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26 Nov 2022 03:21:06
Does everyone still hate Sandin? Or is he and Liljegren now destined to be our #1 pairing with their recent play?

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26 Nov 2022 05:26:44
Still not a fan of Sandin's.

Lilly definitely has a future, maybe not 1st pair, but who knows.

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26 Nov 2022 12:13:11
@LL. Sarcasm. Because of how many times a guy has a good game or two and now he's an all star. Robertson. Benn. For instance.
As for Sandin, we are hopefully starting to see last years version and then hopefully some progression.

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25 Nov 2022 19:48:20
So Jarnkrok now has 5 goals and Kerfoot has 1 and it took the management 20+ games to see Jarnkrok should be in the top 6 over Kerfoot.

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26 Nov 2022 00:07:06
They just wanted to be sure!

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26 Nov 2022 05:27:18
I'm more concerned that it took them 3 years to realize Kerfoot doesn't belong in the top 6.

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26 Nov 2022 12:15:10
Rsears. LL has a better response than I could come up with. lol.

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26 Nov 2022 14:41:18
Don't forget same thing happened last year with bunting and Ritchie.

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26 Nov 2022 15:13:17
@Randy. Good point. Although Ritchie was more proven than Bunting was when the season started. Hard to say Kerfoot was more proven than Jarnkrok this year. I posted a few weeks back that I would put Jarnkrok in the top 6. I didn't get much support on here.

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22 Nov 2022 22:06:10
I have to laugh at what I saw from eklund today karlsson to Toronto with Chicago as the third team I mean something will have to give soon and it seems like a make or break moment for dubas

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22 Nov 2022 21:48:29
The only good about Rielly's LTIR is the $914k in cap savings.

And it is quite possible that this moment becomes the rallying point for the entire season!

The Leafs are having team discussions right now how their response as a team will dictate the season's outcome.

Let's make the decision right now that we play for each other and we will come out of this challenging situation much stronger than before!


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22 Nov 2022 21:24:10
I started a post earlier but didn't send it.

It was addressed to those Rielly nay-sayers saying you'll probably get your chance/ wish to see the Leafs in action without his needed skill set.

I had thought Mete and perhaps another might be brought up, Mete for his NHL experience and offence (what little there is) .

I'm now hesitant to make a quick trade because we will lose any bargaining power we might have had.

I would prefer to wait 4-6 games to see if the team can come together.

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22 Nov 2022 04:39:17
Beyond the Nylander bashing in that OT,

Did anyone else find it funny that he managed to ice the puck twice, at 3v3, within 10.seconds?

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22 Nov 2022 17:34:44
Bad OT for Willy. lol

What I find interesting is no one is on here bashing him at all for the giveaways and icings. Or Kallgren for his blunder. Benn for his giveaways etc etc.
You can be sure if it were Sandin or Holl, this site would be all over it.

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22 Nov 2022 18:04:13
I don’t get why they are such a bad 3v3 team this year they are so careless about overtime.

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22 Nov 2022 19:17:15
@RLF that's how this team has always worked lol. Fans and media pick a couple guys to blame and everyone else is perfect.

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23 Nov 2022 11:47:22
Thanks LL, I was unaware. lol.

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21 Nov 2022 19:23:58
Leaf lineup

Jarnkrok matthews marner
Bunting Tavares nylander
Kerfoot kampf Aston-reese
Robertson holmberg malgin


Lines 1 and 3 play lines 1 and 2 from other teams.
Line 2 and 4 play lines 3 and 4 from other teams.

Line 1

can play defensive and offensive really well jarkrok will open a lot on matthews line

Line 2

Very strong offensive line

Line 3

Gets every defensive zone start you don't want to give to matthews

Line 4

Mainly plays offensive zone starts against lower skilled opponents. You let them play their game and hopefully in 2 or 3 years you have a second line instead of a fourth.

You sit engvall

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21 Nov 2022 20:34:01
I have recently read that Jarnkrok is not his best on LW so it may be preferable to keep him on RW.

So leave Willy with Matthews (they seem to be clicking) and put Willie on LW where he is comfortable. I also wonder if Jarnkrok can be a top6 with the Leafs. He does have a wicked wrist shot.

Sorry but Engval won't be coming out due to his strong PK ability.

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21 Nov 2022 23:15:35
If I seem him turn the luck over one more time in the neutral zone doing a little backhand pass on the pk, I make break my tv. I don't find him to be good on the penalty kill. I honestly think with a bit of practice Robertson could be a good pk guy. He has a ridiculous motor, will just keep going and going, that aggressiveness on the pk is a good trait.

Also jarnkrok marner kerfoot Aston Reese kampf

Engvall isn't needed.

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21 Nov 2022 14:41:47
I've been reading as much as I can about Brendan Perlini and watching any video that's available.

He's really a very interesting guy to me: big, fast, young, can score and set up teammates.

I remember watching games that he played and thought his speed was awesome and likewise his wrist shot.

The Leafs have no contract space so would need to engineer a 2-for-1 or 3-for-2 trade.

He would be available and wonder why another team hasn't given him a chance?

Can anyone share what they know about Perlini?

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22 Nov 2022 14:59:27
From what I remember is that he just never really progressed from junior. His game never really matured. He never found his niche at what he is really good at and doesn't do any of it consistently. He is big, but not overly physical. He never really found his type of style of play to score at a decent pace. He isn't really that good defensively, so he can't fall back on that. He has tools, but never found the best use of them. That probably doesn't help you much, but that's what I seem to remember about him.

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23 Nov 2022 12:31:42
Yes, I did read about his inconsistency and not being overly physical but able to win corner battles.

One concern that I have is with 50 contracts the Leafs have zero flexibility to add though waiver selection or PTO on someone like Perlini, Virtanen or Connolly or even RD Sammy whats-his-name. lol.

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