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19 Jul 2021 16:52:09
Devil's left Bastian exposed and protected McLeod. Also, with the addition of Graves, Rielly may not be of as much interest to them.
How about this post draft if Bastian is still there

Mikheyev 1.65

Bastian .825
Vukojevic .850

NJ gets a mid 6 winger who can Pk and will add some speed to NJ.

Tor gets a big more physical bottom 6 winger who has been learning to PK and a big physical D prospect who is a couple years away from the NHL. If Vukojevic progresses, he would be ready around the same time Muzzin and Brodie's contract end. Leafs save about .840M in cap space and add a different bottom 6 element.

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20 Jul 2021 17:24:33
Mikheyev a Top-6 forward?

He's a 26 year-old who has averaged 20 points over the past 2 years. At his age he is what he is, and no more.

NJ easily declines this offer.

20 Jul 2021 19:27:30
Maybe you should take the time to read better chickenfoot. I said mid-6 forward. That is 2nd/ 3rd line. Mikheyev is easily a 3rd line player on just about any team in the League and a 2nd liner on some. You should also check your math on his points. He would average about 35 pts a season over an 82 game schedule with a career sh% of 7.3%. His first season he was on a 48 pt pace and last year was a down year during CV19. If he even finds a point between first season and last season, he is a quality two way forward capable of 30-40 pt seasons. Very responsible with the puck.
The Leafs are the ones getting the unproven players, not NJ.



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