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23 Jan 2021 17:05:02



PIERRE LUC hated COLUMBUS how is he going to like THE FREEZER and MOSKITO country WINNIPEG

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23 Jan 2021 20:51:59
Real question is, how is Laine going to enjoy torts lol.

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24 Jan 2021 12:43:49
Chevy should be fired now
He knew laine was disgruntled simply because laine really wanted a capable center to play with. The captain wouldn’t be a captain and say you know what I’m old and I am fine playing with any center as long as I keep connar. Then Ehlers laine join schiefle.

Nope out of question let’s keep a 40 goal scorer capable of getting 60 disgruntled.

Knowing about Columbus situation from start of offseason with Dubois contract and happiness in question a deal was just sitting their

On top of that roslovic wanted nothing to do with Winnipeg and HE IS FROM COLUMBUS. Use your thinker Chevy. Columbus wasnt rushing this as they wanted to please Dubois first to show they can keep star players. I’m sure if Chevy talked to Columbus at start of offseason laine for Dubois straight up happens. Afterall laine is Finnish much like the only Finnish gm in hockey.

But no Chevy is stubborn. Let’s go tap into an already dry well and get laine stastny all over again. It worked well 3 years ago when laine was 19 and hungry. Add 3 years into stastny already questionable legs and hand him to even more questionable legs in laine and give them ehlers. Yeah by time laine and stastny get going Ehlers has done 3 laps around the rink.

Throw in fact stastny has an 6.5 cap hit talk about a big waste of assets and money when the Columbus deal was just sitting there

Now a signed displeased Dubois and a disgruntled laine and no sign of roslovic at all now you pull the trigger Chevy.

Nope he waits until in season and because of cross border trade both laine and Dubois need to wait 10-14 days while their cap hit still affects the team. Thank god roslovic stayed at his home so he is good to go once his pending registration to work in his own country goes through (confusing)

So ok deal is done . Who won? Hard to judge but deal wise on paper

Columbus by a mile

First off they got thrown into deal a guy from Columbus who doesn’t have to quarantine. They signed him before you could even digest the deal to just over 2 million. and he is a roster top 9 guy
If that wasn’t enough to favor Columbus
Somehow Columbus convinced Winnipeg to retain 1.755 on Laine. What? Yeah they asked they received.
Now for 1 year Chevy is paying for Dubois 5+ laine retain which is more than he was paying laine by a bit but still.

So Chevy now has the Center laine wanted. Problem now is laine is gone. Now Winnipeg has 3 centres for 2 jobs. Stastny isn’t fast or defensive enough to plug in 3C. So i'm sure that top line remains but now either stastny or Dubois must join Ehlers on the wing. I’ don’t see much differance here. Only change is Dubois is more physical when he feels like it and play makes much better but lacks the true elite shot Winnipeg will miss.

Winnipeg is in cap hell to point they are using little LTIR every day thus accumulating nothing for the deadline. They gain 700 grand once Dubois joins team and player gets sent to taxi squad. They are still 3.4 over the cap. They only have 9 players capable of being dealt to get under the cap and 1 of them they just dealt for and 1 is their untouchable goalie and other is morrisey. Throw in connors schiefle and selfish captain and that leaves Ehlers. You could deal him but only being able to get picks and prospects to solve their cap problem seems counter productive. Then you got stastny. Yeah only Chevy was dumb enough to deal for him and help Vegas out. If he thinks he can get a young dman and 4th rounder he better think again. He is going to owe a 1st to get rid of that deal. Heck Marleau made less and was more productive than stastny is at this moment. That leaves perreault. His cap hit of 4.1 minus the player needed to fill his spot is that 3.4.
So if Chevy wants to try to accumulate cap space he will need to deal him for a pick or prospect to make it work. Now he is short a capable top 9 player . do it don’t do it either way Chevy looks stupid

For Columbus they don’t get laine for a few games but once they do who centres him? Like atkinson has realized without a playmaker and capable center he can’t get 40. Panarin and Dubois made a great line. Heck when wennberg was good he was capable. Now they are gone so laine and Atkinson need to use 1 of domi Jenner or Nash to center each of them. All 3 although differant sizes play very similar grinding game. Domi can pass but is he a true center. Roslovic can play center but is better on wing. Grig (Russian guy) is hardly a shell of his 18 self.
Guess you could find passing from other wing. Bjorkrand is a shoot first winger. Foligno is a grinder. Foudy is a passer but is he ready for top 6 role yet. Texier is a younger foligno type guy. That leaves only 2 guys and both are very capable and good passers but they are both on long term injury so no dice there.

So as good as this deal on paper looks as a huge win for Columbus. I ask this who is going to give Atkinson the puck now that his passer is gone? Then the bigger question becomes if laine didn’t like Ehlers and stastny feeding him the puck, how on earth is this hard nosed physical low end skilled team going to provide that service to laine and keep him happy?

Well at least the 1 guarantee at the end of the day is roslovic will be a happy bluejacket while Dubois and laine Usain Bolt the heck out of town once their contracts are done.

Fun deal

Hey Chevy, final question
If Columbus didn’t care to receive a legit top 6 center in return why didn’t you just offer
Ehlers roslovic heinola and Vesalainen for Dubois. Columbus gets 2 young finish prospects and a quick pretty good defensive more Tort style forward and roslovic while laine becomes 40 plus goal happy again without ever going after statsny and remaining under cap by a good million bucks all season thus accumulating enough space to make a good deadline deal to help a playoff push.

Now with no space at deadline and unless hell boy saves this team yet again there won’t be a playoffs

Bet hell boy wishes he asked Price type money now because if Winnipeg gets in playoffs he will be the mvp of this league.

#bad trade by both teams.

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24 Jan 2021 15:49:26
So my thoughts craigger is winnipeg plans on dumping him to Montreal after the quarantine for a bigger package, something along the lines of


Kotkaniemi, mete, Byron 2021 1st.

They don't get a high end forward at dubois or Laines skill level back, but they get a little bit of everything for him.

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24 Jan 2021 16:05:42
Danault would probably go instead of Byron but you’re definetly on to something here.

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23 Jan 2021 15:02:48
So, it ended up being Laine and Roslovic for Dubois and 3rd. I would say that would be Nylander+ for sure as a comparable. It seems Willy alone was probably not getting it done.

Nylander is a guy that you always want more out of, just like Laine at times. It made me think about when Nylander was holding out, and the Rumour was that Carolina was pushing hard to get him. The trade Rumour was Pesce+ for Willy. Pesce was signed for 6 years at $4.025 at the time. Nymander eventually signed 6X7.5 (6.96 cap hit).

There was lots of debate on whether the Leafs should do the deal or not, so I wanted to re-visit and see where things would be if it went through. We would have a top 4 of Rielly, Pesce, Muzzin, Holl. Pesce makes $3M less then Willy per year. We also wouldn't have needed to sign Brodie, so there is another $5M.

If the deal had of been made, we would have Pesce + (pick/prospect) and an extra $8M in cap space right now with no Brodie.

Looking back, would you rather the Leafs made the deal OR glad they didn't?

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23 Jan 2021 17:39:11
I think they were right to pass as much as Nylander isn’t a two way player if we would have moved him for a dman it would have left a big hole offensively kapanen was given the chance to play top 6 but the leafs were not Inpressed neither was I.

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23 Jan 2021 20:54:07
If the deal was pesce+ I was always happy to make it happen. I think the problem came In where Carolina probably didn't like the + part and Toronto wouldn't do it straight up.

Even looking back, I would have been happy to see this done. All you need to do at this point is not trade Kapanen or Johnson.

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23 Jan 2021 21:52:27
But neither could prove that they were top six players.

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23 Jan 2021 22:23:56
Kapanen was a serviceable 2RW. You can't have it all. You can't have the best top 6 ever assembled plus the best top 4 and a vezina goaltender. You need to pick your poison.

Think about it liked this;

Nylander= Kapanen+Pesce. I don't see how. Especially considering you don't need Brodie anymore and can instead pick up a rental and resign Reilly.

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24 Jan 2021 15:55:03
When nylander was needing to be signed the marlies led by playoff mvp johnsson and Kapanen just won the Calder. Kapanen got 40 something games between 2 years but only as 4th liner sometimes 3rd due to leafs having incredible middle 6 depth. Therefore neither johnsson nor Kapanen had been given the chance at top 6 thus it was unknown if they could be capable

Now for the nylander for pesce debate. Nylander turning into his father at contract time scared dubas. Rumours where flying. However, pesce was not the original when it came to Carolina. Pesce was a good solid top 6 dman but was more a bottom 4 guy. He signed his extension in summer of 2017 1 year before his ELC was up. He signed for just over 4 million on a 6 year deal in hopes he’d become a top 4 dman by year 2 or 3. By how he played Carolina overpaid at time to save long term if he dies turn into something. It was a gamble. Then his final ELC season he plays horrible by even his standards and gets hurt to top it off. Carolina is looking silly at this point.

So pesce was definetly not the ask come pre draft 2018.in fact pesce breakout season was 2018-19 and by mid season and after nylander signed that’s when pesce name started making rumour rounds. It was at its height 2019 summer but then changed focus through 2019-20 season to Kapanen for some reason. This all while pesce is now a solid top 4 dman on a bargain contract. So Carolina took the risk and after a rocky start now have gained the reward.

Ok so draft time 2018 is upon us. Nylander still no contract and dubas double duty on phone with st. Louis about trading down plus trying to swing deal with Carolina

It is well documented that @2015 draft after firing every staff member involved in a draft in mid April Babcock wanted hanafin, hunter wanted marner and shanahan vote went to provorov. Dubas I have no clue but by his draft history I think he wanted Aho over Dermott lol. Hunter ran the floor so marner is picked.

Back to 2018. Babcock might get the 2015 guy he wanted. Pending RFA Noah hanafin was just as stubborn as nylander when it came to signing deal in Carolina. Carolina wanted to bridge hanafin but hanafin was looking long term after improving slightly each year offensively but not so much defensively. He even used rielly as his comparable. Same draft spot and almost identical 1st 3 years numbers. Carolina was also in their 2nd go around with their Swedish 2013 5th overall pick Elias Lindholm. Lindholm didn’t fair as well as he and Carolina anticipated during his ELC years so he signed a small 2 year bridge. All though he improved he didn’t break 50 points yet but was wanting long term and upwards of 5 million. Carolina was offering much less.

These 2 guys were on dubas radar. Is trading holdout nylander to a team for 2 holdouts worth the hassle.
Hanafin reminding Babcock of rielly and really wanted this deal. Rielly after signing his 6 year deal in 2016 had a rough first year but in 17-18 had a breakout 50 point season so he was starting to live up to that deal. If hanafin follows rielly projectory then leafs would have a great 1-2 punch for many years.

So nylander for hanafin and Lindholm definitely got play but was missing something. After pesce horrible year Carolina needed a nhl dman back to offset losing hanafin.
Leafs had rielly but that was a big no. Next in line there was gardiner. Coming off another solid 50 point season and having 2 years at 4.25 left on his deal the older dman seemed line the perfect match as until montreal forced Carolina into signing Aho long term this ownership team didn’t like handing out long term deals so 2 years of gardiner buys time to rebuild defence and it’s not so long they get stuck with him as he declines. Carolina really liked him but due to gardiner being a short term solution Carolina wanted a future solution. This is we’re talks haunted. Carolina asked for 2017 1st rounder Timothy liljegren. At this time liljegren was considered possible steal if draft falling in leafs lap. He was hurt but had Erik karlsson comparisons when not hurt. Looking back dubas might do this deal but at time liljegren being the deciding factor dubas didn’t say no but he stalled the talks as he was trading down in draft.

Dubas and the leafs needed to think this overnight. Then day 2 has arrived and dubas won’t trade liljegren but is willing to deal one of his 3rd round picks he acquired from st. Louis in trade down or sharks pick in riemer deal.

Carolina was stuck on liljegren. Dubas in one last effort to make deal happened offered his only pick in round that was acquired in that silky polak deal in 2017 with San Jose. Toronto dealt their pick foolishly on plekanec.

Carolina declines and dubas declines deal with liljegren in it thus both teams move on. Dubas picks Sean durzi

Then a short time later it’s announced hanafin and Lindholm off to Calgary for Hamilton ferland and rights to fox.

So pretty close. Seemed getting a young long term dman was the deciding factor was.

Lindholm signs 6X4.85 just days after deal but hanafin still was holding out until august. He finally got his 6yr 4.95 rielly comoarabke contract.

Both ferland and Hamilton had 2-3 years remaining on contract and fox never played a game not wanting to sign in Carolina after college this was dealt for Jesper fast I believe. So in end Carolina never got their young controllable dman anyways. They did end up getting Jake gardiner anyways just 2 seasons later as ufa. Then with emergence of teravainen nylanders offence is not as much needed so doing deal with Calgary was smart move.

Lindholm blossomed as top 6 two way center. Hanafin remains a often trade rumor due to not hitting his upside.

Hamilton is well Hamilton and always will be. Ferland proved playing top line in Calgary was why he had breakout year.

So July comes and instead of talking to nylanders dad John Tavares is signed. Now nylander is expandable.

Now bring on the josh Manson Justin Faulk Rasmussen ristolainen Colton parayko even Chris Tanev due to him and rielly pairing up at world championships and looking good. I’m probably missing a few here but those were the main names from July until nylander finally signed his not earned yet Pasternak contract to major lashing.

Even after he signed rumours were flying but due to his 10 million cap hit for signing so late a deal would be impossible to work out. Instead leafs get their dman in Jake muzzin a month or so after nylander signed

I may be in an Mandela affect but that’s how I remember the nylander shawnanigans go down.

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24 Jan 2021 19:06:07
You may be right Craigger, you may have inside information that the news guys didn't. I was just going by the numerous news articles at the time leading right up to Nylander signing. The rumour in the News was that Carolina was the front runner and it was believed they were offering Pesce +. Obviously, whatever the + was, it was not enough to make Dubas do it if the rumours were true and the offer was there.

I brought this up because Willy often reminds me of guys like Laine or Phil. The skill is there, but the motor isn't. When they want to play, they can dominate. But if they don't, it is hard to watch. Typically, other teams move on from these types of players and their value diminishes the older they get.

So with Willy, is he what he is? Is there still growth or have we already got a good idea of what he is and will be. Two years ago, we all hoped there was going to be growth in the compete department. There may have been some, but enough?

Now that we have seen more of Willy, would it have been better to add Pesce at $3M less and take the + (I would figure it was a 2nd rounder or decent prospect) or did Dubas do the right thing and keep Willy? We would have had more cap room and already had a good top 2 in Pesce and Rielly as a start to build our top 4. Both very cost controlled. We likely still make the Muzzin trade. Knowing what we know now, I would probably have taken the deal.

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23 Jan 2021 14:42:41
Tor gets
McJesus C
Kassian RW

Oilers get
Marner RW
Nylander C/RW
Sandin D
Liljigren D
Toronto's 1st round pick 2021 & 2022

Toronto's forward lines
Extras: Boyd, Spezza & Barabanov

Toronto's defensive lines
Extras: Bogosain & Rosen

Toronto's Goalies
Andersen Sg
Campbell Bg

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23 Jan 2021 03:15:30
Good effort from the boys tonight. I think Freddy been pretty solid last few games. Not steal a game good but steady Freddy for sure.

Brodie and Bogosian seem to have settled down a lot in the last few games. Defence corps is getting it together now.

Torts has the right idea. Nail Nylanders ass to that bench when you see those lazy uncaring plays. I have no been impressed with Mitchy but the effort has been there most of the time. Nylander spends half the game looking like he doesn't care and the half like a superstar. He needs someone to put a foot in his ass.

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22 Jan 2021 23:45:26
Let's make something clear

Very good closeup on Matthews wearing his mask up in the pressbox

Did you notice?

Well I sure did

Matthews has a broken or fractured nose. He has cut from top of nose to his left eye. The eye is a tad dark but not quite black eye due to good coverup.

What comes with having a fracture broken or even bruised nose. Headaches/concussion

He hurts himself during last game on an unknown tie up or collision of high stick/cross check

He leaves early practice not "feeling well"
So to divert nhl officials from concussion or flu like symptoms protocol.

he Along with leaf organization tell him to after game to lash out at next interview at coach/team. They knew after game what happened to his nose so to make sure the talk isn't his head nose or anything else just in case someone saw something.

He shows up at practice to keep this diversion up and leaves unable to stay thus rumours start flying

Is it a coach issue or is he sick

Media has no real clue

Matthews misses game with upper body

Thus prevents both concussion and flu protocol as the plan diverted everyone just long enough to avoid both protocols

Final result
1 game upper body instead of 7-10 for flu or 1 week concussion protocol

1 little speech 1 leaving practice just enough distractions to avoid more games missed


Fun stuff

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23 Jan 2021 04:26:17
Lol I was looking at him wondering what was going on there.

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23 Jan 2021 14:54:00
He's had it for a few games though. I think that cut happened in the Montreal or Ottawa game.

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23 Jan 2021 23:54:44
If he broke his nose, it would have been bleeding everywhere all over the ice. Even a fracture. Both eyes would be black from blood being pushed out of his nose into the orbital sac.

Who knows? It’s idle speculation at best and gives us all something to talk about.

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24 Jan 2021 12:47:23
Didn’t realize he had cut for a while and that so much gore would be involved.

That’s all this was. Simply to get people thinking and writing/ talking.

In the end the obvious happened deal wise and who knows if Matthews is ready for next game.

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22 Jan 2021 17:17:51
With Matthews and Thornton out this is the lineup I would roll out tonight.
Hyman Tavares Marner
Veesy Kerfoot Nylander
Mikheyev Spezza Simmonds
Anderson Brooks Barbanov

Riley Brodie
Muzzin Holl
Dermott Bogosian

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22 Jan 2021 17:30:22
That looks pretty good.
I would go 11-7.
Switch Mikheyev and Vesey. I would like to see Anderson in the lineup and see what he can bring, so sit either Brooks or Barabanov for this game and Anderson/ Brabanov are the extra wingers.

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22 Jan 2021 18:07:09
Tavares as good as he has been he can’t keep up with mcdavid at all. So if Matthews in fact isn’t playing according to cap friendly they have 12 forwards (includes Matthews) 6 D and 2 goalies with Thornton and Robertson on LTIR (1.5) but only 20 grand plus the LTIR able to use so barbasov engvall or Boyd would need to be called upon so I’m going to use barbasov

Hyman Marner Mikheyev
Nylander Tavares simmonds
Vesey kerfoot Anderson
Brooks spezza barbasov

Rielly Brodie
Muzzin holl
Dermott Bogosian

Start Campbell

Yeah you saw that marner at center. He has practiced faceoffs with spezza after practices and played C in jr. he is closest forward speed wise to keep up with mcdavid and the other 2 are best defensive forwards leafs have. Mikheyev got under mcdavid skin the way kadri use to and Hyman gets under draisaitl skin. Those 3 vs kassian and the big 2 would be fun to watch. Tavares line dominates RNH line leaving kerfoot line to try to get going. Anderson you’ll all be surprised of his defence and speed might fit well with vesey and kerfoot moving forward.

If Edmonton splits draisaitl and mcdavid
Tavares vs draisaitl
Marner vs mcdavid
Kerfoot vs RNH

No matter what the lines are these are spread nicely for whatever lineup Edmonton tries

Matthews hasn’t been ruled out

I can see him joining spezza and Brooks on 4th unit and then play PP. that way he can puke on bench after quick non pressure shifts. He might even rack up some points doing this. If mcdavid draisaitl or rnh are on ice Matthews isn’t.

Leafs won’t use LTIR money if Matthews can be on bench

That’s my guess.

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22 Jan 2021 23:02:16
I think I would prefer Nylander at centre. He has more experience there but either way works. Just move Vesey down to the bottom 6 and I'm happy.

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22 Jan 2021 15:25:02
As a life long leafs fan does Auston Matthews sitting out tonight because of soreness make you question his commitment to this organization I know it sounds a bit harsh but in a season where every game matters it's kind of vital that's he's there for every game I mean it's not like the last game was overly physical...

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22 Jan 2021 15:43:36
Ever think he just might have the flu or a cold thus his body aches a bit and due to protocols leafs are keeping him out and just saying it’s body aches so he doesn’t have to miss more time if he has to go through the protocol if they announce it as a flu

To question his commitment I question your judgement as a fan.

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22 Jan 2021 15:59:21
Lol craigger you could be right and we probably will never know but either way it’s a bad time for the leafs.

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22 Jan 2021 16:41:21
I wouldn't worry about Matthews commitment. He may still be sore from those crosschecks and it is nagging him, so the medical staff said let him rest a few days and see where we are. It's early in the season, if he has back issues or something, better he rest now than make it worse and he is gone for an extended length of time latter.

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22 Jan 2021 18:26:20
If any other player called out the coach in the media like Matthews did after the last game, they would have been benched the next game.

Now Matthews is not playing tonight.

It could be coincidence. Or it might not.

It might just be keeping things behind the scenes.

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22 Jan 2021 22:25:02
Great point hockeyluvr

Technically not benched to the media and fans eye

However, he is having a “maintenance day”

Yeah I think you are on to something here.

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22 Jan 2021 23:03:04
I don't question commitment this early into a season. If this was playoff I'm more irked by it. This isn't fighting for a playoff spot time, they are still in a good spot.

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23 Jan 2021 15:11:46
Matthews said nothing that hasn't been said by many players and they aren't benched for a game for saying it. I think we are making way more out of this than needed.

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23 Jan 2021 22:24:35
Welcome to Toronto RLF lol.

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22 Jan 2021 08:01:18
Media reaction towards Mitch Marner from what I have heard is, Marner was great so far this year. Mathews and Nylander have earned their money.

Am I the only one thinking JT has not taken a night off? Whether he has scored or not he has looked like a leader on the ice. I was extremely impressed by his effort in the last game and have been all season.

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22 Jan 2021 13:28:21
JT has been everything you could ask for. He is playing like he has angry and had enough of not getting to the next level and he is trying to put them on his back and show them that it takes a night in/ night out commitment to win. That's what I see anyway. He's been great.

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22 Jan 2021 15:44:18
JT rocks and tonight he needs to rock even more.

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22 Jan 2021 16:42:35
JT and Willy will be seeing lots of minutes I would think.

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22 Jan 2021 23:03:54
Agreed RLF. Without Mathews I'm sure he plays a tonne of minutes.

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