14 Mar 2023 23:29:12
Matthews trade to a non playoff team even Arizona, seems highly unlikely. Another major obstacle is the arena Arizona plays in, by the standards of millionaire players, billionaire owners or elite corporations not much of a draw yet for Matthews or Bedard. Other than to get an 8 year deal a sign & trade seems highly unlikely. Matthews will bet on himself & bet on the cap going up likely a 5 year deal. Arizona knows if Matthews come knocking as a UFA in 2024, they will have the cap space & they do not have to give up assets. Like the Leafs when they acquired Tavares as a UFA.

What seems much more likely a contender goes all in

Matthews & Nylander to the NYR for Chytil, Lafreniere, Kakko & a 1st rd pick in 2023 & 2024. Leafs eat half of the caphit on both contracts.

To let either of Matthews or Nylander walk as UFA's, is 10 fold worse than when Sundin left as a UFA. Sundin was on his last legs, Matthews & Nylander have many great seasons ahead of them.

Leafs would have two 1st rd picks in 2023 with one from Washington ( currently the 12th overall pick in 2023 ) & one from the NYR. Then two 1st rd picks in 2024 their own & the Rangers.

Leafs resign Bunting & buyout Murray.

Leafs 2023 / 2024 roster

Bunting Tavares Marner
Lafreniere Chytil Kakko
Knies Holmberg Robertson
Steeves Lafferty Jarncrock

Depth : Anderson, Minten, Voit, Abruzzesse, McMann.

Reilly Brodie
McCabe Liljegren
Giordano Timmins

Woll Kallgren

1.) 15 Mar 2023
15 Mar 2023 05:48:39
I don't think Mathews does a 5 year deal, but I can see him doing a 2-3 year deal.

2.) 15 Mar 2023
15 Mar 2023 16:16:21
They don’t have the Washington pick they have bostons which will likely be the 32.

3.) 16 Mar 2023
16 Mar 2023 10:27:35
I don’t think Murray is bought out I think he’s traded there will be teams that are willing to take on that contract for 1 year.