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27 May 2022 16:10:14
Goalie I look at free agency

Malcolm Subban 28 years age

I think he has never been given good chance

I'm willing to mess around with goalies at start of season I offer Subban 2 way contract start him as my number 1 b I give Woll a 1 b as well

If someone can steal crease it's great

Trade Mrazek

Attach a 2 nd to him

Anyone futures

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27 May 2022 19:00:00
I think Malcolm should start his singing career and retire from hockey.

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27 May 2022 19:24:25
Subban and Woll? Unless we are assembling the Canadian Olympic team to play in front of them, I am not sure the Leafs even make the playoffs.

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27 May 2022 13:06:34
Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2022

Vancouver Trades
5th Round Pick 2022

Thoughts ?

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27 May 2022 19:11:11
This one is intriguing. I mean Leafs get rid of Mrazek and Holl for Myers who is barely a 5 right now and paid big money. I wouldn't if i were the Leafs.

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27 May 2022 13:59:01
With the re-signing of Gio, Leafs likely can not trade Muzzin and Reilly is here to stay. Sandin could be the odd man out. As a quality young D, a solid trade could be with the LAK who want to improve now.

To LAK: D - R. Sandin

To TOR: D - B. Clarke

Clarke is still in the OHL and on his ELC, he could end up way better, but you never know. Sandin is young and productive in the NHL.

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27 May 2022 15:54:43
Hehehe Sandin odd man out it’s a joke right that dude yesterday is a top 4 left denfender with upside to burn

Sandin is your replacement for Muzzin.

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27 May 2022 16:20:17
I’d make this trade and I think the kings might too the kings currently have a log Jam of rhd and need more lefties could be a trade that works for both team.

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27 May 2022 19:09:16
Thats a tough one cause Clarke could turn out to be a stud and I think Sandin tops out as a 3, but probably a really good 4.

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27 May 2022 13:54:54
Kerfoot $3.5M

Keane RFA
Kochetkov $.842M

Carolina will need some reasonably priced forwards for their top 9 next season as they are likely lose Trochek to free agency and have some key RFA's to sign.

Leafs pick up a solid RD prospect that is not likely to get a chance in Carolina and also a solid goalie prospect who may be a cheap backup and potential starter one day. They create cap space by moving Kerfoot.


Nylander $6.96M
Kallgren $.750M

Stolarz $.950M
Comtois $2.037M
Jones $1.295M

Anaheim adds Nylander to the skill they already have in Zegras, Terry Milano etc and could use Kallgren to backup Gibson.

Leafs pickup a solid G, as well as some size and youth in Comtois and Jones while clearing about another $3.3M in cap space.

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27 May 2022 16:22:38
Honestly I don’t see a need to trade kerfoot unless you think you can upgrade but I think kerfoot is a pretty good piece can play up and down the roster can play wing and center and was pretty big on our pk the guys also puts up points.

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27 May 2022 19:07:52
L1994. I am just not one that is all that high on Kerfoot. He is a solid player, but i think the Leafs have enough Kerfoot types in the top 9. I think we need more size. Someone has to go. Based on return and cap space likely to open up, it Nylander and Kerfoot that should go. Nylander has had enough chances to prove himself and Kerfoot is on the final year at $3.5M. Just my opinion.

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27 May 2022 07:13:32
How does everyone feel about the John Gibson talk?

Personally I think it’s a great idea so here’s a prop.

Leafs Trade: Mrazek, Kerfoot, Holl (All cap dumps), Sandin, Robertson and 2023 1st

Ducks Trade: Gibson, Lundestrom, and Comtois

Not sure that Anaheim will want Kerfoot, Mrazek and Holl but they will not be contending while those contracts are still signed. Sandin, Robertson and a 2023 1st fits their timeline and could even possibly flip Kerfoot and Holl for picks. The only player that has negative value would be Mrazek but they would need a goalie if they are sending us Gibson.


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27 May 2022 13:08:27
For what it would cost the Leafs to acquire and Gibson's cap hit, I am not a fan of going after him.

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27 May 2022 02:10:35
Leafs trade Muzzin Holl 1st 2023 2nd 2024

Arizona Chychrun

Walk Kase Mikheyev

Leafs sign Kadri 6x6

Banting Matthews Marner 23.5 million
Nylander Tavares Robinson 19 million
Kampf Kadri Engvall. 9 million
Steeves Spezza Joey Anderson 2.75 million

Reilly Chychrun 12.1 million
Sandin Brodie 6.75 million
Giordano Liljegren 2.5 million

Campbell Woll 5.5 million

You barely get this under cap but I think you do.it's tight as hell but this works

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27 May 2022 02:55:35
You have to trade Kerfoot as well.

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27 May 2022 00:29:16
A "creative" way to solve some cap issues.

To Arizona:
Leafs 1st
Tavares (to be traded back with Arizona eating half his contract)

Not sure if or how Arizona can retain some of Tavares' salary. If he would need to be traded (technically) or not.

To Toronto:

I don't know if this is even possible, but it's something to think about. I doubt they give up Vejmelka, but word is they are trying to tank this year, enter Mrazek as your starter.

Maybe just Mrazek and a 1st, or Robertson, for Vejmelka straight up

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27 May 2022 02:18:02
Move Muzzin get kadri back that move helps a lot.

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27 May 2022 06:23:39
I'm almost certain the league would call cap circumvention if teams tried trading a player just to trade him back, at half price. You could empty the AHL and every pick for a decade while loading up with McDavid, Drais, Mathews, MacKinnon, Vasilevsky, Marner, Makar, etc. if that was allowed.

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27 May 2022 13:10:09
I am pretty sure the Tavares idea would not go through with the League.

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26 May 2022 13:39:16
Nylander $6.96M

Nedeljkovic $3M
Rasmussen $1.46M
Smith $.750M

Wings pick up a high end offence in Nylander who is in the age group of the rest of their top 6 players.

Leafs take a chance on Ned who is on an expiring contract. They get a big C/W in Rasmussen and a 4th liner in Smith while saving on the cap.


Kerfoot $3.5M
Robertson ELC

Wagner $1.13M
Kaliyev RFA
Fagemo ELC

LA gets a versatile top 9 player on expiring contract and a A- prospect who could be NHL ready.

Leafs get a 4th liner with grit that LA has in the minors. A young top 9 winger in Kaliyev and a B prospect in Fagemo.

Rasmussen and Kaliyev sign 2X$2M deals each.

Cap out $10.5M
Cap in $10.4M

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26 May 2022 19:29:00
If Yzerman wants Nylander I would try and squeeze a bit more out. I really wanted to see a trade for Ned when he was on the Canes and make him backup, I still think he's got it in him.

I like that LA trade. Get it done.

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27 May 2022 01:11:40
Doesn’t seem like much of a return for a 34 goal, 80 point player.
A backup goalie, a 3rd line center and a 4th line winger.
I’m sure the Leafs can do far better.

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27 May 2022 13:18:16
@WB/ LL. Maybe Leafs can get more from the Wings. The Leafs issue is going to be able to find a goalie for around $4M per season or under. Even if they move Mrazek, Kerfoot and Holl, that is about maximum they can probably spend on a goalie. It also comes down to what does it cost to move Mrazek and what does it cost to get a quality goalie at around $4M or less? If Leafs could also land Stolarz for instance after these deals, they should be good. I do wonder if Anaheim is going to look at moving Fowler this summer as well.

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