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12 Nov 2023 02:11:53
Can't afford to lose Nylander for free and we need to equal out the team! Here's my attempt. For the top 3 forwards to take on the work load and the defence looks stiff while keeping top PP quarterback!

Tor gets
Weeger LD/RD
Zardorov DD

Calgary gets
Nylander RW
Liljigren RD
Reeves RW
Nimela RD
Benoit LD

Torontos forward lines

Torontos defensive lines
Extras: Giordano

Torontos goalies
Woll SG
Samsonov BG

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12 Nov 2023 02:42:57
Your not losing Nylander for free. You pay him his 10x 8 and he stays and he is worth every penny

He doesn't want to leave Hyman didn't want to leave and neither did Bunting but the Leafs didn't want to pay them

It was a mistake letting Hyman leave he was worth the 5 million the oilers game him. It's ok the leafs have Bertuzzi and Domi they are very useful in there own right. Bertuzzi is just starting to catch steam the last 3 games

I swear Domi will end up with 60 assists this season and the odd scrap. He doesn't need to score many goals he is set up guy for Robertson and Jarnknok

We are just 15 games in and things are starting to settle

It's a three line scoring team and with guys below chipping in the Leafs are going to be deadly in scoring Goals

Gregor Kampf McMann

The next problem is where do the leafs find the cap space to add a defencemen

Do leafs trade

1st 2024 Kampf Jarnknok and force team to take Reaves and get back a top 4 defenceman.

12 Nov 2023 04:05:48
@mackin. so. are we keeping jarnkrok now in your reply. cause when I had him in my trade proposal you made it very clear I was paying him to much. seriously dude you go back and forth on every player it's hard to take anything you say ar face value.

And if willy keeps playing the way he is. he's gonna want 12mil like
the reporters are saying. di you think he's gonna settle for 10 when Matthews and marner will be make 13.I think willy is tired of being the guy that takes the cut.

12 Nov 2023 04:23:48
@Loxley DM is the most consistent fan I've ever seen. He just goes based off the most recent game lol.

@DM if Willy keeps up his pace, he'll be in the Art Ross, Rocket, and Hart conversation all year. If he wins any of those, someone else offers him 12+. He isn't taking 10 anymore (imo) .

12 Nov 2023 04:31:59
@LL can't argue that!

12 Nov 2023 05:01:19
@LL let's sign Willy when Leafs are playing in Sweden.

12 Nov 2023 06:00:12
Willy is not getting 12 million nor would he ask for that. In may 2024 Willy is 28 years old. A 8 year deal will take him to 35. If he was to sign in free agency another team he can only do a 7 year deal. No one would offer him 12x7=84 million. If leafs offer him 8x10 =80 million almost the same money. Leafs could go 10.5x8=84 million.

Do you guys really think if he gets 10 or 10.5 he is going to leave he loves it here his friends are here. Tavares Reilly Matthews Marner. What city would he want to go Boston with his buddy Pasternak? Would Boston give him 12 million? No way

So for the guys that say willy is splitting tell me where he is going to go that’s set up for him like Toronto.

Would the rangers pay him 12 million and again 10.5 from leafs @ 8 yrs is same as 12x7 it’s like splitting hairs. He is staying here and so is Marner.

12 Nov 2023 10:03:37
Nylander alone would get those two D from Calgary. But he will not be traded .



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