
Nylander and JT are both -3. Nylander has 18 points in 13 games and a -3, JT 14 points and a -3. Bertuzzi only a -1. Even with all those points Nylander and JT are losing even strength. Liljegren is not even close to the top +/ - among Leaf D. People have been saying Lily will keep improving for years and it hasn't happened.
Many want to keep Willy and give him $10M even though he is a -3.

+/ - is only semi useful on comparing on the same team. I know you know this WB49 so comparing Lily and Dumba that way has no value.

10 Nov 2023 02:53:41
People seem to forget that klingberg has trade protection I’m sure bottom feeder teams like Chicago aren’t gonna be on his list.

10 Nov 2023 06:11:26
@RLF what's with your reliance on +-? I agree it's a stat that can give some guidance, but I don't believe it's the best stat to judge everything on.

10 Nov 2023 11:31:54
@LL. I was unaware that I rely on ×/ -. I think I was stating just that.

11 Nov 2023 04:12:14

Liljegren has only played 151 career games and is only a -1 this year in front of poor goaltending, with even worse defensive partners like MCCabe and Giordano.
It is generally conceded that a defenseman needs to play 250 - 300 games in the NHL before a team knows what it has.
Liljegren is only half way to that total.
Next to Reilly I would argue that Liljegren has been Leafs second best defender this year!

I am also confident that if Nylander was playing with Matthews and Marner was playing with Tavares neither Nylander nor Tavares would be minus players.
Unfortunately Keefe is too stubborn to make the switch and try it!



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