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27 May 2022 16:29:33
Man I don't think we have ever seen such a deep free agency pool like this year I've kinda circled a couple guys the leafs could target

1- burakosky big body guy that can skate well and has some finish he makes 4.9 this year but I don't think he cost that much to get

2- lekkonen I could see him being a good third line option adds some scoring to that line and he's a good two way player

3- R. Smith again another good two way player can play up and down the lineup and is hometown guy he would be a pretty good replacement to mikhyev

I don't think the leafs need a big name guy just need 1 or 2 solid forwards in the middle six and hope that we can get a couple kids to come up from the marlies

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27 May 2022 15:49:58
Leafs add depth to top 6 do not trade Nylander or Kerfoot

Leafs need 3 pieces in free agency or trade

A top 4 defender right side and top 6 forward and a goalie

Penguins won't offer Kasperi Kapanen a contract he has regressed big time

Leafs can get him for 2 million I make investment he loves Nylander and Leafs RFA no way Pittsburgh want to pay him 3 million going forward


Leafs trade Muzzin Holl Mrazek
Don't resign Kase or Mikheyev
Sad because he loves team and has done all he can with low pay but Simmons can't come back

Anywhere picks

That creates 16 million in cap space

Can you say it's likely Muzzin is better or more healthly next year it's likely he regresses in both health and skill move him now

Reilly broadie
Sandin -------
Giordano Liljegren


Marlins can find a few bottom 6 forwards or 6 th defencemen

Joey Anderson

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25 May 2022 13:15:20
Could leafs bring back kadri 4 x 6 I give him. If they hadn't traded him they own one cup already

Leafs kadri 4 years 6 million

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25 May 2022 17:18:07
Kadri is making minimum 9 mil next year and he’s not coming back to Toronto after they gave him away.

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25 May 2022 20:14:34
@Mackin all anyone said at the time was how Kadri cost them. Now, every media outlet is in love with him. Not sure how people justify this in their minds.

He isn't taking 4x6. I would expect him to get a 6x7 type of deal.

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26 May 2022 12:38:12
Yea, most wanted Kadri gone. I was fine with trading Kadri, I just didn't like the return.

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27 May 2022 00:29:18
@RLF as was I. Two dumb decisions in back to back playoffs then after getting traded, does it again.

The return was brutal, but I don't fault Dubas for shopping him. We all knew it needed to be done.

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24 May 2022 10:13:13
How does Florida getting swept make you guys feel..? For me it kinda stings more but also makes me feel a bit better about the outcome

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24 May 2022 14:37:21
I the end, it doesn't matter. What we all want to see is a Cup, 1st round, 2nd round, I don't really care that much. I want to see progress that looks like they are getting better and I did see that. Now I want Dubas to make the necessary moves to able to take another step forward, but I don't know if Dubas has it in him to make the hard moves.

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24 May 2022 15:06:22
Meaning of course Nylander.

We’ve all said it, Nylander is an enigma vacillating between brilliance and disinterest.

He must go.

There are several possible places that must be initiated in tandem to get a maximum return.

The maximum return, however, might be reduced if we can package him with Mrazek.

Come on Dubas, make it happen.

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24 May 2022 18:23:43
I really don't care what Tampa does.

If anyone has been watching the battle of Florida, that isn't the same Lightning team that went to 7. Vassy is back in form, the team is rolling every single night, it just looks so different. Vassy stopped 49 shots last night for a game 7 shutout.

Leafs had a chance. The lightning looked brutal in some games and Vassy didn't show up to play until game 7. It really isn't comparable imo.

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23 May 2022 05:04:17
With the leafs announcing no Management changes coming we shouldn't expect any Major changes in the line up. Dubas still believes in the OHL mentality Load up with 4-5 Offensive weapons and outscore everyone. Last check this is the NHL. Look no further than what Tampa is doing to Florida currently 3-0 holding FLA to 3 goals thus far. Goaltending and Defence are the winning formula. Sure there are exceptions but its rare.

By Dubas making some serious moves eliminating some key contracts he would be admitting his formula failed. His contracts he gave out were terrible and that all the noise on how he has handcuffed this team under the cap would be truth. Truth we all know is but he refuses to beleive.

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24 May 2022 00:24:46
I'd that's true, then it's too late. You would need to completely restructure the team and hire Barry Trotz.

Couple things you're not paying attention to though, Tampa has the best goalie in the world, he's been an absolute monster for years now.

Tampa also has a pretty stacked offense. Kucherov, Point, Stamkos most notably, but they have many other depth guys that contribute.

You're looking at this like they're the late 90s NJ Devils winning 1-0 every game.

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22 May 2022 20:19:55
Giordano takes a league minimum deal now as well? Dubas seems to have a few people trying to save his job for him.

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22 May 2022 18:00:24
I'm surprised no talk of Georgiev from the Rangers. He's either on his last year or restricted and you would think he would jump at a chance to be a starter. He's a step up from Campbell or any free agents available.
You probably wouldn't need to break the bank contract wise or personally wise to get him

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22 May 2022 20:21:26
Last two seasons he's a 905 and 895 respectively. I think he's being a bit overhyped by some people.

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22 May 2022 20:56:55
I am not convinced he is a step up from Campbell. Just my opinion.

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23 May 2022 07:38:10
Better Options on the UFA market DeSmith and Husso should be cheap to compliment Campbell if they can resign him.

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23 May 2022 19:29:48
Husso has been a sieve in the playoffs, not sure you want him.

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22 May 2022 13:04:08
Markus Nutivaara was a Dman who many valued in the past.
His injury has not been disclosed as far as I can see.
He’s a UFA who made $2.7m.
Is he a player of interest?

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22 May 2022 16:54:36
I don’t think our defence is an issue anymore.

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22 May 2022 18:06:21

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22 May 2022 20:22:22
I'm with L1994 here for the most part.

Muzz Brodie
Gio Lili

Sandin still needs a spot as well. I'm not sure where he plays that makes a difference.

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