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09 Jan 2022 17:17:41
I still feel Drew Doughty has more to give and if he was ever traded to the Leafs he would be rejuvinated.

Marner isn't ever going to get an easy break from us Leaf fans (ffor the most part) and I feel that Since his cap is high, the only team to trade him to would be LA.


for Doughty, Kempe


(I know I am pushing this trade again but Tweak it if you choose to make it work.)

Dermott and a 4th round for Chara

Muzzin - Drew
Morgan - Brodie - (who get 2nd line duties which should make them appear even better)
Chara/Sandin - Liljegren/Holl

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10 Jan 2022 01:01:05
Here’s the problem marner make a lot yes but he’s also 24 and has 4 years left doughty also makes 100k more and is 32 and has 6 more years left to me there is little to no upside on this deal the leafs move marner for a young dman who can be a game changer.

10 Jan 2022 06:26:38
Might be close to an even deal based on how Kempe has looked this year so far but, why Doughty? He's 32 with (I believe) 5 years left at 11 million. You talk about about boat anchors, that's it.

10 Jan 2022 15:56:45
@leafs1994 I realize there are an extra 2 year w/ drew but imo he is still capable of being an elite Defenceman, . He would still be the best D man we have had in ( i don't know how many years) but we have not had his caliber (even if it seems he is a little on the downslide) Look at what LA has? diddly do since their cup runs. If our team plans on using this window we have now I feel Drew adds more to our team, Especially to our D which would round us out quite a bit more.

10 Jan 2022 16:00:06
Leafslife - Boat anchor? Don't know what ship you are sailing but pretty sure aside from Makkar, Drew can also thread the blue line and walk it. This is a two time cup champion playing on a very rubbishty team and I totally believe that doughty is just feeling stale over there. If you feel he doesn't add to our blue line well your ship is sinking man!



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