19 Dec 2020 13:12:54
2021 3rd


Lineup next year
Hyman Matthews Nylander
Mikheyev Tavares Kerfoot
Simmonds Thornton Bjorkstrand
Roberson Spezza Veesy

Riley Jones
Muzzin Brodie
Lehtonen Holl
Sandin Bogosian

I would consider that a top 5 defence core in the league and the offence is still going to score a bunch. Third line is used as a checking line.

1.) 19 Dec 2020
19 Dec 2020 19:32:11
The Leafs won't get Jones for that offer.

2.) 19 Dec 2020
19 Dec 2020 21:29:17
So what is Jones worth on his limited contract IJ? Mathews? Maybe Mathews+?

3.) 20 Dec 2020
20 Dec 2020 01:03:08
Columbus proved that hitting and working hard can only get you so far. Having no go too offensive forward as a weapon to drive and set up plays really hurts. Sure they got bye Toronto barely after 3 months off and I the summer. Then once things ramped up Tampa took showed hitting without talent up front just ain’t enough. Panarin was a 1 man wrecking crew just 1 playoff before and they swept Tampa. No offence really hurts.

Enter Mitch marner. The guy is up there with panarin and Kane for creativity . Skating with puck and setting up teammates. Only thing missing is a shot so defences and goalies have to guess his next move. Kane and panarin had to develop their shots in their post ELC years as well and once they did they were legit threats.

Word is marner has been working with coaches to develop that shot and you may be surprised once you see the new loon marner.

That said Jones is obviously worth more being a top notch dman and quite a force. However, with only 2 years vs marners 5 the gap between their values closes and pretty quickly. Marners cap hit however stretches that gab out as well. So what will close the gap properly.

First you need 5 plus million going to Toronto to offset marners hit. Next you need 3 plus years of player contracted to fill the years marner has over Jones.

Columbus has stated unless they get a 1st or at least 2nd for Dubinsky theyd prefer just just put him on injury reserve and have his cap hit count against them since they aren’t anywhere near ceiling.

That said there is 1 guy who has 3 years at 5.5 per left on his contract. He isn’t young and is just hitting that age where his play may slowly fall. At age 30 and production falling a bit from previous years enter Nyqvist. He may not be his top self and over next 3 years could quick and Columbus would more than love to berid that contract in favor for young marner and his big contract. Nyqvist is being paid about 1.5 more than his worth this year. Next year it might become 2.5 more than his value. Then in his final year it may be 3 more than his value. So looking at it that way this year marner is worth 3 less than his value this year. 2.5 next and 1.5 in his 3rd year. His final 2 years right in his prime he now becomes value for his contract. Perfect exchange for Columbus money value wise.

So Marner for Nyqvist covers the contract to player worth
Then the contract length of 5 years combined between Jones Nyqvist is equal to marners so that’s covered.

That leaves the value of the on ice product. Jones + nyqvist is quite a differance than just marner.
Marner being a top line, top PP quarterback and 2nd unit PK and top 25 point getter in league (while not even 24 yet is going to get better) truely is way more valued than a 2nd line possibly even middle 6, 2nd PP not even a top 100 point getter in league (while being 30 will only get worse)
I’d say nyqvist only covers 50% of marners on ice value.

However Jones is a top 20 maybe top 10 dman in league and is entering his prime years. His position is valued way more than a winger thus I think marner only covers 60% of Jones on ice value.

So Toronto owes 10% on ice value.
Also Columbus has 1 less player now so that 10% should be a dman.

Timothy Liljegren covers Jones position but it isn’t guaranteed he’d make Columbus as he’d be battling Peeke. He does add to the very weak prospect pool

I’m going to throw calls rosens name in here to offset this trade.

Throw in korshkov as I’m sure Columbus will resign next summer as he is still a RFA and Columbus won’t be cap strapped like leafs would be so resigning him won’t be difficult

In closing

Marner korshkov Rosen and liljegren
Jones and nyqvist


4.) 20 Dec 2020
20 Dec 2020 06:29:01
Looks like the best of the Jones trades so far to me Craiggers.

If this trade was made I have to think the next two years you have one of the best teams by a large margin.

5.) 20 Dec 2020
20 Dec 2020 15:47:24
The proposed deal I can't see happening. Too much in Leafs favour.
Craiggers counter is better, but still don't see it. Just my opinion. Gustav isn't really a cap dump. On the leafs, he could be a 20+ goal scorer. He is overpaid at $5.5m, but not so much that it is impossible to keep him or move him. Rosen has pretty much no trade value right now, so he is simply AHL (call up) depth.
So, I see it as Marner and Liljegren for Jones and Korskov and Rosen for Nyqvist. Taking Nyqvist just helps them afford Marner. I could see us having to take Nyqvist if Marner was going for picks and prospects, but we are getting Jones, a top5-10 D-man in the entire NHL, not picks and prospects. Marner is signed for more years, but they are all going to be overpaid years. To me, this still has more value to the Leafs.