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26 Jan 2023 14:45:15
Anyone else notice that Willy's compete has been lacking the past couple of games? I know he had 4 pts the other night, but he wasn't competing physically at all. The pull ups when he thought he might get hit were obvious and becoming the norm again. Is he sulking because of the All-Star snub?

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26 Jan 2023 17:48:04
@RLF I'm starting to feel for Willy to be honest. Marner is talk of the town when he's on a point streak and only on pace for 95 points 30 goals. Wee Willy carries the team offensively, back checks, does everything right and nobody cares.

I'd be ready to leave Toronto if I was him as well. Maybe not because of the All-star snub specifically, but because All-star appearances and the narrative surrounding players greatly affects what they make on their next contracts.

Willy should be upset by being 4th fiddle around here, he's been the most consistent, best player all season this far.

26 Jan 2023 19:02:50
Willy gets what he deserves. Hes one dimensional. Excellent offensive minded player. YOU do all the work HE will finish or at least try to finish. How many breakaways has he missed this year OMG . He cherrypicks, no defence, no work ethcic, he blows the zone as soon as it appears his team mught get the puck. Never seen more attempts at a stretch pass than when hes on the ice.

But all any one ever seems to see is the stats. goals and assists.

26 Jan 2023 19:05:21
leafslife-- YOu forgot the words does not before the word back check in your comment. as in Does no do every thing right.
Someone is either delusionsal or is a family member of Nylander here writing the comment above.

26 Jan 2023 23:27:17
@1st round all of that was very true, before this current season. He's been digging for pucks, playing better defensively, standing in front of the net, etc since the season started.

26 Jan 2023 23:28:15
I think you're missing the growth he's showed since October based on all of the flaws he's had since he was drafted.

I'm not saying he's going to win a Selke, but he's definitely been better.

28 Jan 2023 03:37:25
leafslife SURE hope you were watching Willy real close tonight. Im not sure he had one stop and start all night.

28 Jan 2023 06:47:50
I was watching Willy. He looks like his usual disinterested self again.

Like I said; he looked like a different player up until recently.

26 Jan 2023 05:47:42
With Murray proving himself once again to be unreliable and unless Dubas can work some magic like he did with Mrazek. AND lets face it for all of us the dislike Dubas that was a hell of a move to unload Mrazek but then again he was the one who went out got him the first place right. Anyhow. No takers on Murray why not buy him out . The buy out is still split with Ottawa the leafs buy out is upcoming season 1,312,500, 2023-24 $562K, 2024-25 and 2025-26 season the last season both a bit steep at 1,875,000 per. The last two the cap is supposed to go up quite a bit . Just a thiught. He can not be in A leafs uniform Can thy send him to the minors and bury his contracr?

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26 Jan 2023 14:32:38
It is an interesting idea. According to capfriendly, if they buy him out June 15th this year it is cap hits of $687,500 for 23-24 and $2M for 24-25. It should be manageable, but only if Woll or Kallgren can be solid, cheap backup and they have a #1 under a decent contract.

28 Jan 2023 03:38:36
I think after his ego getting hurt in warm ups tonight you have no choice but to buy this cloown out if the new GM can not move himat seasons end.

26 Jan 2023 01:42:45
Anyone else hate the point structure and the shoot out for anything other than entertainment value?

I feel like if you los you lose 0 points. whether you lose in regulation or overtime NO SHOOTOUT.

3 points to winner. win in regulation or OT 3 Points. No winner at the end of a ten minute 3 on 3 overtime tie 1 point

Hate this point for getting your team to the overtime and keeping that point even if you lose in overtime to many teams try to secure that point and get to the shootout.

different tune if they know that no shootout to fall back on and hang on for dear life for 10 minutes not 10 and face the idea of 0 points .

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26 Jan 2023 17:49:23
I can't stand three point games. Personally, I never even had an issue with ties.

26 Jan 2023 21:44:35
leafslife--- issue with ties is that a much weaker opponent play for the tie. If they know there is little to no chance of a single point they will have to change their mindset.

25 Jan 2023 20:44:38
OFF most topics here but the discussions here revovle around trades to make the leafs stronger. Stronger for the playoffs. Playoffs that have a messed up fprmat that have some very good teams play eachother very early on in the playoffs. The whole format is Pathetic. It needs to be changed. AND not just because the leafs cant win a round. lol Any ideas on hpw to better the format for the playoffs and rubbish better the regular season divsions and format to decide who plays in these new formatted playoffs ? any thoughts.

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26 Jan 2023 14:38:26
Back to per conference of 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7 etc like it used to be. The whole division stuff just complicated things. I would actually like to see a 2 out of 3 play in for teams 8 and 9 of each conference. At the same time 2 plays 7, 3 play 6 and 4 plays 5. Once the winner of the play in finishes, the series starts with them against the number 1 team. Makes it a bit tougher if you squeak in and the number one team gets about a week rest before they have to start the playoffs.

26 Jan 2023 14:57:23
kind of what I came up with. actually rewardin top seeds

2x8=16 teams per conference 2 conference =32 teams 81 games max

7x4=28 division
8x3=24 same conference other division
16x2 = 32 other conference (-2 games to get back down to 82 OR increase season to 84 games to be completely equal

82 game season

Top 4 each division make playoffs
BEST OF 5 2nd round Best o7
1— 1st round bye 1 vs lowest rank team left
2— 1st round bye 1 vs 2nd lowest rank team left
3— round 1 vs 6
4—- round 1 vs 5
5—- round 1 vs 4
6—-- round 1 vs 3
7 — out
8 — out

3rd round best of 7
Two remaining teams from 2nd round

Semi Finals best of 7

FINALS best of 7.

26 Jan 2023 14:59:45
youe idea gives value to the confrence more so and less so to division

mine is the opposite simply because in my formula you play more games in your division.

23 Jan 2023 21:32:58
The Leafs need a scoring left wing, a third line centre with ability to score and a Muzzin replacement
In the best of worlds Meier on the wing with Taveras. O’Reilly centre on the third line and Gavrikov on defense. Cost would be high but would you rather have a legitimate shot at the cup this year or be a continually strong regular season team?

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24 Jan 2023 01:45:36
It would be great, but it is also over $16M in cap space Leafs need to have. So what deals do you have in mind?

24 Jan 2023 06:19:04
Unless Marner is moving, this can't happen.

25 Jan 2023 03:55:16
y is everyone so high on Gavrikov? Schenn is cheaper and has more points by 2 only but hey its more and has 221 hits vs 48 hits. I'll take Schenn its a no brainer for me What am I missing here.

25 Jan 2023 11:36:38
@1rexit the difference between schenn and gavrikov is that gavrikovs defensive numbers are better he’s younger as well and the biggest one is that schenn has a great contract which will drive his price up especially since so many teams a cap strapped.

25 Jan 2023 14:35:07
Gavrikov will get a bigger return. I can't see how he doesn't. We are comparing a guy playing 22 mins a night to a guy playing 17 who hasn't been more than a 3rd pair D most of his career. You don't bring in Gavrikov to play 3rd pair and you shouldn't bring in Schenn to play more than 3rd pair.
Gavrikov has been playing in the top 4 most of his time in CLB. It isn't even close between them what they would bring. Now, if someone doesn't think the Leafs should pay the price for Gavrikov and rather just get Schenn to play 3rd pair, fine. But no one should expect Schenn to play in the top 4, where Gavrikov would/ should be.
Schenn should return a 2nd at best. Gavrikov could get a 1st+, and that plus could be pretty good. imo.

26 Jan 2023 00:45:53
theres that gavrikov name again GRRRRR WHY WHY WHY

SCHENN is better in value overall. PERIOD.

26 Jan 2023 01:37:07

Schenn has a cup. His salary is less so his cap hit to a team is less. he is older so his asking should be lower I think those 3 factors make him more appealing. Its not like their asking him to come in and be the number 1 guy here.

26 Jan 2023 14:42:19
1strndexit. We were just answering your question, so why are you frustrated to hear his name again?

Schenn is fine if you are looking for a 3rd pair guy who plays physical. You are not suggesting Schenn in the Leafs top 4 are you?

26 Jan 2023 21:56:51
not frustrated just disagreeng with your reasons

no Schenn is a 3rd pairing D man who can eat up some valuable Pk minutes and play a bigger role of need be. His best day are behind him for sure. Hes a plus player on a bad team

Gvrikov plays roughly 3 minutes more per game so not a huge amount more Schenn has 180 more hits playing 3 less minutes on avg per game.

Bothe UFA at season end. Gavrikov is going to cost you far more than Schenn will to keep just based on age alone.
Schenn expiring contract is for 850k Gavrikov 2.8M. Gavrikov due for a payhike with term Schenn about the same $ and term.
Gavrikov will cost you more to get also.

Still nor seeing the upside to this guy over a Schenn like D man sorry.

27 Jan 2023 02:02:29
If you read what I wrote, it is not much different than what you just wrote. Although Gav plays 5 mins more a night and sees tougher competition while having more takeaways and less giveaways then Schenn. It is like comparing Rielly to Benn. I would hope no one would suggest Benn is better because he has more hits. Schenn is a fine option for a 3rd pair, but Gav is a top 4 dman. Depends on what you are looking for and are willing to give up to get either of them. I already said what I thought each would cost.

22 Jan 2023 19:23:53
9 upcoming UFA's 2 upcoming RFA's and approx 12 M in cap space. give or take considering the uncertainity of the raise in the cap and the health of some players like Muzzin. The leafs will still be in a not so good position as per usual when it comes to the roster and the cap. Go figure when you pay 5 playersover 50% of that cap.
That equates to about 1.3 m per player per roster spot unless Muzzins career is done then that frees up an avg to 1.95M per. Considering all the UFA's the leafs have are all replaceable except for perhaps Bunting they can find the band aids like they have been doing but lets face it bunting is going to want to get paid hes 27 not young making 950K playing a great role and putting up some good numbers. YES we all know who he plays with. Hes gonna be in the 2.5-3M range x4 I think at least. well there goes the 1.9 per player if Muzzin retires or the 1.3 M per if Muzzin returns. there's no way they can keep Murray at 4.6875M can they.? that's a boat load of money for a goalie who is quite frankly so unreliable. Trade him and sign Samsonov and you got to go cheap on the back up and bring up Woll He should be ready. that's the best you can do at this point.

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23 Jan 2023 07:14:49
No GM other than Dubas was willing to take Murray without a big payday in return. What makes you think he's trade able now?

23 Jan 2023 17:06:09
Until we see what matthews wants I think the leafs cap situation is fine I do think nylander will be the one who doesn’t make it to his final year with the leafs it makes a lot of sense to move him out for good young talent and try and use the cap space else where it also depends on the gm what is gonna happen if I new gm comes in probably gonna see some bigger names moved as for dubas he loves his guys so it’s hard to say what the play is here but leafs need some Marlies to come in and be good full time nhlers.

23 Jan 2023 20:17:04
LeafsLife--- New Year New Problems for other teams. You never Know you just never Know.

24 Jan 2023 06:20:22
@1st round exit I know what you mean, I just don't see it without an add.

@Goat I don't see Nylander moving, especially if he keeps this up in the playoffs. He's a machine this year.

24 Jan 2023 22:12:49
What choice do they have @LL Toronto can’t have another 10+ mil guy and it makes zero sense to let matthews walk.

25 Jan 2023 04:18:01
This formula simply doesnt work all these 10+ M players. Nylander will be next. that's 4 Matthews will want Max $$$ so 15M ( and they say they wanna win a championship) yeah right
Trade Matthews. He has a NTC . Hes only one piece of the puzzle A HUGE piece of the puzzle but a piece all the same. Arizona would be stupid to not step up and take him for whatever the leafs would ask for. This is not only a hockey trade but a organization being saved by a single player a hometown boy.

The leafs could take advantage of this scenario quite nicely I think

All this of course assuming they falter once again the play offs.

TO BUDS ::: 2023 2ND, 2024 1ST, 2024 2ND (FROM HABS)

9,800,000 HEADED BACK TO TORONTO ( McBain is an RFA and will get a raise for sure) but as it stands T. O is saving gaining just over 3,240,000 in cap space and getting some good return and good high picks.

26 Jan 2023 00:52:29
Leafslife ---Nylander is a point producer. Not a machine lets not get carried away. He does nothing else but play offense . Hes a floater. Cherry Picker Turtle. defensive liabilty (why do you think he practically leads the league in breakaways? ) . He blows the zone as soon as the puck is in the vincinity of his defencemen, . Hes not a 10M player but will command that kind of money Leafs have total control of him best trade him at the end of the next season while his value will never be higher.

22 Jan 2023 19:22:36
So apparently the leafs don't want to move their first or knies so if this stays true I don't expect the leafs to be in anything substantial and I don't think it's dubas choice with him not having a contract I don't think ownership is gonna let dubas spend what he wants at the deadline

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23 Jan 2023 00:58:48
They shouldn't let Dubas hire a new intern.

23 Jan 2023 17:02:08
So are you saying dubas gets fired regardless of the outcome this year.

23 Jan 2023 17:42:42
@Goat 2.0 I think Dubas might walk away this year even he isn't fired.

24 Jan 2023 22:14:57
Interesting…. He would be highly sought after but at the end of the day the only way he walks is if there’s a better team to work with because mlse can offer the most money.

22 Jan 2023 15:50:29
I can’t steam games in France or Spain.
I’ll be missing hockey until return on Mar27.
I don’t know what to do!

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22 Jan 2023 21:33:34
You can't? I managed to stream a couple in England. Which app you using?

23 Jan 2023 13:57:26
Sportsnet Now.

23 Jan 2023 15:00:42
Use a VPN and simulate being in canada. Problem solved.

23 Jan 2023 16:21:11
@Randy. Nice solve! That should do it.

23 Jan 2023 17:42:56
@Randy good call.


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