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14 May 2020 13:01:07
Tor: Reilly Liljegren
Chi: boqvist Murphy

Muzzin Murphy
Lehtonen Holl
Sandin boqvist

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14 May 2020 14:08:25
I think you would likely need more from Chicago for the leafs to be willing to do this. Boqvist is a good prospect, but Connor Murphy is probably a 5/ 6 defender. You would need Chicago to add even without liljegren included in the deal never mind with him.

14 May 2020 14:15:46
For a number one d man like Rielly is you are trading for a prospect, you are going to be looking to get a solid prospect (Boqvist), a roster player (Murphy is alright) and a 1st round pick plus like ya conditional pick. Think about what the senators got for karlsson on an expiring contract. Not saying Rielly is as good as Karlsson was considered to be at the time, but he is also not on an expiring contract either.

14 May 2020 15:46:16
Fair argument I would say Murphy is a better player than what you are saying but that aside you can make the argument and comparison to the Karlsson deal but I think the only add would be probably like you stated a conditional pick of some sort.

14 May 2020 15:56:39
It’s close, but I’d pass personally. I really like Rielly, and would hate to see him go. But that package is a little less than I’d want.

14 May 2020 17:00:49
Karlsson got more for the sens because he agreed to sign a 7 year deal. Same with Pageau. Neither would have brought the kind of return they did otherwise. I would want more for Reilly if he was dealt but boquvist I am a fan of. If they take this without Liljigren included I'm in.

14 May 2020 17:05:13
But farmboy would you rather win a cup in the next few years or do you want to keep getting bounced first round every year yes Reilly is not ideal to move but if you can get the value for him then it’s something that the leafs should look at.

14 May 2020 18:02:23
If their was a 1st thrown in this deal would be a lot more interesting.

Pretty risky. The top line looks like a downgrade. Boqvist might work out as a top 1RHD, but he doesn't have a whole lot more chance than Liljegren if you ask me. But you probably won't find a much better offer. I'd look for the 1st as well. Chicago looks ready to tank again.

14 May 2020 22:34:22
LeafsLife, you are mistaken on Karlsson. The trade value had nothing to do with the contract. He signed that contract after playing an entire season with the team. He told them before the trade that he wasn’t willing to commit to signing with them unless he enjoyed his time there for the season.



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