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27 Sep 2021 13:23:57
Seattle is still light at Centre. Their top draft pick is likely to not play this year so depth is an issue

To SEA: C - P. Engvall

To TOR: D - C. Fleury + 2023 4th

Cap out $1.25M

Cale Fleury is a prospect who may be a bust as he has only 1 G in 41 GP in the NHL. But the Leafs take a flyer on him in swap for Engvall who has proven more at the NHL level.

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27 Sep 2021 17:30:32
Maybe. Fleury is only 22 though (same age as Liljegren who has only 1 pt in 13 NHL games) compared to Engvall being 25. Still room for Fleury to mature. I don't think we get the extra pick though.

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26 Sep 2021 19:41:12
A lot of talk about PK. Not my choice. If I were after a Devils D, it would still be Severson. The Devils need a high end LD. The right side they have their share of prospects and of course just signed Hamilton and have PK.

Rielly $5M
Mikheyev $1.65
Conditional 2023 1st(If Rielly doesn't re-sign)

Severson $4.16
Foote $.863

Devils improve their D and could boast a top pair of Hamilton and Rielly or split them up to create a great top 4. Mikheyev adds speed and PK ability. He may find some offensive touch on a new team. NJ have lots of forward prospects to afford to lose Foote. They have many RD prospects and still have Hamilton and PK this year.

Leafs pick up a top 4 RD that is solid defensively and can man the point on the PP. Cost controlled for 2 seasons. Also get a young, big LW prospect in Foote to help with their need on LW. Open up about $1.7M in cap space and reduce some of the forward log jam.

Leafs make a second deal.

Kerfoot $3.5M

Smith $.750
McIsaac ELC

Detroit picks up a C/W that is cost controlled for two seasons and in the age group of their other top 9 players. Kerfoot will bring speed and the ability to PK. They have a wealth of prospects and McIsaac has been injury prone.

Leafs get some bottom 6 toughness in Smith who has the ability to also pitch in some offensively. McIssac has had shoulder issues and not played a lot. He could be a good target from Detroit as they have a lot of LD prospects. Leafs clear another $2.75M in cap space giving them a total of about $4.5M in new cap space along with a couple of solid prospects in Foote and McIsaac.

Ritchie Matthews Marner
Bunting? Tavares Nylander
Engvall Kampf Kase
Smith Spezza Simmonds
(of course that is just an example of what it could look like)

Brodie Severson
Muzzin Holl


$4.5M in cap space

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27 Sep 2021 02:02:39
Most will probably like it. I'm not a big fan of Severson but I think it's fair overall.

Good prop.

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27 Sep 2021 02:15:34
I like the NJ trade suggestion.
If NJ balked at giving up Foote I would do the Rielly - Severson trade straight up.
Rielly is gone at the end of the year anyways.
Severson would be a great partner for Sandin or Dermot.

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26 Sep 2021 04:55:56
So it begins again. Both Kerfoot and Mikheyev look Fast try hard but again no finish!

$5 million for these two cement hands, can you believe it.

Dubas a little advice, TRADE THE TWO OF THEM!


Trade Kerfoot
Los Angeles for Matt Roy and a pick

Trade Mikhyanv and llyigren
Seattle for Carson Soucy

Or Trade Mikhyanv, Kerfoot
New Jersey for Subban (50% salary retained)

Just get them out!
Gabriel, Robertson and Ho-sang all played better! Than those two.

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26 Sep 2021 08:06:08
Don't want Subban and your not getting much for either one.

You need both unless some LW depth is coming back though. You can't just play no LW all season.

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26 Sep 2021 13:16:52
Def don't want subban, Manson would be my target, and definitely won't cost that much, and likely to resign in the muzzin sized Contract.

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26 Sep 2021 21:48:26
Ok, leads life, I agree on the Subban trade but just through that in.

But as I mentioned in my previous post Kerfoot and Mikheyev can go.

I have no trust in Sandin or Llyigren this year and getting Roy and Soucy to play as a third pairing would make our defense stronger.

As for your comment on our LW players we have them.

Move Nylander to Lw on the second or third line. THIRD LINE YOU SAY! YES, Toronto needs to spread out the offense not rely on two lines.

So this could be a starting lineup.

Robertson Matthews Kase
Ritchie Tavares Marner
Nylander Kamp Bunting
Spezza Brooks Simmons
Gustav Ho-sang

Reilly Brodie
Muzzin Holl
Soucy Roy

23 man roster.

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27 Sep 2021 10:14:36
Don't have much faith in them myself but LW is so weak right now I just don't see how you move both LW.

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25 Sep 2021 02:26:31
Never going to happen but would marner for Eichel+ make sense could have surgery and be placed on ir for season and be ready for playoffs freeing up 11 mill in cap similar to what Tampa did last year.

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25 Sep 2021 18:44:25
I don't think you would get Eichel+ for Marner. Maybe straight up but even then, they want to dump everything and start over.

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26 Sep 2021 17:33:40
I keep hearing the Eichal talk and wonder why, with a team that in my view has very little heart would anyone want yet another player like that. What this team needs is players who sacrifice for the win. Tavares and Muzzin getting knocked out is what doomed the team in the last playoffs. Eichel is another Mathews, great when things are going well but folds when times are tough. Call it selfishness or lack of grit but they won't sacrifice for the W.

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26 Sep 2021 19:15:28
@Babyjohnny when has Mathews folded when the going gets tough?

The only one that has consistently folded in the playoffs is Marner.

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27 Sep 2021 00:02:24
There is a really intelligent trade. Trade your best player for someone who may never trade again. Mariner is their best player. He plays the most minutes on the team. He lead them in points, was second in plus/ minus only to a dman.

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27 Sep 2021 10:17:40
@Bluenose you think Marner is the best player? Lol. What have you kissed?

I Will admit, I was not a Mathews fan for awhile but he has become an absolute beast. He is a perennial rocket candidate and better defensively than any other top 5 forward in the league.

Marner can lead in an outdated stat all he wants too but +- doesn't mean a while lot.

In terms of importance to the team I put Marner at 5A with Nylander as 5B.


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25 Sep 2021 01:07:53
Leafs need a 3rd line that can score to take some of the pressure off "the big 4".
When one of them gets hurt, the team collapses.
To do that you need a really good, 2 way, 3rd line center:

To San Jose:
Alex Kerfoot ($3.5)
Travis Dermot ($1.5)
2023 - 1st round pick.

To Leafs:
Thomas Hertl ($5.625)

There is about $625,000 difference in cap hit so Leafs might need to throw in a 3rd piece to match salary.
Leafs can move Marner or Nylander to a line with Hertl and fill the gap on Tavares's line with one of Ho - Sang, Gusev or Kase whichever one shines out of training camp.
Between the three of them at least one should be able to take the next step.
Giving up another 1st round pick hurts.
I am usually adverse to doing so and was totally against giving up 1st & 3rd round picks for Foligno at last years trade deadline.
But Leafs have reached the point of no return for this team as it is constructed.
Time to poop or get off the pot!
All in.
Win or go home!

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25 Sep 2021 11:29:02
Dermott now gets replaced with a league minimum contract at minimal thus making it a 1.375 cap differance in deal.

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26 Sep 2021 01:00:24
Good point.
Probably have to include Engvall who doesn’t appear to have a place on the team anyways.

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27 Sep 2021 00:03:32
Great move. Trade another first round pick. They don't need picks.

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27 Sep 2021 02:20:32
I also am loath to trade any more draft picks but it is time for the Leafs to win or break up the team as it is currently constructed.
Hertl is that good (elite offensively and defensively) that with Nylander on his wing it could move the needle enough to get Leafs within hailing distance of a shot at the Cup.

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24 Sep 2021 23:14:05
Alright marner to each Canadian team, trying to make these fair but also trying to make cap work.
Start east and work west

Tor: marner
Mtl: Gallagher Drouin primeau

Tor: marner, Reilly, 2022 1st 2023 1st
Ott: stutzle, chabot, c brown

Tor: marner 1.5 retained, lily
Peg: lowry, PLD, Stanley

Tor: marner, kerfoot
Cgy tkachuk mangiapane, dube

Tor: marner
Edm: Hyman, Bouchard Yamamoto McLeod

Tor: marner, Reilly 50 % retained
Van: meyers, hoglander, Miller, garland

In the Vancouver deal the leafs then have to move kerfoot and a touch more to be cap compliant

Some caps may be off but I tried to put it within a million or 2

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25 Sep 2021 01:23:32
I think the only deal I like is the Calgary edition of trading Marner.
Can imagine Marner on a line with Ehlers and Scheifele but I don’t care for the return.
I like Bouchard and Yamamoto in the Oilers deal but I don’t want Hyman back with that ridiculous, 7 year contract that Ken Holland gave him.
Gallagher, Drouin and Primeau don’t cut it.
Gallagher has a big, long term contract, us already 30 years old and is hurt a lot. Drouin is a failed high draft pick that couldn’t succeed in a talented Tampa team and has been no better with the Habs.
Hog lander and Garland are nice pieces from the Canucks but Miller is past his prime, injured a lot and Meyers shine wore off quickly after winning the Calder. He is now no
better than a replacement player.
Can’t see Ottawa making this trade as they are just about at the end of their rebuild and have a nice looking group of young players and control all of their draft picks.
Giving up Stutzle, Chabot and two 1st round picks is a huge price to pay for Marner and a rental.

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25 Sep 2021 07:47:39
In the Ottawa deal the leafs give up the draft picks.

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27 Sep 2021 00:04:40
It is a good thing you aren't the GM.

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24 Sep 2021 14:06:31
Matthews and Marner to Edmonton
McDavid and Jesse Puljujarvi to Toronto

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24 Sep 2021 16:29:48
1 and 4 for 1 and 4


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24 Sep 2021 18:09:23
edm laughs in your face also cap won't work.

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25 Sep 2021 11:31:09
Edmonton laughs at Dubas the way everyone laughs at colt.

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25 Sep 2021 15:33:07
The only one who laughs at me is the dimwitted.

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25 Sep 2021 22:21:47
Those of lesser IQ are not ones you should be using to get a point across. Shame on you colt. Thought you were better than this.

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23 Sep 2021 13:37:50
The more I thought about it, Rielly in Ottawa made sense from a hockey standpoint (although he may have no desire to re-sign there). If Ottawa could have a top pair vet in his prime to go along with Chabot and with future's like Sanderson, Bernard-Docker etc why wouldn't they. A top pair vet is what they need on D.

Rielly $5M

Watson $1.5M
Thomson ELC
2022 2nd

Rielly makes Ottawa better immediately. They have the cap space to re-sign him, or if talks aren't going their way and they are out of the playoff picture, they could trade him at the TDL for a big haul I would think. What they give up for him, they have replacements in house.

Leafs get a big bodied strong defensive player in Watson who can play both wings, is physical and can PK. Would add to the Leafs 3rd line. He has some offensive abilities although limited, but could become a good net front n the PP as well. Thomson is a very good offensive RD prospect and Leafs also pick up another 2nd for this draft and $3.5M in cap space. It would foce the usage of guy like Sandin and Liljegren to see what they have. If they aren't satisfied, they have the cap space to go shopping for D.

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23 Sep 2021 20:47:33
Solid trade value but last thing leafs need is trading a D for a F. If anything they need to go the other way.

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24 Sep 2021 03:51:29
With Chabot, Brannstrom and Sanderson all being LD I’m not sure that Rielly is that good a fit for Ottawa.

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24 Sep 2021 11:37:27
@JdB. $3.5M in cap space can be used to add a D.

@WB49. I felt the same way at first, but then i thought about why did we add Brodie? Because when you can add that kind of talent, you do it. They can always flip Rielly at the TDL as well.

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24 Sep 2021 14:33:11
That wasn’t my point. My point is leafs have 12 guarenteed maybe even 13 forwards if u put Engvall in with this group.

Throw in Robertson gusev and hosang ontop of that and now add another st the expense of a dman. Using cap to get another dman doesn’t help the forward position

That’s all.

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24 Sep 2021 15:01:53
Yea there’s too many factors in this trade there’s no way the leafs would move Reilly to a divisional rival unless it was and over pay from Ottawa.

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24 Sep 2021 17:11:18
@JdB. I understand the log jam. Watson could make someone else disposable though. He is more of what we need. Say Mikheyev or Kerfoot for instance. Watson is a 3rd/ 4th liner and at $1.5 for two years. If they felt it makes Mikheyev or Kerfoot expendable as Leafs see them as 3rd liners, you trade either in a package which the Leafs have $5-7M they can bring back if Mikheyev/ Kerfoot is going. This doesn't have to be the only move.
@L1994. It is not likely, but it has been done. Toronto's window is the next 3 seasons, then who knows. Sens are probably 2-3 seasons away from even thinking of contending. Leaf's also need more higher
end prospects and higher picks to keep contending past the next 3 seasons. This deal gives them that.

I am not saying it is the best deal out there, but I do think there is a possibility when all is considered.

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24 Sep 2021 17:31:47
Good point.

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