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16 Nov 2023 17:00:44
DMackin #weathermackin

Randy brought up a good point about you calling out other posters on props or thoughts.

Why are you doing it anyway? Why call people out personally? What are you hoping to accomplish?

It can't be good to create good relations or to attract new

So what is it?

Here is a trade for you David. I think you will like this one, since I have no clue on trades.

Klingberg, Reaves, Samsonov for Saros, Trenin and Lauzon.

Sound about right?

Even works cap wise.

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16 Nov 2023 20:20:32
Looks fair to me. Saros had a couple bad games, that means he's an ECHL goalie now.

16 Nov 2023 20:43:28
It’s not personal it’s just silly to trade the gold tomorrow for a bunch of Pennie’s today.

Cowan has same numbers as Marner did as 18 yr old.

Now Cowan could be a stiff but right now he looks like Marner

Minten is very good as well defensive Center

Now Robertson has 4 games and has lit a torch under Domi

You guys can’t see tomorrow that’s all I’m saying.

16 Nov 2023 21:32:44
Comparing numbers in OHL means very little. Connor Brown had like 130 pts in the OHL and he can’t keep a job in the nhl.

16 Nov 2023 21:50:11
Weathermackin. My prop wasn't for an aging vet on an expiring contract. It was for a 27 year old top pair D-man with term on a great contract AND they were taking Klingbergs contract to make it work.

Calling Andersson pennies today is what is silly. We have no idea what Cowan and Niemela will be. We know what Andersson is and how he can help the team now and for years to come. By the time Niemela and Cowan are ready, Nylander and Marner could be gone. Those two aren't making up the difference.

16 Nov 2023 21:58:35
@Marner4life Connor Brown has been a great middle forward for years. It looks like his knee injury decimated his body though. I wouldn't use that as a comparison.

16 Nov 2023 23:55:18
I think if Marner4life had of said Browns 130 points didn't translate into a top 6 100 point player would be very accurate and his point was made. Brown has been a good NHLer. Not great, but good.

17 Nov 2023 00:27:08
@RLF "He can't keep a job in the NHL"

17 Nov 2023 14:21:58
LL. I know he wrote that. My point was to just stop at the 130 points didn't translate to a point producing top 6 NHLer. He had a good run for a 6th round pick.



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