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12 Nov 2023 14:49:47
Leafs Klingberg Reaves Ellis

Arizona 7th

Bob 1965

You compare the numbers with London nights from Mitch Marner vs Easton Cowan as 18 year olds for the London Knights. Those numbers are going to be very close to a match.

Now maybe Cowan doesn't turn into t(e NHL player Marner does but he is going to be in same ball park a top 6 forward around 70 to 90 points

Minten is also pegged to be a top 6 forward Center his natural position and I have him in same mould as Ryan O' Reilly 60 to 70 points

Robertson is only 22 I think when he gets really rolling two years down the line he is a 30 goal guy. He is just a natural goal scorer

Matthew Knies is going to be better than a Alexander Killorn minimum 60 to 70 point season

Topi Niemela is going to be at least as good as Timothy Liljegren to me his ceiling is a top 4 right hand shot defender

Finally Dennis Hildeby is only 22 but is quickly becoming the starting goalie with the Toronto Marlies a monster in size 6 food 7 222 lbs. his numbers through 4 games are GAA 1.26 and save % is .950 now this is very early on in his career but when you stack his numbers against Martin Jones who has played 444 games over 10 seasons it is very impressive.

Bob these players are not long shot NHL prospects they are legitimate blue chip prospects. I haven't chosen any marginal prospects here these are guys that are going to have major NHL careers.

You are the type of guy who will say the leafs have squat in the reserve tang when numbers prove you wrong.

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12 Nov 2023 15:40:51
You don’t know what i would say. What i did say is that prospects are only that. They don’t always work out at the NHL level as history as shown. I hope every pick the leafs make all become stars. Reality is that just doesn’t happen. You say they are going to have “major” NHL careers. Truth is no one, not even a hockey genius such has yourself, can say that. Fingers crossed that they all become superstars!

12 Nov 2023 16:28:13
Bob ok the leafs drafted the Russian kid and he sadly died from cancer. Anything can happen I would be a fool to say they will all be top players in the league and play 1000 games.

But odds Bob, Minten almost made the team as a 19;year old i think he is only the 6 th player from the 2022 draft class to play NHL games. HE IS GOING TO BE A PLYER

Robertson has played his last AHL game unless he rehabs down the line

Cowan is putting up Marner numbers at the same age Marner did. He talks and walks like a duck bob I think he’s a duck

The two that are iffy are Niemela and Hildeby but Topi is the top defenceman on the Marlies and every top defenceman at marlies as a 21 year old has made big club

Hildeby has the tools at 6foot 7 and great mobility. Next season these players are on less than 1 million dollar contracts. Robertson may make a little more


That allows you to pay Nylander whatever you want sign Domi to a longer term deal around the same money and load up on defenceman

I don’t know the future of Bertuzzi but he is a great piece for this year

Next year
Knies Matthews Marner
Cowan Tavares Nylander
Robertson Minten Steeves
Jarnknok kampf/ Holmberg McMann

Without really adding anything next offseason up front you have a 4 line hockey team.

12 Nov 2023 16:44:44
Am I reading this right, sign Domi ling term? Lol.

12 Nov 2023 17:36:17
Hold on. Domi now needs a long term extension and Bertuzzi is great for this year?

LOL. Ah David. I swear, you should of chose weatherman for a career.

If you are already, That would be AWESOME!

12 Nov 2023 18:06:10
Again you keep repeating the same stuff. Minten almost made it because they had no option. He did nothing when he played in the regular season. He might be a good player. Cowan might be a good player etc etc.

12 Nov 2023 22:41:27
@mackin says Domi needs to be signed long long. then posts the lineup and . poof. no Domi.

When did Cowan get traded to Anaheim. walks talks and IS a Duck. I must have missed that one. lol

@RLF. LOL@weatherman . mackin are you secretly Ron Burgandy.

12 Nov 2023 22:53:12
Mackbrain? In what universe does a team willingly accept your trash?
I guess because you believe in your fantasy mind that they are no good you can pawn them off….



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