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15 Apr 2021 03:51:41
So it's hard to make post at the moment due to Toronto being as deep and as good as I've ever seen! So I'll do something on the drafts. So to start the post the leafs win the cup! 2021 champs!

Expansion draft list
Mathews, Marner, Tavares, Nylander, Hymn, Kerfoot, Galchenyuk, Riley, Muzzin, Brodie and Andersen

Trade Dermot D, Brooks and 2nd round pick so Holl and Campbell stay put.

Tor gets
Patrick C

Philly gets
Kerfoot C
Hollowell D

Sign UFA's Hymn, Galchenyuk, Folingo, Andersen, Simmonds, Nash, Hutton and Bogosain

Extras: Nash & Simmonds

Extras: Sandin & Lilijigren

Andersen Sg
Campbell Bg

That's a great way to go for back to backs

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12 Apr 2021 18:14:13
Just going to put this out there

Foligno and M.Staal are 17 years of BFF

Staal will be a Leaf

To tor

To det
Duszak 5th 2021
(50% Staal retain)

3rd party team
Rosen 5th 2022
(25% Staal retain)

Possible Bobby Ryan gets thrown in for barabanov or something

But Staal is my prediction

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12 Apr 2021 19:06:36
I was really thinking this too makes a lot of sense, but ben Hutton is there guy.

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12 Apr 2021 19:23:02
Would’ve much preferred Staal then Hutton.

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12 Apr 2021 20:33:04
So close lol

Even after all the retention Hutton is cheaper

Barabanov deal made to put Hutton (same cap hit) on team.
Plus Dubas doing barabanov a solid as after all said and done barabanov is like 14th on forward depth chart so noe gets shot to play full time in San Jose before contract is up.

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13 Apr 2021 02:44:23
Its all done now till the off-season.

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12 Apr 2021 15:11:01
Kerfoot and dermott to Ducks
Manson to Leafs.

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12 Apr 2021 17:04:45
I mean he probably gets taken next year by Seattle which I suppose is a good thing.

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13 Apr 2021 19:32:00
Dermot doesn't have very much value. Kerfoot isn't that great. So yeah Manson for those two lol. Start with robertson.

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13 Apr 2021 22:27:11
Start with Robertson lol. What makes you think Manson is worth Robertson based on any recent trade?

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14 Apr 2021 21:37:38
What makes you think dermot and kefoot get you Manson?

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12 Apr 2021 15:10:01
Tor: 2021 5th
Van: Benn 50% retained

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12 Apr 2021 14:24:38
If I'm the leafs Olesiak just makes a lot of sense right now he's big and strong Basically a chara only a better skater Dallas doesn't want to move him so what would it take here's my pitch

Tor: Kerfoot 2nd 2021
Dal Olesiak

I think the leafs have too many forwards now and one will have to be moved Kerfoot makes a lot of sense considering we could use his cap hit to resign Hyman in the offseason

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12 Apr 2021 14:55:46
Great target, I would add Dermott and remove the 2nd. Dalas would send us a 3rd then so we recoup a pick. Out bottom D would look awesome and if they both leave next year we play lilly and sandin.

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12 Apr 2021 15:54:35
Keep Dermott the whole purpose is to have guys that can jump in and out of the lineup Dermott has a lot of nhl experience and I’d rather see him over Sandin who has only 29 games played in the nhl and isn’t even back from a broken foot.

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12 Apr 2021 16:19:50
I agree with Olesiak though I also feel the Leafs really could use a classic 3rd line centre. to get both, Kerfoot or at least Engvall would need to go.

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12 Apr 2021 17:33:12
I believe the third line center will be Nash.

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12 Apr 2021 19:23:33
Not good enough.

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12 Apr 2021 22:58:06
What's wrong with Nash?

3C can also be Foligno if Hyman and Gally keep playing well in the top 6.

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12 Apr 2021 12:43:57
Dallas Trades
Klingberg (50% of Contract Retained)
Oleksiak (50% of Contract Retained)

Toronto Trades
Hirvonen (SHL)
2nd Round Pick 2021
1st Round Pick 2022

Thoughts ?

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12 Apr 2021 16:20:27
Salary cap?

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12 Apr 2021 10:07:48
Here's breakdown of deal

To tor
Foligno 1.375
Noesen .925(when in nhl roster only)

To Columbus
Leafs 2021 1st
Leafs 2022 4th
2.75(50%) retain foligno

To San Jose
Leafs 2021 4th
1.375(25%) retain foligno

I was hoping foligno was a 2nd 3rd and 5th but ended up a 1st and 2 4ths instead so pretty close prediction

To tor
Rittich 1.375

To calg
Leafs 2022 3rd
1.375(50%) retain rittich

So leafs are left with
2021 2nd 5th 6th
2022 1st 2nd 5th 6th

But 1 heck if a lineup lol

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12 Apr 2021 01:11:55
Devils Trade
Severson (50% of Contract Retained)

Leafs Trade
Hirvonen (SHL)
2nd Round Pick 2021

Leafs upgrade Defense huge and NJ gets a good young Defenceman in Dermott plus 2 futures.

Thoughts ?

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