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12 Apr 2021 00:34:46
The Leafs got Foligno. Now the trade with the Hawks - Kerfoot and a 3rd round pick for Janmark and Zadorov

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12 Apr 2021 13:05:59
Round out our team nicely. not sure if offered enough. . what is Kerfoot’s value with his contract?

12 Apr 2021 13:47:16
That would be 1 sweet deal
Problem is both 2021 3rd (LA) and 2022 3rd (calg) are gone

Leafs have 2021 2nd 5th available to trade
Leafs have 2022 1st 2nd 5th available to trade

The rest of the picks for these years are either dealt already or have conditions tied to them

Upgrade deal to a 2nd and get some retaining or might need to add a prospect worth a 3rd.

12 Apr 2021 14:14:15
I would do that.

11 Apr 2021 22:43:06
If I was the leafs these are the moves I would make tomorrow to gear up for the playoffs.

Leafs get
2021 2nd

Flyers get

Leafs get
Olesiak (50% retained)

Stars get
Flyers 2nd

Lineup for playoffs
Hyman Matthews Marner
Galchenyuk Tavares Nylander
Foligno Laughton Simmonds
Mikheyev Thornton Spezza
With Nash rotating in for injury or if the fourth line isn't working.

Riley Brodie
Muzzin Holl
Olesiak Bogosian.

That third pairing is a shut down pair for teams bottom six. I really would like this team if these trades could happen

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12 Apr 2021 06:03:00
I would love the Leafs to get Laughton and Olesiak though I believe Laughton would cost more.

12 Apr 2021 14:24:03
I really like the idea of Laughton and Oleksiak. Take away the Flyers second and I believe they go for it, straight up trade-Kerfoot (signed for 3 more years) for Laughton (pending UFA) . A third line of Foligno Laughton Simmonds would be very difficult to play against.
A 4th line of Nash, Engvall and Mikheyev would round out the forwards nicely. Thornton and Spezza can step into any role in this lineup short term if a guy is banged up and needing a maintenance day.
Oleksiak and Bogosian would be very good 3rd pair. They could kill penalties and add some sandpaper to this lineup. Dermott becomes your 7th d-man. If Muzzin gets hurt again, Oleksiak steps into that position with Holl. Dermott gets paired with Bogosian again.

11 Apr 2021 22:28:02
Jones,Foligno & Domi to the Leafs for Kerfoot, Liljegren, Abramov, Abruzzesse, Woll, Hollowell, & a 1st & 2nd rd pick in 2021 & 2022. With Columbus eating half of all salaries, then get another club to eat half of leafs cap hit for prospects & picks.

Galchenuk Matthews Marner
Hyman Tavares Nylander
Foligno Domi Simmonds
Mikheyev Spezza Thornton

Reilly Brodie
Muzzin Jones
Dermott Holl

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12 Apr 2021 00:30:26
that would honestly be the absolute sickest third line ever to exist in the nhl. god damn I wish they did that.

12 Apr 2021 00:42:25
We just got Foligno.

11 Apr 2021 22:25:27
Tor: Engvall, Brooks, 4th round pick

Buf: hall (50%)

Hall replaces Engvall big firepower on the top end getting Foligno and smith help afford giving away another pk.

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12 Apr 2021 01:06:36
You wrote - "getting Foligno and smith help afford giving away another pk". Who is Smith?

12 Apr 2021 01:10:33
I like your trade, but with Nash and Foligno added, I don't see a future for Kerfoot with the team. Maybe Kerfoot and a 4th for Hall, with Halls salary retained similar to the Foligno deal. Buffalo retains 50% and maybe Detroit retains 50%.
More likely, Kerfoot and a 4th to Chicago for Janmark and Zadorov with Janmark retained 50% by the Hawks.

11 Apr 2021 18:50:29
Very simply

TOR Oleksiak
DAL 4th '21

TOR Dell
NJD 4th '22

TOR Iafallo
LAK 3rd '22, Hallander, Brooks

Iafallo I like but as much as I want Foligno, feeling is he is going to cost too much. Rather have Iafallo who gives you more balance, granted not overly sexy, compared to Taylor Hall who is one dimensional. Playoff hockey is not run and gun.

Not interested in trading Robertson, Amirov or Sandin even in this year's run

Can try to recoup picks in offseason

To those trying to trade Nylander by tomorrow, it's not happening. Maybe in offseason. Can get back younger talent and picks then. Dubas going with this core for one more run

Just think Leafs need depth at all positions not big names

Dell, Oleksiak, Nash and Iafallo do this

If they can acquire even one more cheap depth foward with this group then I think they've done well.

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11 Apr 2021 16:48:51
To Columbus
Leafs 2nd rd 2021
Leafs 3rd rd. 2022
Leafs 5th rd. 2022
Retain 2.75(50%)

To Tor
Foligno 1.375(25%)
Minor league forward from 3rd party team

To 3rd party team
Leafs 4th rd 2021
Retain 1.375(25%)

So 2nd is for acquiring player
3rd and 5th is for 2.75 retaining
4th is for 1.375 retaining

On retaining
1st= Over 4 million
2nd=3-3.5 million
3rd=2-2.5 million
5th= 750K-999K
7th=Under 350K

So anything over the max amount but lower than next groups minimum you must add pick worth the differance

2.75= 3rd valued @ 2 million minimum
Remaining is covered by 5th minimum

Again just a estimation on past values

Think this kind of deal magic is how Dubas may go about if kerfoot can't be dealt to relieve cap

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12 Apr 2021 13:48:02
Oh so close

1st and 2 4ths

Instead of
2nd 3rd 5th


11 Apr 2021 16:47:33
Domi & Laine to the Leafs for Kerfoot, Liljegren, Rosen, Woll, Roberson, Amirov, Ambrimov, & a 1st & 2nd rd pick in 2021 & 2022. With Coulumbus eating half of outgoing salaries.

Galchenuk Matthews Marner
Nylander Tavares Laine
Mikheyev Domi Hyman
Spezza Engvall Thornton

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11 Apr 2021 18:37:11
1.755 is covered by Winnipeg in laine contract

Then Columbus is paying 4.995

Technically Columbus could retain 50% of that total then
Columbus pays 2.49975
Toronto pays 2.49875
Winnipeg pays 1.755

Laine scores 7 goals in series vs Winnipeg and Toronto thanks Winnipeg for paying him 251K per goal against he scored against them


No need for domi

2nd rd for the retain
1st rd for laine
Kerfoot for laine
Amirov for laine
Liljegren for laine

Laine 50% retained 2.49975
Nylander kerfoot and 2nd rounder

Now that’s a thinker lol.

11 Apr 2021 20:37:28

Unbelievably unnecessary proposal

Laine is already approaching category of feast or famine if not already there

I get Dubois hasn't lit it for Winnipeg but I would make the same trade over and over again if I'm Winnipeg

Laine is a waste of space

Why do people think Leafs need major surgery?

11 Apr 2021 20:47:25
Ain'tgoing to happen from the TML.

11 Apr 2021 16:25:48
So the savard trade set a new standard for a trade

Columbus retained 50% of traded player and grabbed a 1st and 3rd
1st for his services
3rd for 2.125 retaining

Then as many of us thought that's all that can ever happen as 50/50 is now done

However since a contract can be retained up to 2 times max and as long as 1 team takes 50% on 1st retain the remaining 50% can now be retained. Detroit jumped in and grabbed 25% for a 4th and Lashoff(as retain contracts for picks can't just be traded there needs to be an actual human going somewhere in a transaction on retained deals much like leafs with that Vegas deal last year)So the team getting the player contract doesn't need to cover 50% of it as long as 1 of the 3 teams already has 50% the other 2 can split the 50% remaining regardless which team has the actual player to go with this contract

So Say Hall
Buffalo trades him and retains 50%(4 million)
1st for retain
2nd on player

Team getting Hall to play for them then finds a trading partner to retain 25% of the 50% for 2 million and Hall can be that cheap.
3rd for retain but gets minor player back in return from team retaining

Buffalo gets
1st and 2nd (4 million retained)
Hall (50%)

Halls new team gets
Hall @ 2 million
Minor player
1st 2nd and 3rd

3rd party team gets
2 million retained
Minor player

Of course this is just an estimation based on past deals

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11 Apr 2021 18:03:48
That’s messed up.

Does the team trading the player have to be the team
that retains 50%?

11 Apr 2021 19:13:45
So as per Savard deal

Savard and only 50% (2.125) of his cap/ salary went on a road trip to Tampa.

Before getting to Tampa, Savard and his 50% (2.125) cap/ salary ran into Detroit who are in Carolina right now.

50% (1.0625) of that 50% (2.125) cap/ salary stayed with Detroit. Savard now with his 25% (1.0625) cap/ salary remaining is then joined by Lashoff and continued trip to Tampa.

Savard and his 1.0625 cap/ salary and lashoff join Tampa

Conversely, Tampa sends a future a 1st 3rd and 4th round picks on a digital trip to Columbus. Along the way tampas future picks make a pit stop on Detroit’s network. Tampas future 4th rounder stays on Detroit’s network

Tampa’s future 1st and 3rd continue their digital journey until they meet their network destination in Columbus

In the end
Columbus gets
Tampas 1st and 3rd
While retaining 2.125 of savard remaining cap/ salary
Savard and 50% of his remaining contract

Detroit gets
Tampas 4th
While retaining 1.0625 of savard remaining cap/ salary

Tampa gets
Savard and only 1.0625 of savard remaining contract
1st 3rd 4th rounders

What a road/ digital trip adventure

So as I understand now a team can trade for a player and have up to 50% of his contract retained

A third party can now jump in and trade for up to 50% of that remaining 50% of contract

So as long as 1 of the 3 teams takes on 50% of the contract the other 2 teams can split the remaining 50% in any ratio they want.

Toronto did this last year by taking 44% of lehner remaining contract after Chicago retained 50%

Chicago 50%
Toronto 22% (44% of remaining 50%)
Vegas 28%

So crazy.


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