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27 Feb 2023 15:27:09
To Toronto
Sturm $2M/2 more yrs
Simek $2.25M/1 more yr or
Benning $1.25M/3 more yrs

Kerfoot $3.5M
2024 1st

I believe Sturm is a good 3C, so we can leave ROR in the top 6 where he makes a bigger impact IMO.
I think either Dman would work well. All players PK which is always needed.

SJ gets another draft and can flop Kerfott at the deadline as well.



1.) 27 Feb 2023 17:31:55
So much for this rubbishty prop lol.
Leafs just acquired McCabe 50% retained and Lafferty.

2.) 27 Feb 2023 21:25:15
Dubas really pushed all in this ywar.



19 Feb 2023 14:05:46
First off, I want to say I love the moves Dubas just made. Moving forward though, I really don't want to give up too many other prospects or draft picks.

To Toronto
Soucy $2.75M UFA

To Seattle
Kerfoot $3.5 UFA

***dependant on Kerfoot waiving & signing extention
Seattle doesn't want to lose Soucy for nothing and Hakstol has always liked Kerfoot


To Toronto
Niederreiter $4M +1yr @ 25% retention

To Nashville
Sandin $1.4M +1yr
Robertson $.8M (LTIR)

Niederreiter hasn't really fit in as planned, so they get a young prospect who should be able to score hills in Robertson.
Nash has 3 older LD, so Sandin could be their future.
Leafs get their 2LW.



1.) 19 Feb 2023 14:47:13
Kerfoot is nothing so that makes that trade no go
Definitely love Niederreiter real target Dubas needs to get.

2.) 19 Feb 2023 17:39:38
1st one a lot depends on if they want Soucy back and he is reasonable with his ask. Seattle has about $20M in cap space for next season, so they should have no issues signing Soucy, and Kerfoot in the off-season if they want both.

The 2nd one is interesting and should make sense for both teams. The thing with Nash is that there are so many guys having low production years, not really Niederreiter. He really shouldn't end up much off his normal production. If they were getting better production form their bottom 6 and some D other than Josi, they would be in a playoff spot likely. They shouldn't be in any cap trouble next year, so I am not sure if Poile just thinks it's a down year and rolls it back next year or if he is willing to make changes because he doesn't like what he sees.



08 Feb 2023 18:34:42
Pretty big trade, but I honestly think we need 2 D-man (offensive & defensive) plus two bottom 6 adds. I think this can be acquired with 2 teams.

1st trade is the RLF trade
Chychrun & Bjugstad
Sandin, Robertson, Engvall, Steeves & 2023 1st ... Arizona always has the option to flip Engvall at the TDL.

2nd trade
McCabe (50% retained) & Lafferty
Kerfoot, Hirvonen, 2023 5th & 2024 2nd ... Chicago also has option to flip Kerfoot at the TDL





1.) 11 Feb 2023 06:05:11
I like the trades but…

Using Kerfoot ($3.5) and Engvall’s ($2.24) expiring contracts towards bringing in these players (Chychrun $4.6 and McCabe $4) with term left on their contracts would leave the Leafs with no money this summer to resign Samsonov, Bunting and Kampf.
Unless we want to see Murray as Leafs #1 next year, enough money must be allocated for Samsonov who is proving to be the superior goaltender.



30 Jan 2023 19:27:13
To Toronto
Henrique $2.9125 (50% retained)

To Anaheim
Robertson LTIR

Not sure if this is enough getting Henrique @ 50% retained (for this year and next).

Henrique is what Leafs need for a reasonable cost. He can PK, can play 3C and/or 2LW if needed.

Then Leafs still have cap space and more picks/prospects to pursue a top 4 PKing defenceman.


1.) 31 Jan 2023 03:00:32
Henrique offers basically the same thing that Kerfoot already does for the Leafs only for $2.325 less cap impingement.
Henrique is owed $5.825 for 2023 - 2024.
Kerfoot is owed nothing.
Leafs have to resign Bunting who is going to get $4.5 - $5.
Much rather keep Bunting, have Kerfoot’s contract expire opening up $3.5 in cap space.
That’s a $9.325 million cap swing for 2023 - 2024.

2.) 31 Jan 2023 05:22:49
@alexpalm if we could get Jeannot outta the Preds for Kerfoot I’m IN!

3.) 31 Jan 2023 13:46:41
@Tagz. I know you like Henrique, but that is alot to ask Ana to retain for 1 1/ 2 years just to get Robertson and SDA and whatever they can get for Kerfoot.
From the Leafs side. where do you see him? 3C? 2LW?
He's kind of a softer player who isn't really that good defensively, nor is he a guy to go hard into corners and dig pucks out. Like Kerfoot, he is an average point producer, but as WB said, is he really that much different than Kerfoot? I don't see it.

4.) 31 Jan 2023 14:56:43
@WB I would only take him at 50% retained so his actual salary becomes less than Kerfoot's.

@WB & RLF I just believe Henrique is a player that wont break the bank in a trade (not sure what else would need to be added to get him @ 50% retained) . I believe Henrique is much better than Kerfoot, especially at C. He is a better goal scorer and can actually play center.
I don't know how to find all these stats, but apparently Anaheims numbers are much better with him on the ice than not (RLF maybe you can find those stats - I remember you saying that Kerfoot's stats last year looked better because of team on ice % or something like that) .
I would slot him at 3C so we move Kampf to 4C (where he should be) . I think that Henrique would be a better option to move up if Matthews or JT miss some time. Kerfoot is out of his comfort zone at 2C (even at 3C) IMO.
Also next year, I believe Kampf does not get resigned so we will have Matthews, Tavares, Henrique (@$2.925M) and Holmberg down the middle.

5.) 01 Feb 2023 02:45:45
My problem with Henrique is that even at half retained it would seem to remove the cap space required to resign Bunting and I much prefer Bunting to Henrique.
Henrique may have more offense than Kerfoot but he is nowhere near as good defensively so I see this as an unnecessary tradeoff of similar players.

6.) 01 Feb 2023 13:42:20
Statistically speaking, yes, Henrique is solid. His sh% this year is high, even for him and he has a great career sh%. Anaheim is even using him on the PK this year. But I believe that is out of necessity over his defensive prowess. He is solid on the dot. He should have his 40-50 pts again. His possession numbers are good compared to many teammates etc. I take all stats with a grain of salt because the eye test can best tell why those stats are what they are. For me, he just isn't what the Leafs need. He can produce, good skater etc, and I like that he is a local boy. But, he is also not very big or physical and his playoff experience is limited, so can't even draw off of that. He hasn't played a playoff game in 5 years. Then there is the contract as he is signed through next season. Do the Leafs really need a $3M (even at 50%) 3rd line C that is not great at shutting teams down?

What I had said about Kerfoot was that many of his goals last year were tap-ins and that his assists were often secondary where he didn't really do much to create the goal. He benefitted from who he was playing with. Unlike Hyman, Kerfoot cannot make those around him better, he benefits from those around him more than vice versa. It wasn't really stat oriented, more observation. He is a decent complimentary piece. He will probably have his 30-40 as usual across the board this year as he isn't getting much top 6 time and didn't take advantage of it when he did. He will have 30-40 pts, hits, blocks, giveaways, takeaways and 40+% FO% and will bounce around from 2nd to 3rd line mostly. That is Kerfoot in a nutshell. This is who he is. (Although, he is being used in an even more defensive role more often this year than past years. )

7.) 01 Feb 2023 17:00:56
@RLF fair enough, we'll agree to disagree.
I agree on picking up a physical player or 2 if possible (I like Jeannot & even McBain), but I definitely want someone with some playoff experience. I pushed on ROR in the past but am hesitant since his injury.
What about Toews. Rumours I'm hearing is a 2nd gets you Toews with retention. Sounds a bit light, but maybe adding a 'B' prospect.
Do you think he would move, and possible chance Leafs can land him?

8.) 01 Feb 2023 20:33:56
Toews is an interesting one. He seems healthy and putting up decent numbers. What concerns me is his declining physicality and that he only has 6 even strength goals. Love the experience and hopefully he would have a strong desire to win on home soil. Still over $5M caphit even at 50% is tough.

9.) 01 Feb 2023 22:14:31
Leafs can get a second team to retain cap down to $2.625M.
His cap is $10.5M, but actual salary is $6.9M, so 2nd team only needs to retain on $1.625M of actual salary which should only be a 4th or 5th round pick.

10.) 02 Feb 2023 00:26:54
Yes they can, but that will cost as you and Leafs do not have much draft capital to send.
What is your proposal for Toews?

11.) 02 Feb 2023 02:25:02
Ugly goaltending tonight.

Anyways, Leafs trade
Anderson, plus 2024 2nd
Toews @ 50% retained

2023 5th to Arizona
for another 50% retention

Leafs get Toews at $2.625M AAV.



03 Jan 2023 19:54:31
I really don't want a rental, but honestly think Dubas needs to go for it this year.
I've wanted ROR but his injury may be cause for concern. Maybe he could be an option in the off season.

To Vancouver
Kerfoot $3.5M
Timmins $.85M RFA
Robertson .8M, plus 1 year then RFA
2024 2nd

To Toronto
Horvat $5.5M
Schenn $.85K

Vancouver is looking for a young RHD for their future, so possibly they see the upside in Timmins who is looking pretty good albeit small sample size.
Kerfoot a speedy winger who is good on PK, plus they can probably get a 2nd or 3rd at the TDL if they don't want to resign.
Robertson a 21 year old potential goal scorer
And I feel a 2nd should be enough with the players we're giving up.

Leafs get a bona-fide 2C who they probably play on 2LW. But option always there to drive the 3rd line.
Schenn as 6/7 Dman with experience and size. Loves to hit.

I'm sure probably not enough from Leafs side. Maybe change 2nd to 1st if need be.



1.) 04 Jan 2023 01:45:29
Vancouver sees too many “ifs” in Leafs offer.
Vancouver could sign Kerfoot for nothing this summer.
The only thing Robertson has proven is that he is still struggling with the NHL game.
Timmins was acquired for an AHL player, has only played a dozen games and has a lot to prove before he is considered a valuable trade chip.
If there isn’t a 1st round pick or Matthew Knies in the offer, Leafs aren’t in the running for Horvat.




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28 Apr 2023 14:04:37
Not surprises we lost to be honest. Justin Holl -7 and it seems like Tampa is targeting him.
What does Keefe do?
When asked about Holl being on for 73% of goals against, Keefe responds was he on the ice alone. This leads me to think Keefe doesn't take Holl out of the line up.
What would you guys do?
I think Leafs should go 11/7 in this case. Bring Bunting & Liljegren in, ZAR & Lafferty out. Top guys up front can play extra shifts here and there. But more importantly, Holl & Giordano minutes can be reduced giving some to Liljegren.


1.) 28 Apr 2023 14:33:27
Holl on for 14 goals against!
What is Keefe thinking, Tampa knows he is the weakest link and put the puck in his corner everytime.
Hey Keefe maybe you should take your lame buddy out for a big Steak and a bottle of wine.

Dumb Coach, hoping they lose series so Ownership can clean house of Dubas, Keefe, Shanahan, Nylander, Holl and possibly Matthews.

2.) 29 Apr 2023 01:32:37
I'm not sure what the answer is in the D corps situation. Lilly was absolutely unplayable when he was out there earlier in the season, and nothing leads me to believe he'll be any better now.

It's a risk I would probably take right now, but are we all ignoring how brutal Gio is every night lately? 5 games in a row, Gio has been horrible.

3.) 29 Apr 2023 14:16:49
Has Holl been great? No. Brtual? I don't think he has been as bad as the media is now spouting off. Yes, he turned the wrong way on the goal the other night, but he cut the forward off and Samsonov let in a horrible goal. Can't really blame Holl. Yes, he is out of position at times. He is also a 3rd pair D. Has Bogosian been that effective for Tampa? I'd say no.
Holl is a huge part of the PK, and it has been quite good lately against Tampa. They have only given up 5 total PP goals and most came in the first couple of games.
When Holl is on the ice, the on ice save% is 76%. Gio 80%. The two lowest on the team. Every other Leaf D's is above 90%. Neither Holl or Gio have been really that good, but they aren't getting the saves either. Now that partly has to do with Tampa taking advantage of them not playing great, and partly Sammy not making a timely save.
They both need to be better though.



24 Apr 2023 15:54:46
How do you think Leafs come out tonight?
Usually they come out better after a bad game/loss. Only problem is their bad game resulted in a win this time around (something Leafs needed to learn, winning games where they aren't the best team and goalie gives them a chance to win).
Personally, I think the Leafs come out on all cylinders and take it to the Lightening. Don't worry about weathering the storm first 10 minutes. Go out and dictate the game.


1.) 24 Apr 2023 19:27:15
Good question. I'm never sure how they'll come out night to night.

I'm getting flashbacks of last year when they needed to close it out early. Vassy can't stop a beach ball right now, but if he gets it together, this series turns.

I expect the lightning to come out ready for war and the Leafs to be a step behind to start. Hopefully they can respond and match the energy though.

2.) 24 Apr 2023 22:32:06
I think Tampa tries to get in Samsonov's grill. They will crash the net. Extra pokes etc. Try to get him off his game. I think it is best if the Leafs set the tone, but this team rarely does that. Hope they do tonight.



08 Mar 2023 14:05:29
Great 1st period by Sammy to keep the Leafs within striking distance.

I liked the way Lafferty played up the middle last night and think he pissibly will be a good fit at 3C, so we can keep ROR in the top 6.

Let's try

Tavares Matthews Marner
Jarnkrok O'Reilly Nylander
Bunting Lafferty Kerfoot
ZAR Kampf Acciari

Load up the top 2 lines. We have 2 defensive players on each of the top 3 lines. And a pure shutdown 4th line.
I think this creates the best balance throughout the line up.


1.) 08 Mar 2023 15:19:55
I'd switch Bunting and Jarnkrok and then switch Kerfoot and Acciari and I'd be good with the rest as is.

2.) 08 Mar 2023 16:23:59
I'm fine switching Bunting and Jarnkrok, but I think Kampf/ Acciari metrics are really good when they're together.
I'm not one who follows all the numbers, but someone had pointed out Kampf has really struggled away from Engvall this season. But he has been even better when paired with Acciari. So I think its worth keeping the 2 together.

3.) 08 Mar 2023 22:32:31
@Tagz I'd struggle with Kerfoot on my wing too.

I like lines I'd just switch Bunts and Jarnkrok (as RLF said) and maybe move JT to centre with ROR on the wing.

4.) 08 Mar 2023 23:27:31
Tagz. Fair enough. But maybe it is just because Acciari is better than Engvall and that makes Kampf better? Just sayin.

5.) 09 Mar 2023 13:05:14
@LL. O'Reilly with JT on the wing seems to be the popular move. I just want to balance the speed. or lack thereof more. JT on the wing with Matthews and Marner gives a more talented grinder and net front over Bunting. Bunting with O'Rielly and Nylander gives them a quicker winger than JT and another guy who will get in there if someone is taking shots at Willy. Just my reasoning. It's what I wanted from the start, but we are likely not to see it.



03 Jul 2022 04:54:34
I hope Dubas trades down and uses one of his picks for Gleb Trikozov.




31 Mar 2022 18:03:16
I understand Keefe wanting to play Simmonds and Clifford tonight, but why sit Blackwell??
Guy played his most minutes last game and had his best Leafs game by far, so his reward is to sit tonight.
If they want to play Simmonds and Clifford, sit Spezza (he could also use the rest).


1.) 01 Apr 2022 14:30:14
That’s my issue with keefe, he does this a lot, a player will play great, score a goal and then keefe pulls him out of the lineup.

2.) 01 Apr 2022 14:49:46
I thought they did a good job last night. They did what they have not being doing enough of lately.

3.) 02 Apr 2022 00:59:24
They did play well last night.
Simmonds played much better with some rest. I would have kept Blackwell in and given Spezza some rest too. Maybe they do it Saturday.




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10 Apr 2023 18:57:04
Agreed RLF. We all hope that Knies comes out and impresses so much that he steals a spot on the playoff roster. But realistically, he's our 13th forward and will probably play only if someone gets injured.




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17 Mar 2023 15:49:20
No worries. My reading comprehension is not always there, I tend to skim through more than I should. Your explanation made perfect sense lol.




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17 Mar 2023 15:47:01
RLF Amirov probably doesn't bring the physicality agreed. I would like to think he'd bring the energy and forechecking attributes, plus some goal scoring. Other bottom 6ers could bring the physicality.
Schneider may potentially morph into a top 4, who knows, but still wouldn't have happened during the run.




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17 Mar 2023 13:53:02
Oh and Holmberg.




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17 Mar 2023 13:51:33
@RLF 100% agree on your assessment on Bunting. Hopefully we can sign him for cheap.
I like McMann as well, but not sure if he could play top 6. I would love Leafs to call him up for remainder of season and ddition hom in the top 6, really wwouldnt hirt at this point unless Leafs really want that home ice advantage.
ROR signing at a reasonable cap hit would be amazing. I think his pedigree, leadership and championship is great for this core.
Hopefully some Marlies make the team next year and help with the salary situation, Knies, Robertson, McMann and who knows, maybe Kral as the 7th might take that step as well.
I think Murray's buyout is $2M the following year as Ottawa would eat the $600K.





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12 May 2023 11:22:52
@RLF 100% agree that none of the Core has really played up to expectations, but they were much better as a whole in Game 4.
@LL I can agree that Matthews has been the best all around Core player throughout the playoffs, but not in the last 2+ games. And 100% agreed that Rielly had been the best Leafs D-man in this series and also last series. Infact, I would say Rielly is our Conn Smythe winner to this point.

I know this really means nothing, but something I just read this morning:

"Let's start with the first goal scorer in Nylander. I thought Willy was the only one of the core four to have a pulse in Game 3, and he was also the best player on the ice in the back half of Game 2, singlehandedly trying to will the team to tie the game that night. He wasn’t that level of dominance in this game, but he was still very good. Nylander scored a goal, did his job defensively, created a number of looks for his teammates (one pass to find Michael Bunting all alone on the PP was a dandy), and the team won his minutes. The Leafs owned over 70% of the expected goals with Nylander on the ice at 5v5, out-shooting and out-attempting Florida in that time. "

Personally, I'm really expecting a big offensive game from Matthews tonight (2 goals + 1 assist) . It's about time the Leafs score more than 2 goals. Predicting a 5-2 Leafs victory tonight.





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11 May 2023 16:20:56
Sorry, my mistake. Let me rephrase that. Willy has been the most consistent Leafs forward from the Core 4.




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11 May 2023 14:25:27
IMO Willy has been the most consistent Leafs forward since the 3rd period of game 2.




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01 May 2023 18:20:28
@LL that would be 29, 30, 31 & 32.




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01 May 2023 14:11:30
I agree that Dubas's initial vision was slightly flawed, but he was a rookie GM trying to burst onto the scene in probably the most difficult NHL market.
He was raw and inexperience, but it does seem like he's learned from his mistakes.
IMO I would be perfectly happy if he is extended.
Anyways, who would you guys rather have as GM? Who do you think could do a better job?