06 Mar 2023 20:26:23
Honestly I think the leafs need to try and rest Tavares and Matthews especially Matthews who is clearly playing hurt but my question is for the playoffs should the leafs try and build a heavy energy line. And basically make a line that is gonna out skate tampas fourth line

I like accari zar lafferty for that role with maybe kerfoot sliding in there

Tavares O'reilly Marner
Bunting Matthews nylander
Zar accari lafferty
Kerfoot kampf jarncrok

1.) 06 Mar 2023
06 Mar 2023 21:07:07
I would like to see.

JT Matthews Marner
Bunting O'Reilly Nylander
Jarnkrok Acciari Lafferty
ZAR Kampf Kerfoot

Rielly Liljegren
McCabe Brodie
Gio Holl/ Schenn.

2.) 07 Mar 2023
07 Mar 2023 01:14:17
I'm not at all with you guys.

I'd like to see JT as 3C. You now have the best centre depth in the NHL use it.

Bunts Mathews Marner
Jarnkrok O'Rielly Nylander
Lafferty JT Acciari
Zar Kampf Holberg

I've had enough of watching Kerfoot to last me a life time. I'd throw out Joe Woll at RW before him at this point.

I like the idea of running that third line with guys that don't outspeed JT. They all play well positionally and grind out opponents.

McCabe Brodie
Gio Holl
Rielly Lilly

I've had enough of Mo as well. He's been my favourite player for a decade, but he's a bum out there right now. If I was Keefe, I'd press box him.

3.) 07 Mar 2023
07 Mar 2023 02:27:30
I don't believe O'Reilly can drive a line, so the 3rd line will become a checking line that won't produce much. To me, load up the top 6 and be physical and defend with the bottom 6. The only way this team wins is Leafs stars need to outperform the other teams stars. So the Leafs should make a bottom 6 that is really tough to play against and a top 6 that can go up against anyone.

4.) 07 Mar 2023
07 Mar 2023 09:38:58
I agree with RFL O’reilly can’t drive a line and I don’t think limiting Tavares 5on5 ice time makes much sense either to me the only problem I see if yes Toronto got harder to play against but they still lack scoring depth. leafslife the one thing I despise of keefe is that he has guys that he loves and kerfoot and holl are two of them engvall was one as well. Do you guys think that it’s possible that knies can play in the lineup over zar?

5.) 07 Mar 2023
07 Mar 2023 11:05:44
I agree with @LL in splitting up the 3 centers. It will make us harder to defend and make our lines more balanced IMO. Plus we can move players around when we need a goal or two.
@RLF & @Goat O'Reilly is playing with Nylander who can drive that line.
I would just switch the lines slightly

Bunting Matthews Marner
Jarnkrok O'Reilly Nylander
Kerfoot Tavares Lafferty
ZAR Kampf Acciari

Keefe is going to play Kerfoot no matter how many better options he has.

McCabe Brodie
Rielly Schenn/ Lily
Gio Lily/ Schenn/ Holl

@Goat I think Leafs are going to start Knies in the playoffs or else Dubas would have traded for a top 9 forward before the deadline.

6.) 07 Mar 2023
07 Mar 2023 11:42:39
See, I wouldn't put JT as 3C and O'Reilly as 2C. It would be the other way around if I was to have 3 down the middle. JT is the better offensive threat and O'Reilly better to defend other teams top lines.
If "balancing" the lines to spread out scoring, then I wouldn't leave the top line intact.

Jarnkrok Matthews Marner
Acciari JT Nylander
Bunting O'Reilly Lafferty
Kerfoot Kampf ZAR

The thing I don't like about the 3 centre idea is that it puts even more pressure on the top 4 to produce as their wingers are mostly fillers on the line that you hope chip in. Loading up the top two lines means all 3 spots on the line are a threat and harder to defend.

7.) 07 Mar 2023
07 Mar 2023 13:58:43
@RLF it's great to have so many options. Just hope Keefe doesn't galaxy brain it.
I could see having 2 strong forward lines and 2 solid bottom six lines who are hard to play against and score against.
This option relies more on the top 6 to outscore their opponents and for the bottom six to stay even with their's. Definitely possible with the newer acquisitions we've picked up.
Things can be switched around game to game or even within the game itself.
Anyways, whatever the direction

8.) 07 Mar 2023
07 Mar 2023 15:44:11
True Tagz, They have options. I just don't think it would be wise to still be experimenting come playoff time. Guys need time to gel and know their role. Toying with things just so Keefe can so who may be able to play with who and in what role means no one gets comfortable in a certain role.
I think they should figure out what they want and run with it. As you said, in game changes are necessary if one guy or line just isn't going that night. But guys constantly moving guys around game to game from line to line, I don't like.

9.) 07 Mar 2023
07 Mar 2023 18:16:48
100% agreed.
I just hope he doesn't galaxy brain. Just set the lines up and stick with it for a while so chemistry is developed.
I really hate how Keefe singles out Liljegren after that Edmonton game. He been one of the best Dmen all season and IMO deserves to start the playoffs. Hope Keefe smartens up because some of his decisions are real head scratchers.

10.) 08 Mar 2023
08 Mar 2023 03:01:10
@RLF that's going to be impossible now. ROR won't be back until playoffs, but I completely agree on the point.

11.) 08 Mar 2023
08 Mar 2023 11:28:57
@LL. True, but they could still establish as many combos/ lines as possible and let's start seeing some D pairs set. This musical chairs thing is kind of ridiculous to me. They must have had an idea when acquiring these guys where they thought they would fit in.
Also, can't Lafferty do pretty much what Kerfoot does at 1/ 3rd the price?

12.) 08 Mar 2023
08 Mar 2023 21:51:01
@RLF A scarecrow could do what Kerfoot does. I'm so done watching him. I'd ice Holmberg over Kerfoot.

13.) 09 Mar 2023
09 Mar 2023 00:09:45
@LL. I know you aren't a Kerfoot fan either. Remember how I always said Kerfoot looks off slot shots and even when he had his 50 point season I would talk about his goals are mostly open nets created by his lineages and his assists are mostly secondary where he didn't do much to create the goal and people argued with me how good he was. 50 points is still 50 points I would be told. Where is all that talk now? lol.