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12 Nov 2020 01:08:58
Just something I read today I guess the jackets and leafs talked kerfoot for savard of cbj but Dubas wanted more to compensate for the term difference so here's my idea

Tor: kerfoot dermott
Cbj: savard 2nd-3rd 2021

I think this would give us a legit top 4 savard adds a shutdown defence now I guess since this deal never happened they moved Murray so they would want a dman back I keep going back to the fact that I don't see where dermott fits in and we could do without kerfoot we get a good rental in savard

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12 Nov 2020 12:57:48
How high a pick do you think Dermott is worth if he was traded by himself? About a 3rd? Maybe a 4th? Anything lower than that is undervaluing him. A 2nd is probably close. You draft a guy in the 2nd round and hope he turns out like Dermott. So if Dermott is worth the pick, then you are still trading Savard for Kerfoot, which Dubas already said no to.

Instead of offering up Dermott, who is a player under long term control himself, maybe one of our own pending UFA’s (Hyman maybe) for Savard would be a better counteroffer.

12 Nov 2020 14:03:11
Yea, Dermott should still be worth a 2nd. Why not just make it more simple and Savard and a 3rd for Kerfoot? Although not sure how we take on another $750 to the cap. Could be why he added the 2nd-3rd and sent Dermott the other way, but then I think we are over paying unless it is a 2nd and 3rd.

12 Nov 2020 18:57:40
This makes more sense to me if they take Kerfoot+Engvall for savard+

They definitely use Engvall in some capacity in this deal and it evens out the cap. Maybe a second since the consensus is that Engvall is worth 4th-5th.

12 Nov 2020 20:36:49
I think this situation was prior to the free agent signings. I think it was an option Leafs were looking at before signing Brodie. If true, it would say that Kerfoot was being shopped.

12 Nov 2020 22:03:08
I added dermott because I think if you add another d the leafs have to move one out dermott fits the jackets style of play as a mobile dman and it basically makes it a cap in cap out move I added the pick because dermott is so cheap and kerfoot has term.

12 Nov 2020 22:13:42
I have no doubt in my mind Kerfoot, Johnson and Kapanen were all being shopped. Kerfoot probably just wasn't worth the return Dubas anticipated.

13 Nov 2020 11:37:22
As a 3C, Kerfoot won't bring much in return. Kadri brought a downgrade at 3C and a rental. Logically, I would expect Kerfoot to bring exactly that: a downgrade at 3C and a throw-in.

We would actually need someone to replace Kerfoot long term coming back. Now that Gauthier is gone, if Kerfoot gets traded we would only have Thornton and Spezza for 3C. Engvall and Brooks are more 4C material. If that even.

3C’s are available every year on the UFA market, but then you overpay the player like we saw Winnipeg with Stastny this year. Leafs can’t afford to take another big cap hit. Especially for a position like 3C.

For this reason, I don’t think Kerfoot gets traded anymore unless it involves a younger, cheaper, 3C with upside as part of the return package. And that will be hard to find.

13 Nov 2020 13:13:18
I don't know HL about the Kadri trade evaluation. Kadri already nixed a trade that would have brought in Brodie. Barrie was sought after around the league. He was the next choice for the Leafs when the Brodie trade fell through. I was never big on getting Barrie, but a lot of people thought he was going to be a great fit and Kerfoot would provide much more than he did last year.

Agree on Kerfoot not likely moved unless we have a cheaper replacement in mind, at least for the season after this one.

13 Nov 2020 14:18:07
The Barrie trade should have been the nail in the coffin for Dubas as far as I'm concerned.

For a gm all about analytics it makes so sense why he thought it would work. From day one that trade was made many of us knew how bad it would be.

13 Nov 2020 15:16:46
LL. I didn't like the trade either. I did hear a lot of people talking about Barrie being a good fit and he had been rumoured to the Leafs for a while. Both players he got were good skaters and puck movers while giving up what little grit we had. Unfortunately, as good a value contract Kadri was, it was too much for a 3rd line centre because our top 2 centres make 11+ each.
When we put MMT on the ice together, it is 33.5M. Still blows my mind that that could be thought of as a winning strategy.

13 Nov 2020 22:24:03
The Kerfoot aspect of the trade I didn't think was great value but the Barrie part just killed me. I couldn't and still cannot, understand where some people thought a PP specialist added value to a team with Morgan Reilly.



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