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29 Apr 2020 00:10:19
Leafs trade Dermott
Montreal trades Romanov

Romanov is a highly rated prospect, but there is no doubt Dermott is still the better player now and will be for the next couple years. Also, Montreal is in dire want of LHD. They have Weber and Petry at RHD, making it difficult for Romanov to crack the roster in any meaningful way. Along with other high quality RHD prospect players such as Brook and Juuleson, they could be willing to part with Romanov for the immediate help in a position of desperate need.

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29 Apr 2020 02:38:21
I like it. Pretty good return for Dermott.

29 Apr 2020 03:12:59
Thought call wether MTL is down for that. Probably the best we could hope for for Dermott though, good prop

29 Apr 2020 15:17:00
There is zero chance the Habs make this trade at this time. Romanov looks to be a future top pairing defender so after 3 years and if he doesn't improve higher than a #4 d-man then the Habs may trade him for Dermott, who is at best a questionable 2nd pairing player on a weak Leaf defense.

29 Apr 2020 16:17:08
He "looks" to be a top pairing defenseman. That's a pretty big stretch for a kid drafted in the second round and yet to play NA hockey. He's a top prospect, no doubt, but Dermott is already established as a top 4 defenseman. Sorry to tell you, but you don't have a clue what you are talking about. You need to educate yourself on other teams players instead of dumping ignorant nonsense on the site. Dermott is absolutely a top 4 LHD, and Leafs actually don't have a bad defense. Their goalies let them down this year more than anything.

Do your research IslandJet. Don't just regurgitate the same crap you spew on the main site, because the contributors on this site are actually a lot more knowledgeable and informed than you think. Your foolish and uneducated responses make you sound, well, foolish.

I quoted the old proverb below about how a bird in hand is worth two in a bush. Romanov is at least a couple years away from even being in the NHL. If Montreal wants to compete now, they pull the trigger on a deal like this. If they continue to rebuild (which it looks like they are), then they don't. Simple as that.

29 Apr 2020 16:29:38
Spouting BS again lol. Dermott is not a "questionable" second pairing guy. He is a top 4 LHD and improving year by year.

29 Apr 2020 18:07:30
Only in Leaf land AKA. land of fantasy, is Dermot a solid second pairing d-man, even on a weak Leaf defence. I still think that Romanov has more top end potential based on how physical and dominant he was in the world juniors, while Dermott has not improved greatly in the last 2 seasons. I know he was injured but still he hasn't taken a big step forward. Its overrating their player that cost the Leafs to overpay when it's time to sign players.

29 Apr 2020 18:52:25
He has taken a big step forward? Just about every analyst was stating how good he looked as a top pairing D when Reilly and Muzzin went down. His advanced stats were top pairing quality and he was playing extremely well. His partner was also Barrie for some of that time who played better beside Dermott. I'm not sure where your getting this information from. I'm not sure if he is a 1LHD at this point in his career but he showed that he has the potential to be this season. Babs played him at 3rd pairing sheltered minutes consistently because Gardiner and Reilly were the top 4D in his eyes. Only now are we seeing what Dermott can do.

Of all defenceman to play at least 2000 minutes in the last 3 years Dermott sits; 27th in Corsi, 39th in shots for, 16th in goals for pct and 35th in expected goals for pct. In what world is that a fringe defenceman? You clearly have no idea what your talking about. I don't normally look up stats just to prove a point here but your just bashing with absolutely no knowledge on the matter at hand.

29 Apr 2020 21:11:10
If Dermott is considered a 1st pairing d-man in the eyes of some Leaf media and rose colored glasses of some Leaf fans then it's no wonder that they have very little chance of winning a playoff round in the near future. The Leafs need a true #1 stud defenseman and Dermott isn't him and I still don't think the Habs would trade Romanov for him. Dermot bundled with Nylander and a draft pick may get the Leafs that elusive #1 d-man.

29 Apr 2020 21:39:46
Wouldn’t call Dermott a top pairing D yet, but he’s closer too that job than Romanov.

29 Apr 2020 21:49:35
Romanov isn't a #1 Defenseman. Lol. What are you talking about? He's a kid with a bright future, but he's got a long way to go before calling him a #1 don't you think?

29 Apr 2020 23:31:30
You obviously don't know what your talking about if you're saying Dermott didn't take a step forward this year. He took massive steps forward this year.

Before the season got cancelled he was logging 25-30 minutes a night on the TOP pair. His stats are excellent across the board.

If he can make the switch to RHD next year, it would solve a lot of our problems, and him and Holl will share top 4 duties on that side. That would make him a top 4 defenseman. If he ends up playing the bulk of his time with Reilly, that would make him a top line defenseman. See how that works? If he can't switch to RHD, we have to trade him. Simple as that.

Talk trash all you want. You don't ever play 20+ minutes a night for a Maple Leafs team (or any other team) that has cup aspirations if you are not a top 4 player in the league. Simple as that. Leafs don't have a bad defense. They have a very good defense. We have four top 4 defenseman. Just that three of them are on the left side.

We also have two very highly rated prospects on the third line that are projected to be top 4 defensemen. Muzzin was voted 11th for Norris three years in a row, including the year he was traded to Leafs. He is a top line defenseman on most teams in the league. It just so happens that Reilly is ahead of him. Not this season, obviously, but last season we were 12th in the league in goals against.

Don't kid yourself. We have an extremely good defense. Each one of our defensemen have extremely good stats. Our goalies let us down this year. If Andersen can bounce back, we will be a top 10 defense next year.

29 Apr 2020 22:09:20
I agree that Romanov may not even make the Habs next year but I believe that he has more upside to be a future #1 d-man than Dermott.

29 Apr 2020 22:28:53
Who said Dermott is a number one? Lol. I believe most said top 4 you said barely bottom pairing.

30 Apr 2020 02:40:15
Anderson underlying stats weren't the worst. Hutch was good awful but Freddy had a 909 save pct or some such.

30 Apr 2020 12:33:47
A 909 sv% in NHL is pretty bad. Lol. An NHL goalie is expected to carry around a 920.

It's not just that he was letting in a lot of goals, it was that he was also letting in a lot of soft goals. And he also seemed susceptible to late game collapses. That's an issue that has plagued Leafs teams in the past.

It's his contract year next year. I think the entire world is expecting Freddie to bounce back. Though I will say one thing that has always concerned me was his inability to start seasons strong. I always wondered when it would drag on through the entire year. And this year kinda is it. Hope to see him come out of the gates strong get next year for once.



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