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27 May 2023 01:23:37
For the hockey hockey player Shanahan was, certainly made me a huge Shanny fan. Though as a hockey CEO his choosing Dubas over Lou, & allowing Dubas to fire Babcock & hire Keefe were both brutally bad moves. Interviewing the guy that traded Tckchuck for Huberdeau, if I was on the board of MLSE I would immediately recommend the board call for Shanahans resignation.

If Stan & Scotty Bowman & Joel Queenville are not in the mix, then you know Shanhaan is a pretender, he is no Steve Yzerman as a hockey executive.

What has Brad Treliving won ? Well nothing more than Dubas, but has more experience at losing.

Sign as a RFA Samsonov, sign as UFA's Pacioretty, Kane, O'Reilly, Acciari. Offer lower $ but with longer term, to be cap compliant.

Buyout Murray.

Let Bunting, Kampf, Holl & Kerfoot walk in free agency.

3 first Rd picks, Robertson & Niemela to the Predators for ROMAN JOSI, with Nashville retaining 1/3rd of his 9 million dollar salary

Knies Matthews * Kane
* Pacioretty Marner Nylander
* Tavares * O'Reilly Acciari
Jarncrock Holmburg Lafferty

Ist PP : Matthews, Marner, Nylander, O'Reilly & Josi

2nd PP : Tavares ( can play C on the PP ), Pacioretty, Kane, Knies & Reilly

Rielly Brodie
McCabe Josi
Giordano Liljegren


* Would play no more than 70 regular season games, would get some rookies occasionally into the line up.

Make the tough decisions move Marner to Centre, & Tavares to the wing.

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27 May 2023 05:35:46
Interesting take on the tkachuk move, I think he did an amazing job with that, dude says you have me for one more year and I'm out and he turns that into weegar huberdeau and a first. Then signs both guys long rerm, huberdeaus contract looks bad but maybe itll look better under a different bench boss.

Like based off of the terrible hand he was dealt last off season where 2/ 3rds of his top line want out and he runs it back with kadri and huberdeau replacing tkachuk and gaudreau, that's not to shabby with your hands tied. Who could have predicted huberdeau having the largest regression ever in the nhl from one season to the next in points, in his prime. I live in Calgary and the fans here were buzzing about the deals he made in the off season, on paper it should have worked, in practice it didn't.

27 May 2023 06:46:49
Treleving is bad choice and it’s a lazy move for shanahan. Like oh he is available I will sign him. Giving Kadri 7 million wasn’t great either. Kadri is in decline.

28 May 2023 01:39:15
Mackin… according to you kadri’s deal is bad and he’s declining…. But you wanna trade for him.

26 May 2023 18:31:09
Not sure if something like this has been posted.

To Calgary
Marner, Mitch $10.903/ 2 years
Tververg, Ryan ELC

To Toronto
Lindholm, Elias $4.85M/ 1 year
Andersson, Rasmus $4.55M/ 3 years
2024 3rd round pick

Calgary gets the best player in this deal who still has 2 years remaining on his contract, plus a potential Center prospect.
Why Calgary trades their 1C for a winger?
It seems like Lindholm has no interest to extend in Calgary beyond this coming season, so Calgary may try to get something rather than lose him to FA like Gaudreau.

Leafs get a 2C in Lindholm, so we can move Tavares to the wing, plus gain about $1.5M in cap space to put towards an FA signing. Also, we pick up a solid top 4D who can probably play with Rielly.


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26 May 2023 21:08:08
Is marner actually better than lindholm?

26 May 2023 22:43:03
Yes marner is better.

26 May 2023 23:31:53
@Goat he is not. Every Leafs fan just seems to think Marner is God.

27 May 2023 00:04:37
Why does everyone want to trade Marner
He’s by far the best player they have and I think he wants to be a leaf
Get him a big Nasty winger and a finisher and you would have the best line in the NHL.

27 May 2023 01:08:32
I'd argue against that, lindholm is one of the best defensively responsive centers in the league, last year he and tkachuk led the nhl in plus minus. I know I know that stat is outdated and doesnt show the whole story, but marner can pass the puck well so hes clearly better, living in Calgary I see both teams a lot and taking salary into account it's nearly a wash for me but I'm also not a marner fan.

27 May 2023 03:43:08
Lindholm doesn't seem like he wants to re-sign in Calgary, so I'm suggesting this trade which I believe works out well for both teams (I really think Calgary fans don't want another Gaudreau scenario) .
And if Marner doesn't want to re-sign the following year, they can trade him then.

27 May 2023 12:46:18
If taking salaries into account, I can't see in any world that Marner is 2X better than Lindholm.
Interesting enough I had recently posted the same two Calgary players + a prospect for Matthews. I don't think the Flames would trade Lindholm and Andersson for Marner.

26 May 2023 17:11:04
Mathews to the Rangers for Jacob Trouba

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26 May 2023 19:28:28
If that's all he's worth I'd rather just keep him for a year.

28 May 2023 01:41:38
Rangers would love that.

26 May 2023 16:23:51
Anaheim Trades
2nd Overall Pick 2023
60th Overall Pick 2023

Toronto Trades
28th Overall Pick 2023

Anaheim with a ton of Cap Space can make this happen money wise including signing an extension (a sign and trade would have to be in place) to make it work for The Ducks, Matthews is young enough that he would fit with the rebuild.

Leafs are still in a Cap Space issue, trading Matthews helps huge and restocks the team going forward with Cap Space added, McTavish and probably Fantilli will be the next wave of young forwards coming in, I have heard none of the core 4 will be traded but if a proposal like this is in play you would have to consider it for both teams.

Thoughts ?

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26 May 2023 19:29:42
I just don't see a lord of rebuilding teams being interested in Mathews.

They're at least a couple years away from rebuilding and with Fantilli will have a genuinely great young core. Why trade away 2 pieces for Mathews?

26 May 2023 11:01:08
To ARZ: F - N. Robertson + D - J. Muzzin (LTIR) + F - R. Hirvonen

To TOR: F - L. Crouse

Re-sign Schenn, Acciari and O'Reilly

If they can bring back Bunting and he's willing to come in lower than $4M, then I'd be ok with that.

Knies Matthews Marner
Crouse Tavares Nylander
Jarnkrok O'Reilly Acciari
McMann Homburg Lafferty

Rielly Schenn
Brodie McCabe
Gio Liljegren

Muzzin will only cost Arizona $2M in cash while he will eat up a higher cap hit of $5.625M

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26 May 2023 12:42:30
As I said when you did the last Muzzin to Arz trade prop. Leafs need Muzzin more than Arz. imo
It is most likely Muzzin is done and Leafs can use the LTIR. They need it more than the Yotes. If Muzzin was even considering coming back, I am pretty sure we would have heard at the end of February when he was to be checked by a specialist again that he was progressing, Instead, there were crickets. Nothing about Muzzin.

Plus, I would think Muzzin's contract is insured, so it won't cost a team any cash.

Since no Samsonov signing, I assume it is Murray and Woll. Without Muzzin's LTIR, Leafs have about $9M in cap space. How do they sign Bunting for up to $4M, Acciari, O'Reilly and Schenn? On top of this, you are adding Crouse's $4.3M and Holmberg's and McMann's contracts. It's not possible to fit it under the cap.

26 May 2023 13:32:49
Why do people keep forgetting that muzzin on ltir is a good idea as it will allow the leafs to go over the.

26 May 2023 17:09:11
Leafs will sign Samsonov, left out goalies in the above. Murray is bought out or traded.
Leafs can even eat upto $1M of salary this year in a trade.

26 May 2023 22:07:10
@T-buds. So sign Samsonov and buyout Murray. All good. How do you make it work under the cap?

26 May 2023 03:01:48
Maple Leafs - Coyotes

Maple Leafs trade Auston Matthews to the Coyotes

Maple Leafs acquire

Lawson Crouse
Karel Vejmelka
6th Overall Pick (2023)
12th Overall Pick (2023)

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26 May 2023 10:41:00
Sorry not nearly enough for Matthews, the team is substantially worse.

25 May 2023 11:58:54
Tor: samsonov Robertson 28th pick
Wpj: hellebuyck

Seen this hockey feed pop up on my timeline on Facebook saying that the leafs were favourites to land hellebuyck I don't believe it but I thought it was a different trade I do think he wants out of the peg but idk what it would cost. I think they want a goalie back Sammy is our top goalie so makes sense then we throw in a prospect that is kind of a question mark we know he can score at the nhl level but his health is in question and then they send the Boston pick.

To me what a great player to have for the leafs he would be a great guy to groom woll who is clearly right now the future of the leafs net.

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25 May 2023 13:03:23
That would be great. Not sure Jets take it though.

25 May 2023 14:28:38
as tempting as it might be, I think winnipeg says no, helly is a top 3 nhl goalie consistantly. would probably have to try and move that 28th pick to somethign around 10-14 for consideration.

25 May 2023 19:41:02
It's so tough judging goalies value in trades because, starters are almost never traded.

I'd think this has to be close to value, but that might get more from a team that needs nothing other than a goalie.

I have to think, if EDM can dump Soup, they offer basically anything they can in order to get Hell boy.

26 May 2023 02:13:24
Jets Have to move him do they not, He has stated he wants to win Now and not so sure the Jets are in a Win now position unless they pull of some amazing deals in the offseason. He is also a UFA at the end of the season and hes made it clear not clear he is going to test the market. So why lose him for nothing then. Trade him Now while you can get the most for him and give a team like the leafs a whole season to try to make a run for the cup. Or a team like the Oilers or, the Kings, Or the Devils, A team that are a Goalie away from making a good run.

26 May 2023 02:14:13
LeafsLife. If they can dump Soup contract then Holland is a wizard.

26 May 2023 05:56:21
@1967 I agree it won't be easy, but stranger things have been done.

It's going to cost him probably a good prospect and this years first, but the Yotes might be convinced to do it. They won't be competitive until right around the time his contract is up. Same as the Hawks.

Endard turns 22 when that contract is done and Cooley will be 23.

25 May 2023 02:38:19
If the Leafs want to move towards the cup here is my proposal.

Toronto trades Nylander and Nick Robertson

Columbus for Boone Jenner, Krill Marchenov and 3rd in 2023

Sign UFAs

Miles Woods
Ivan Barbachev
Carson Soucy
Scott Mayfield

Resign Matthews $14 million for 3yrs or $13.2 million for 7yrs

Knies Matthews Marner
Tavares Jenner Marchenov
Woods Barbachev Jarnkroc
McMann Holmberg Lafferty

Rielly. Soucy
McCabe Mayfield
Brodie Timmons
Giordano Llyigren


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25 May 2023 12:19:10
I have said for a long time (Before McKinnon re-signed etc) that I think Matthews comes in at $12.5-$13.5M per and I still think that is the case.

25 May 2023 15:09:00
Why is Mathews aav going down with longterm and up short term? Lol.

25 May 2023 16:41:51
@LL. ? higher for short term and lower for long term is typically how it does go.
All the years bought will be UFA for Matthews. The first few should be his best, so if you buy 7 you don't typically pay as much for those last few years which brings down the AAV.

25 May 2023 21:29:16
@RLF not really. Personally, I've never seen less money short term. Bridge deals are always less aav than 7-8 year deals.

26 May 2023 00:01:05
LL. Exactly. I have never seen less money short term either. You said the opposite at the start. lol.


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