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25 Oct 2020 00:56:38
Next years big European signing prediction

Nickles Jensen RW 6'3 218 pds Denmark left handed 27 years old

Watched this kid in Oshawa for 2 years. Real fast and big. Got drafted by Canucks 1st round then dealt to rangers.

Hated playing in Hartford and didn't like being in states. Was offered hockey scholarship to various American schools but chose to play in ohl. Loved being drafted by Vancouver and hated being dealt. New York back in 2016 made him a QO but he left and joined team in Finland. Has played with Mikko Lehtonen 3 years now and are close.
Summer workout pal is Freddie so if leafs resign Freddie and keep Mikko happy they very well may have a great speedster coming to team. (Compared to Jesper fast/Michael Grabner speed but power forward size)

Dubas scouted Jensen and wanted him when managing the Sau before Oshawa got to pick him at import draft a few picks prior.
Dubas is doing everything he can to set this up. Now it's up to Jensen who has learned to play a 2 way checking game in the K as that was his big weakness.

Hopefully the stars line up as he will be a perfect bargain next season since leafs need them

Sign Jensen big win for leafs


1.) 25 Oct 2020 05:10:03
Looked him up because I recalled the name. I remember exactly when this kid was drafted. He looked like he had some amazing potential. Looks like he still does.

Not a huge fan of the older signings. If you were to sign a 28 year old you have two options. He signs, plays amazing and hits the open market or he plays like garbage and hits the open market.

2.) 25 Oct 2020 11:45:26
I guess he must like cold and snow.

Wait and see until a) how Lehtonen plays this year in the NHL, and b) how Jensen does playing in the KHL without Lehtonen and c) if Dubas is still calling the shots lol.

Dubas does seem to have a habit of trying to keep a good thing together, so if Lehtonen does well in the nhl, and Jensen still hold his own in the KHL proving he’s not just a beneficiary of playing beside Lehtonen, and Dubas is still calling the shots, then you may very well be on to something.

3.) 25 Oct 2020 12:07:35
Yeah but with leafs cap situation it’s 1 and done moving forward it seems. Maybe leafs don’t protect Mikheyev and he becomes his replacement

So many options

I’ll keep my scouting goggles on and update

Surprised this made rumor page not talk page. Boggles the mind sometimes. lol.

4.) 25 Oct 2020 14:30:18
Jensen is a winger not dman. Your points are well made though. I’m just thinking post expansion after leafs lose Mikheyev and Hyman possibly bails.

5.) 25 Oct 2020 14:32:00
Free medical care.

6.) 25 Oct 2020 22:07:14
Not for glasses. They don’t come cheap. Looks like I need a new set. Maybe MPH isn’t the only one that can’t read. My bad.



16 Oct 2020 22:17:24
53, 24 and 22 what are those numbers

The amount Arizona is locked into on 3 young guys who are decent but no star power really. Great compliment players and only 3 of 4 with big money owing that can be dealt without permission Keller,chycrun and Dvorak.
Add in Kuempers 9 over next 2 years
Add Connor garlands 800K(.775 cap)

Matthews 28 Over 4 years
Dermott RFA(2x1.4)1.4 SB 700/yr salary
Mikheyev RFA(2x1.5) 1.5 SB 750/yr salary
Engvall (2x1.25)
Andersen 1 million

So Arizona basically rebuilds on the fly headlined by Matthews.

20.785 hit to Arizona
21.445 cap hit leafs

111.5 still owing on Arizona guys
33.15 million owing on leaf guys

Now that's how you chop salary in the dessert. Leafs get more term on players but if Matthews loves Arizona he will sign 8 yrs anyways. Who knows maybe being Matthews best bud will keep Andersen their as well. The other 3 are still RFA after their term.

Hyman Tavares nylander
Keller Dvorak marner
Vesey kerfoot Garland
Thornton spezza Simmonds
Barbanov Boyd

Rielly chycrun
Muzzin Brodie
Lehtonen Bogosian

Kuemper Campbell

Does that look like a fun lineup

Yes expansion saving needs work but that can be done during season if need be


1.) 17 Oct 2020 00:47:04
Haha forgot Holl

Guess if Arizona wants to save1 million dollars on him (5 million owed 3 yr 6 million deal ) then take him or leafs can go with D

Rielly Brodie
Muzzin holl
Chycrun Bogosian

Sandin joins lilly in marlies land
Still a kick butt D their all 3 units.

2.) 17 Oct 2020 01:22:38
Not even sure what to say. ridiculous works I guess.

3.) 17 Oct 2020 05:11:52
Again, it has nothing to do with Matthews, he’s a fantastic player, but if one of the big four don’t get moved, this team will struggle to backfill key pieces every year through UFA signings. That might prove a lot more difficult than thought. Everything about this team is a revolving door of free agents that the GM is praying his coach can turn into a solid team that plays with chemistry before they are out of the first round and the whole cycle starts over.

The key UFA’s we signed this year were all, without exception, over 30. And other than Brodie, they were all signed to one year deals. The revolving door on the bottom six continues.

Meanwhile, it looks like Dermott is on his way out, and with the signing of Thornton, I am flip-flopping on Kerfoot and starting to believe he may be traded as well, as Dermott’s salary won’t cover the cap overage. Dubas could bury some of the new signings and run a short roster to start the year, but that carries its own risks.

Dubas has set up the perfect way to have a divided dressing room. Overpaying your stars, while low-balling your depth players, is a great recipe for a divided dressing room, and poor team chemistry. How would you feel if you were Dermott right now after stepping up admirably when Rielly and Muzzin got hurt, and all Dubas was offering is the QO? You would be hurt too. He’s a Newmarket kid, from right outside the city. I thought this team was all about its home grown talent?

You need to build a culture of the team being being united in cause, where everyone feels valued, and being cheap with the guys who perform the grunt work, while paying too much to the guys who don't work as hard is no way to have a cohesive dressing room.

It’s kinda like when Ford’s government votes to keep minimum wage the same, but then turned around and gave all the members of parliament raises. How does that make someone making minimum wage feel?

4.) 17 Oct 2020 11:57:50
You never know maybe JT AM and MM will let Dermott sleep in one of their dog houses or bathe in one of their bird baths and let him drive one of their golf carts as every one of those items are probably more than his yearly salary.

Starting to agree on this subject. Greed has never won a cup. Ask Kane and teows what happened after they got huge raises. Carlson gets paid bye bye holtby bye bye cup. It’s happening in st. louis. Petro bye, parayko Thomas are next. Vegas are starting to get close to stud duds. Having money is great but winning is such a different euphoria that money can't buy.

5.) 17 Oct 2020 20:44:10
The daily hockeyluvr dubas bashing
Thanks I am caught up again.



12 Oct 2020 02:49:14
Leafs make deal with San Jose for recently acquired Ryan Donato for Mikhayev

Leafs deal Liljegren,Dermott and package of picks and prospects not named Sandin Robertson Amirov or 1st rounders to Rangers for Fox

With vesey signing my Harvard theory is even more believable now why not get the next best 2 to come join the fun.

Vesey says no to leafs even with his brother and dad in leafs organization. Kerfoot becomes a leaf and now he says sure I'll be a leaf. Harvard mates before family what a school

Next up aquire drury in Carolina and somehow get Marino from Pittsburgh and Then Dubas Has all the best harvard guys of last 10 years in leafs organization. Now it's getting real people


1.) 12 Oct 2020 05:44:04
Lol Craigger. I know Dubas is kinda nerdy and likes to portray himself in his fake glasses to look extra smart for everyone. But I’m not sure if cornering the market on Harvard hockey players is his plan. Attending Harvard doesn’t mean you’re smarter than everyone else. It usually just means you’re richer. And being a genius doesn’t make you a better hockey player. Skill and talent is still necessary.

Going after Ivy League players might hold an appeal to a small class of people (I could see Dubas putting brains before blades) . But we don’t know what these guys took in Harvard. Lol. They might have taken Roman History. Education might not be translatable into on ice success for many reasons. I know my education never made me a better player.

If anything, I can see Dubas wanting Harvard grads for that ever growing analytics department of his. For his hockey players, it’s a cute theory, but probably more related to any success Harvard has had lately as a hockey team, and the method of development of their players matching what Dubas is looking for (which it apparently is) .

I enjoyed the hockey history lessons below. Some were rather lengthy, so I didn’t finish them all. But they were rather fun reads. I look forward to more tomorrow. We don’t always agree, but at least we can agree to disagree civilly.

Happy Thanksgiving Craigger.



10 Oct 2020 19:41:41
Let's help Lou out
Leafs don't have the money or 3rd rd pick to offer sheet any player 1.439821-2.181545 or 4.363,096 and above. They can offer sheet in the 2.181546-4.363085 range for that 2nd but only Toews would be in that range. Pulock and Barzal not a chance.

Islanders have 8.9 in space. I'm sure Pulock Gets 5.5 while Toews around 3.4 getting them pushed up to cap. They can for now send Dobson to minors roster giving .9 to sign Barzal lol.

So Lou needs some cap help and bad..like 9 minimum

So if New York trades Leddy 5.5 and Bailey 5.0 that should be enough
For doing this much needed help Lou helps leafs out and hands over mayfield 1.45 and beauvillier 2.1 for Johnsson 3.4 and RFA Dermott (1.5 ball parking) giving islanders a savings of 9.15 roughly. Able to sign Barzal now
Big help

Leafs add 10.65 to cap but 1F 2D so they can drop for now drop engvall and Robertson plus Sandin and Liljegren only being waiver except players saving leafs 3.725

That puts leafs 7.319 over. Max allowed during offseason is 8.1 over

Leafs let Mikheyev go to arbitration thus qualifying leafs to buyout any contract over 4 million once his case is over

Buy out Leddy
Yr 1 1.25
Yr 2 .75
Yr 3. 2.25
Yr 4. 2.25

5.5-1.25= 4.25 savings putting leafs at 3.069 over cap.

With Mikheyev signing around 1.25 the cap is over by 4.319

Leafs can now deal roster players for picks and prospects keeping mind they might need to sweeten some deals

Kerfoot for a 4th then holl with that 4th for a 6th

Hyman Matthews marner
Bailey Tavares nylander
Beauvillier spezza Mikheyev
Robertson Barbasov Simmonds

Rielly Brodie
Muzzin mayfield
Sandin Lehtonen

Andersen Campbell

Kessel. Retain
Leddy B/O

81.2 no spare players





10 Oct 2020 18:39:53
To ani

To tor

5.4 cap hit to Aniheim
5.8 cap hit to Toronto

This deal now gives leafs 12F 7D 2G 2RFA
Leafs are now 1.498 over cap

Let at least 1 of Dermott or Mikheyev go to arbitration
Then due to allowing this leafs get a buyout window after case is done On player with hit of 4 million or more only

Buy out Manson 4.1 cap hit
Yr1 1.13
Tr2 1.13
Yr3 1.48
Yr4 1.48

Cap hit saving is 2.97 this year
Now leafs have 1.472 in cap space
Depending what the case gave either player you went to arbitration gets added to this
12F 6D 2G 2RFA (arbitration on at least 1)

Leafs are now in better spot then today






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25 Oct 2020 23:42:48
Nylander suits 80s hockey just fine.




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25 Oct 2020 23:41:03
Has a 4 way trade ever happened in NHL

Heck in any league

Would be fun to see.




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25 Oct 2020 23:39:46
I’d just give it time. Either this stud duds thing works and dubas looks like a genius or by end of year 3 (2021-22) of this experiment dubas is gone and team gets blown up anyways

After all 4th year will be last available year to deal Matthews

Gee how that may just work out.




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25 Oct 2020 23:36:08
6.75 million for 3 players isn’t something lou would do right now

Maybe Robertson Sandin and Liljegren could possibly get lou thinking but then leafs would be 7 million over cap with just 80% of Nelson alone. Then leafs would have 1.15 just to sign pulock and that’s Just to remain Allowable 10% over cap during off-season

Maybe those 3 mentioned for pulock is duable. Then lou has 9 million to get barzal. Very duable

Robertson Liljegren and Sandin for pulock

Would leaf fans like this?




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25 Oct 2020 22:55:36
Seattle expansion

Thomas hickey
Calvin pickard
Jason zucker
Alexander kerfoot
Shea theodore
Keegan kolesar
Matthew barzal
Ethan bear

8 most eligable players in nhl who could be both drafted by whl and expansion Seattle team

Calvin pickard could easily become 1st player to be picked by both Seattle teams and Vegas expansion


Kerfoot denied Seattle whl to go to Harvard. He has nothing against Seattle though except his dads whitecaps are huge rivals to Seattle’s Sounders mls team.

Fun stuff and thanks leafs life always try recalling my many adventures in the sports and Rumors I heard years ago. Starts to get foggy with age but still fun recalling.





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