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15 Nov 2023 14:39:58
Here's to the get'er done trade!
Tor gets
Zardorov D

Calgary gets
Klingberg D
Niemela D
Abruzzses LW/C
Toronto's 3rd 2024 pick via NY Islanders

Toronto gets
Boeser RW
Hroenk D
Lekkerimaki LW/C
Thatcher G
Vancouvers 2nd round picks in 2024 & 2025

Vancouver gets
Nylander RW
Brodie D
Reeves RW
Samsonov G

Torontos forward lines

Torontos defensive lines

Torontos goalies
Woll SG
Thatcher BG

This way we spread out the talent through the roster and the prospect pool isn't bad.
2 young goalie to push each other, Lekkerimaki, Miten, Cowan and Knies/Robertson already in the line up, leaves room to sign impact bottom six or our young guys step up and we can land another big d-man.

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15 Nov 2023 16:00:31
Johnny no way Niemela or a first are traded to Calgary

It's klingberg to match money

Calgary can try to trade him for some value b4 deadline then leafs add Steeves and a second

That's it Calgary take it or leave it. If Treliving trades Robertson Niemela. Or a first we need new GM.

15 Nov 2023 16:26:43
You had a good one with Calgary, then you went off the handle. Lol.

15 Nov 2023 19:15:03
Did Vancouver decide to give up on the season?

I like the Zadorov trade, but I'm not sure where Zadorov (LHD), plays on this team.

15 Nov 2023 19:35:25
Agreed Clarky. Rather send steeves or Minten to CGY and keep Niemela. Vancouver trade just ain’t working . And IF they wrangled Demko from them he is easily your number one goalie.

15 Nov 2023 23:24:15
Leafs Life nailed it is Vancouver releasing their coach & trading Quinn Hughes? . Vancouver has similar talent to Toronto with a better coach, better goal tending with Demco regaining his form and x factor like Makar the guy with 2 brothers on New Jersey yeah that guy. Vancouver had no expectations going into the season other than to right the ship, look at the pressure expectations exert on the cohesive flow of a team like Toronto. Look at all the too many men on the ice calls against the Leafs, unfortunately the team is good enough that Keefe keeps his job as he did last year, that will bite them later on as it did last season. Ingrain the right way to play less thinking for the player, & their natural ability shines Miller, Pedersen, Hughes, Kuzmenko, Hronek, Mikheyev* Leaf fans know the value of a Mikheyev somewhat like the value of a Hossa. Tocchet has the leadership group buying in, there is accountability as there is in a Boston, Vegas & a handful of teams. Keefe may even be viewed as a players coach, but that depends on whether you truly want to win. Some incredible coaches currently in the league Keefe not in that league yet, may be a day down the road right now he is still cutting his teeth. Three coaches that Toronto should consider in this order Queenville ( Speak to the NHL ), Julien, Hitchcock or Douglas Gilmour. I think what Vancouver is showcasing is called buy in, that buy in is also based on the coaches credibility if the players believe as they do in Tocchet they will go to war for their coach. Keefe has taken an offensive talented team into the playoffs, when it matters in the second or Conference final Keefe gets out coached. Ask Don Cherry if too many men on the ice can be problematic.

16 Nov 2023 01:16:37
The Zadorov deal with Calgary sounds about right.
Though Niemala is a lot to give up, Calgary will want a young player with upside coming back.
Out of Minten, Cowan, Niemala or a 1st round pick I think Niemala is the one to go.
Especially with Calgary considering trading Hanifin and Tanev as well.

I have no idea why Vancouver would even consider this deal with the Leafs.



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