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16 Nov 2023 15:02:14
To Calgary: McCabe, Brodie,Samsonov

To Toronto: Zadorov, Tanev, Vladar

Cap hits are almost identical, within 500k. Lots of NMC' to be accepted/ waived. But would you guys make this trade? Who adds?
For reference, I don't dislike McCabe and realize he has a great contract. We have to give something up and I'd rather keep Niemela.

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16 Nov 2023 16:35:09
I like this trade not sure if Calgary will.

16 Nov 2023 16:48:09
How about klingberg, lily, holmberg, andruzeese and voit for zadorov and tanev 25% retained.

16 Nov 2023 19:52:56
I don't think I would do it from a Leafs perspective.

Vladar is barely an NHL backup. He's 26 and still struggles at the NHL level. Tanev and Zadorov are both UFA's where McCabe isn't. I know many say Brodie is declining, so is Tanev. Tanev is slowing down and even Calgary is playing him less minutes this season. I don't really see Zadorov as an upgrade on McCabe and Vladar is a downgrade from Samsonov. Tanev may still have the edge on Brodie, but not enough that I would want to make this deal.

17 Nov 2023 00:51:04
Brodie and Tanev are about equal in age, ability, expiring contracts.
Samsonov has shown he has the ability to be a good/ not great NHL goaltender while Vladar has not and is never likely to be more than a backup.
Zadorov is a #4,#5 defenseman while MCCabe is a #6,#7 defenseman.
Personally I would prefer to keep the goaltending as Woll is still a rookie and has yet to prove himself over a full NHL season.

17 Nov 2023 12:23:47
Vladar is thrown in to match cap. Calgary gets some goaltending help. Between him and Jones, we have an NHL backup. Tanev is a true stat at home (which we need) . He gits and blocks shots. Brodie seems to want to be an offensive defenceman this year. Zadorov would give us something we've almost never had, n enormous emposing defenceman. He's actually an underrated puck mover too. Not saying he's the answer or rven top pairing. But come playoffs, he'll be worth his weight in Gold. Calgary dosen't want these AHL players we're so willing to give away. Someone like McCabe can step in now and at worst be dealt later for s great return.



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