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01 Feb 2023 01:25:25
Leafs currently have 1.13 million in cap space, money unused from LTIR.

Holl, Kerfoot, Hirvonen, Robertson, Der-Arguchinstev & a 1st rd pick in 2023 & 2024 to Chicago for Kane & Domi. An additional 1st rd pick in 2025 to Chicago, if Leafs win the Cup this season. Chicago eats half of Kane & Domi contracts.

Engvall, Niemela, Aston-Reese & Sandin to Arizona for Chychurin. With Arizona eating half of Chychurin contract.

* Leafs would save an additional 1 million against the cap + the 1.13 from LTIR. So a depth move to bring in a Schenn or a d man still possible, with approx. 2.1 million available including $ from LTIR.

Leafs playoff lineup, Abruzzesse & Steeves could also be used in place of a Simmonds, McMann or Knies.

Bunting Matthews Marner
Nylander Tavares Kane
Knies Holmberg Anderson
McMann Kampf Simmonds

Reilly Brodie
Chychurin Liljegren
Giordano Timmins

1st PP : Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Tavares & Kane.

2nd PP : Reilly, Chychurin, Holmberg, Anderson & Bunting.

Leafs win first Cup since 1967

Big parade

Psychics have a Seance & Harold Ballard & Tim Horton join the celebration.

Matthews does his best imitation of Kucherov

Marner does his best imitation of Ovechkin

Streets are deserted for three days thereafter, Toronto has a serious hangover, during which team mates coerce Kane into taking a cab ride.

Kane thereafter signs as a UFA in Toronto



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01 Feb 2023 11:51:57
We have 0 use for kane. Too expensive, to big of a cap hit, and right handed. Domi is too soft for what the leafs need.

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31 Jan 2023 23:53:16
2 moves

Voit ELC
Steeves ELC
2023 3rd
McBain $.883M

Engvall $2.25M
2023 1st
Gaudette $.750M
Jeannot $.800M

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01 Feb 2023 01:13:33
Yes to Arizona no to Nashville.

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01 Feb 2023 01:54:56
Remove Engvall from the deal as he is an extremely useful player for the playoff run and a trade of: Gaudette/ Anderson/ Hunt/ McMann/ Steeves/ Hollowell/ …. along with a 1st for Tanner Jeannot would be a great addition to the Leafs lineup.

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01 Feb 2023 02:42:31
I would be on board with that. We need to insert some sandpaper into our line-up.

(we all know the playoffs are a different beast)

As a matter of fact, Keefe realized that when we were not winning against ottawa, nobody stepped up in other departments so he is turning to Simmonds to insert that grit, . and again we all know simmy is limited now with his force but adding these two players mentioned above^^ Keefe wouldn't have to lean on only limited simmonds. He could actulaay give these two AMPLE minutes in many different situations. NOW, . if we could also add a D man who can supply even Lubushkyn kinda traights, . we'd be better off. GREAT PROPOSAL imo for this "lets up our anti playoff run"!

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01 Feb 2023 13:17:20
@WB49. Remove Engvall as he is useful for a playoff run? He has 0 goals and 4 assists in 17 playoff games. He has had his chances to be useful in the playoffs. Granted, he is put in a defensive role in the playoffs, but that is still poor production. He only has 2 blocked shots and gives that puck away more than he turns it over. He isn't overly physical with a hit per game, which isn't much for playoff hockey. Why would Nash say yes to your proposal? They need scoring. You want to send them a choice of an NHL maybe and a late 1st for a heart and soul NHLer. Leafs want Jeannot, they are going to have to make it very attractive. They may lose Engvall to free agency but Gaudette is an RFA, so they would have him and the 1st no matter what, plus Engvall if they want to resign him.

@Thatguy. On top of all that, neither is a rental. Both are RFA and should be able to sign the two combined for what Kerfoot makes or hopefully even less. That is a huge part of this deal for me. They are both left shots and McBain can play centre. McBain is also a Toronto boy which is nice to have.
When I look at the Leafs, it's a lot of players from outside Ontario or even Canada. Not a lot of hometown passion to draw from. There are JT, Marner, Bunting as regular forwards (Simmonds as well when he plays) . Brodie, Gio and Timmins on D (Muzzin too, but his career may be over) . That's it. We could use more hometown passion. imo Canadians are passionate about the Stanley Cup. Many foreign players are more passionate about playing for their country. Not saying they aren't trying to win or they aren't valuable players, but it isn't the same for them.

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31 Jan 2023 17:00:59
Hey Just wondering what you guys think about Connor Murphy out of Chicago? Good idea? What would you give for a big Dman with term ( we know Dubas loves that)

TOR Murphy

Chi: 2nd and a prospect?

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01 Feb 2023 02:01:53
If a 2024 - 2nd round pick and a ‘B’ prospect is enough to land Connor Murphy I, for one, am all for it.
The problem becomes which player off the Leafs goes back to Chicago to offset Murphy’s $4.4 million dollar cap hit?
Also, does taking on $4.4 million against Leafs ever so tight cap for the next 3 years after this season, mean that the Leafs will not be able to afford to resign Bunting this summer.
I would much prefer to have Bunting on the team for the next 3 - 4 years than to have Connor Murphy if it came down to a choice.
There are many issues both present and future to consider when making a trade.

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31 Jan 2023 12:51:50
Sharks Trade

Leafs Trade
Joey Anderson
NRobertson (LTIR)
1st Round Pick 2023
2nd Round Pick 2024

*Sharks retain 50% of Meier's expiring contract.

No need to explain why both teams would look at this proposal, as one is rebuilding and the other getting ready for a playoff run.

Thoughts ?

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31 Jan 2023 18:00:30
Even at 50% the cap doesn't work out.

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01 Feb 2023 02:09:29
I don’t think a 1st & a 2nd round pick along with two AHL players is enough to acquire Timo Meier, particularly if you want San Jose to take back $3 million of Meier’s current $6 million dollar cap hit for the balance of the season.
I feel San Jose would be looking for Matthew Knies to be included instead of Robertson and Anderson.
If the return of a 1st, a 2nd and two lesser players (San Joese’s choice) is sufficient to acquire Meier’s an RFA at the end of the season, Leafs would still have control of the player.
Should the Leafs not be able to resign Meier due to cap constraints they would still have the option of trying to flip him at the draft to reacquire some of the assets they gave up in the original trade.

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31 Jan 2023 03:20:32
Leafs need a league wide wave with a series of trades

I think we can all agree on that.

What I do think we will all disagree to agree what's actually needed to make this team a true contender.

My take
Leafs get what they want 50% retained but it will cost them huge

Leafs need

Patrick Kane 50% retained
Meir 50% retained
James Reimer 50% Retained
Luke Schenn 50% retained
Max Domi 50%
Jakob Chychrun 50% retained


Toronto Chicago

Patrick Kane 50%
Max Domi 50%

Toronto 1st 2023
Fraser Minten

Toronto Arizona

Jakob Chychrun 50%
Arizona 1st 2024
Arizona 2nd 2023

Tor 2nd 2023,2024 2025

Toronto Vancouver

Luke Schenn 50%


Toronto San Jose Detroit

50% Murray salary retained
4th 2023 SJ

Meir 50%
James Reimer 50%

San Jose
Bertuzzi (Detroit)
Murray (Tor)
Arizona 1st (Tor) 2024
Toronto 1st 2024
Arizona 2nd 2023,2024
Rights to Topi Niemelä

This has to be paid to get the players they want.

Personally I'm for it cause who's to say this farm team sticks around after leafs clean management out of they don't make it out of first round . Sell sell buy buy pray pray

Simple leaf Dad~

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31 Jan 2023 11:35:31
No thx.

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31 Jan 2023 13:36:15
I don't think most agree that the Leafs need a complete overhaul and multiple large trades, nor is it realistic that they will. I also don't see any of the other teams making those deals, which makes the SJ deal moot.

So, Kane and Domi both 50% retained for an expiring contract, a late 1st, a aging B-/ C+ prospect and a solid B/ B+ prospect. Don't see Chicago doing it.

Chychrun 50% retained for 2 1/ 2 seasons, their 1st next season which could be top 5 and a high 2nd this season for Sandin, Knies and 3 2nds? Why would the cash strapped, rebuilding Yotes do this? They would be trading their 1st and higher 2nd for 3 lower 2nds? Then retaining 50% just so they can get Sandin and Knies for Chychrun? I'm just going to stop there.

The Van deal only makes sense if Van has any interest in resigning Engvall or Holl or both or they think they can flip them for more than what they would have got for Schenn alone.

The 3 way deal. Why would Detroit retain on Murray and then also send Bertuzzi to SJ for a 4th and Robertson? They are a team on the cusp of being a solid team like NJ last season.
Leafs end up with both Meier and Reimer 50% retained for Robertson, Arz's 2024 1st, Toronto's 2024 1st, Arz's 2023 2nd and 2024 2nd (not sure when the Leafs got this pick) and Niemela, but SJ have to take Murray at 50% retained if I am getting this correct. Good haul for SJ, but only because of the pieces from Arz, which Toronto will not have as I cannot imagine the Arz Chychrun trade is anywhere close to what would happen.

Sorry man, don't see your plan coming together.

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31 Jan 2023 14:54:31
I think people are going to be very disappointed in the deadline. Dubas won't do much because he can't do much. Does anyone really believe that he will be allowed to clear the cupboards just to get out of the first round? The organization would be fools to allow that just so he can save his job.

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31 Jan 2023 02:56:22
Trade #1

Maple Leafs acquire Lawson Crouse from the Coyotes in exchange for Pierre Engvall, Nick Robertson and a 2023 1st Rd pick

Trade #2

Maple Leafs acquire Scott Mayfield from the Islanders in exchange for a 2023 3rd Rd pick, prospect Nick Abruzzese and Justin Holl

Trade #3

Maple Leafs acquire Ivan Barbashev from the Blues in exchange for a 2024 1st Rd pick, Alex Kerfoot and prospect Roni Hirvonen

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31 Jan 2023 11:38:00
Throw kerfoot in the Arizona deal and I'm on board. It won't cost or should we pay a 1st for barbashev he's a ufa this year. I hope can get him but not at that cost.

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31 Jan 2023 13:38:48
I think
Arz says no.
NYI I doubt, but maybe.
Barbashev has only had one real good year, so I hope it wouldn't cost that much.

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01 Feb 2023 02:35:27
Barbashev is not worth a 1st round pick let alone adding Roni Hirvonen.
Perhaps a 2024 - 2nd plus Hirvonen would suffice.
If not Barbashev is too expensive for what he brings to the team.

Leafs need Kerfoot’s expiring cap space if they hope to resign Bunting next summer so I wouldn’t want to add him in any trade.

I am not convinced that Mayfield is in any way a significant upgrade over Holl so adding a 3rd round pick plus Abruzzese seems like an overpayment.

Lawson Crouse would be a great if not perfect addition to the Leafs top six.
I’m just not sure a 1st, Engvall and the often injured Robertson gets it done.
There is also the consideration of adding Crouse’s $4.3 million to Leafs already stretched cap.
Engvall’s $2.25 cap hit still leaves a $2 million dollar shortfall.

As much as I would I hate to trade him I think Knies would be required to get this deal done, particularly as he is a native son of Arizona and would become the face of the team.
So I have a counter proposal.

To Arizona : 2024 - 1st round pick, 2023 - 3rd round pick, Mathew Knies plus Matt Murray’s $4.7 million cap hit for 2023 - 2024, Engvall ($2.25)

To Leafs: Lawson Crouse ($4.3), Karl Vejmelka - goaltender ($2.725)

Total in: $7.025
Total out : $6.95

Crouse has 4 more years on his contract and Vejmelka has two more years after this season offering the Leafs some cap stability going forward.

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31 Jan 2023 02:48:01
Gavrikov for Niemela Steeves Holl (cap) jackets retain 50 percent

Meier for Robertson sandin kerfoot (cap)
2nd 2024 sharks retain 50 percent

McBain from yotes for SDA Kallgren

Braun From Flyers for 6th 2024

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01 Feb 2023 02:41:34
CBJ’s are looking for a return for Gavrikov similar to what they got when they traded Savard.
A 1st round pick and a 3rd round pick.
So I think the offer is a little light.
Gavrikov is also a UFA and will likely be far to expensive for the Leafs to resign in the summer with Bunting needing a new deal for 2023 - 2024, Engvall needing a new deal, as well as Nylander and Mathew’s in line for their extensions.
I like Gavrikov but see him as a rental who will want $4 - $5 on his next contract.
I’m not sure he has that level of value.

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30 Jan 2023 19:27:13
To Toronto
Henrique $2.9125 (50% retained)

To Anaheim
Robertson LTIR

Not sure if this is enough getting Henrique @ 50% retained (for this year and next).

Henrique is what Leafs need for a reasonable cost. He can PK, can play 3C and/or 2LW if needed.

Then Leafs still have cap space and more picks/prospects to pursue a top 4 PKing defenceman.

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31 Jan 2023 03:00:32
Henrique offers basically the same thing that Kerfoot already does for the Leafs only for $2.325 less cap impingement.
Henrique is owed $5.825 for 2023 - 2024.
Kerfoot is owed nothing.
Leafs have to resign Bunting who is going to get $4.5 - $5.
Much rather keep Bunting, have Kerfoot’s contract expire opening up $3.5 in cap space.
That’s a $9.325 million cap swing for 2023 - 2024.

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31 Jan 2023 05:22:49
@alexpalm if we could get Jeannot outta the Preds for Kerfoot I’m IN!

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31 Jan 2023 13:46:41
@Tagz. I know you like Henrique, but that is alot to ask Ana to retain for 1 1/ 2 years just to get Robertson and SDA and whatever they can get for Kerfoot.
From the Leafs side. where do you see him? 3C? 2LW?
He's kind of a softer player who isn't really that good defensively, nor is he a guy to go hard into corners and dig pucks out. Like Kerfoot, he is an average point producer, but as WB said, is he really that much different than Kerfoot? I don't see it.

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31 Jan 2023 14:56:43
@WB I would only take him at 50% retained so his actual salary becomes less than Kerfoot's.

@WB & RLF I just believe Henrique is a player that wont break the bank in a trade (not sure what else would need to be added to get him @ 50% retained) . I believe Henrique is much better than Kerfoot, especially at C. He is a better goal scorer and can actually play center.
I don't know how to find all these stats, but apparently Anaheims numbers are much better with him on the ice than not (RLF maybe you can find those stats - I remember you saying that Kerfoot's stats last year looked better because of team on ice % or something like that) .
I would slot him at 3C so we move Kampf to 4C (where he should be) . I think that Henrique would be a better option to move up if Matthews or JT miss some time. Kerfoot is out of his comfort zone at 2C (even at 3C) IMO.
Also next year, I believe Kampf does not get resigned so we will have Matthews, Tavares, Henrique (@$2.925M) and Holmberg down the middle.

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01 Feb 2023 02:45:45
My problem with Henrique is that even at half retained it would seem to remove the cap space required to resign Bunting and I much prefer Bunting to Henrique.
Henrique may have more offense than Kerfoot but he is nowhere near as good defensively so I see this as an unnecessary tradeoff of similar players.

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01 Feb 2023 13:42:20
Statistically speaking, yes, Henrique is solid. His sh% this year is high, even for him and he has a great career sh%. Anaheim is even using him on the PK this year. But I believe that is out of necessity over his defensive prowess. He is solid on the dot. He should have his 40-50 pts again. His possession numbers are good compared to many teammates etc. I take all stats with a grain of salt because the eye test can best tell why those stats are what they are. For me, he just isn't what the Leafs need. He can produce, good skater etc, and I like that he is a local boy. But, he is also not very big or physical and his playoff experience is limited, so can't even draw off of that. He hasn't played a playoff game in 5 years. Then there is the contract as he is signed through next season. Do the Leafs really need a $3M (even at 50%) 3rd line C that is not great at shutting teams down?

What I had said about Kerfoot was that many of his goals last year were tap-ins and that his assists were often secondary where he didn't really do much to create the goal. He benefitted from who he was playing with. Unlike Hyman, Kerfoot cannot make those around him better, he benefits from those around him more than vice versa. It wasn't really stat oriented, more observation. He is a decent complimentary piece. He will probably have his 30-40 as usual across the board this year as he isn't getting much top 6 time and didn't take advantage of it when he did. He will have 30-40 pts, hits, blocks, giveaways, takeaways and 40+% FO% and will bounce around from 2nd to 3rd line mostly. That is Kerfoot in a nutshell. This is who he is. (Although, he is being used in an even more defensive role more often this year than past years. )

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