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10 Apr 2021 20:10:14
Leafs trade Kerfoot, HÃ¥llander, 2nd
Columbus trades Foligno (50%), Savard (50%)

Not sure where Savard fits on this team. But they can make him fit I’m sure. Especially if they keep running an 11-7 system come playoffs.

The retention on the Islanders deal cost a 1st, so this is a low ball offer imo. I wouldn’t be upset if the cost was a 1st though.


1.) 10 Apr 2021 21:23:42
A younger signed 2 more years for under 4 million player is worth more than an over 30 upcoming ufa in this cap freeze works

Hallinder and a 2nd has to cover the retention.

2.) 10 Apr 2021 21:34:01
I think Savard has been traded to TB.

3.) 10 Apr 2021 22:29:47
Looks like Tampa got savard

Foligno would be a nice pick up.

4.) 11 Apr 2021 18:06:41
Kerfoot is addition by subtraction.

Besides, his cap would need to be included to balance salaries.



30 Mar 2021 02:24:33
Leafs trade Andersen, Abramov, 3rd
Vegas trades Lehner

For the same price, Lehner has got to be better than Andersen. He’s signed 5 years. Which means Campbell is exposed.

If you don’t think value is fair, then use your imagination. I have a hard time valuing goalies.

I’ve seen three Vegas games this year. And all three they wore shiny gold helmets. They looked ridiculous and annoying. C3PO kept coming to mind. Are they wearing these every game? It is the ugliest helmet I’ve ever seen and distracts me from the game.




25 Mar 2021 21:42:44
Leafs trade Nylander, pick/ prospect
Sharks trade Kane

You will have to use your imagination on which picks/ prospects need to be added. Valuation tends to be touchy. I’m pretty sure I would be willing to pay a lot more in this deal than most.

The happiest day in my life as a Leafs fan so far was the day Blake and Toskala got traded for Giguere. Giguere sucked. But I didn’t care. I was so happy to see Blake and Toskala gone that the return was of no consequence.

But that day might actually be surpassed the day Nylander gets traded. I can’t think of a single Leafs player in all the years since Jason Blake that irritates me on a seemingly nightly basis as much as Nylander does.

Call it my negative bias perception. I’m only seeing what I want to see. Too bad I’m seeing a lot of what I don’t want to see coming from Nylander.

He’s not going to change. He’s a one dimensional player that can’t be trusted in important situations late in close games. He is a floater that doesn’t engage in the play or provide support. He doesn’t.

Trading Nylander would make little impact on this team’s ability to win a cup. At best, he is a scapegoat should the Leafs lose in the playoffs again. At worst, he is the reason why they lose again, thus deserving of being the scapegoat.



1.) 26 Mar 2021 05:20:57
I don't think Nylander is the reason this team hasn't been performing well lately. I'm pointing straight at MM, AM and JT right now. 33 million needs to produce at an accelerated pace. AM has been incredibly dry lately. If he is still injured then he needs to sit until he's healthy because he doesn't look right.

MM has had a good season but without someone to score he doesn't have the same impact.

JT man. What happened?

Nylander is definitely a part of the problem right now. I don't think anyone can argue that. He is only a part of it though and I don't actually think Kane is the answer right now. I watched a Sharks game not long ago and man is that team lost. They look like they're on a morning skate for entire games. Kane could just be demotivated or he could be letting his off-ice issues creep into his game.

I would stay clear of him personally.

2.) 26 Mar 2021 10:49:13
Jt is contrantly being double teamed because nylander only needs half an eye on him. It's not often I see Tavares with any space.

3.) 26 Mar 2021 11:17:19
I agree with hrenklin Nylander just doesn’t show that he’s a threat enough you see flashes of it but that’s it but with Kane’s situation I don’t think the leafs would touch him I mean San Jose was thinking about voiding his contract I definitely think that if we still have Robertson come the off season the leafs should deal Nylander.

4.) 26 Mar 2021 12:37:42
I wouldn't trade a pick for Kane. Toxic.

5.) 27 Mar 2021 00:25:13



21 Mar 2021 01:58:01
Kerfoot on the 4th line just drives home my point. He’s not a capable centre. He’s already been replaced by Engvall.

I expect Kerfoot to be traded. He’s the stereotypical player Dubas will move. A middle six player making more than league minimum.

All Dubas sees right now is a guy making $3.5M that can be replaced by a guy make $1.2M.

Leafs trade Kerfoot
Dallas trades Oleksiak, 3rd

Oleksiak brings something to the table no other Leafs defenseman can.

This trade provides cap space that opens the door for other trades after (Dermott for example) .


1.) 21 Mar 2021 20:58:17
No offense but Pierre Engvall reminds me of a human giraffe on skates. Don't know what it is other than on TV he looks rather disproportionate. Also, Alex Kerfoot is a way better player than Pierre Engvall.



18 Mar 2021 23:45:33
Leafs trade Andersen
Buffalo trades Hutton

Hutton just had the worst game I’ve ever seen a goalie ever have. And it’s only second intermission.

I still trust him more than Andersen though.

And he is far more entertaining.

And he is cheaper.



1.) 19 Mar 2021 08:47:51
Leafs should of signed Hutton in 2016 instead of giving up assets for Andersen. Probably wouldn’t of made playoffs in 16-17 or 17-18 but would be better now if this happened because Hutton is garbage and garbage is what Leafs needed then not false hope line Andersen gave them and still gives them

2018 Makar nieskanen
2019 Hughes boqvist Bouchard

Leafs would of got lehner long term signed by 2018-19 and gone in 2 great playoff runs by now.

Oh the would of could of should ofs for these leafs

#2016 offseason do over.




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06 Jun 2021 14:47:15
My parents divorced when I was two.

I never met my real dad. Every birthday or Christmas for a while when I was still little, he would call. He always promised to take me out to Wonderland or Chuck E Cheese.

He never did. Ever.

We ARE angry.

We are FLOCKING angry!

The burning of the jersey is just the frustration of one single fan made visible. Good on him. He even made the cover of the Sun just like I said would happen. (I hope he got the idea from me) .

What the fans want is simple. We want a team as good as the one we were promised. Or we want accountability.

So far we have received neither.

THEY belittle US by saying THEY are right, WE are wrong
THEY insult US by presenting “advanced” stats THEY believe WE are too stupid to understand.
THEY dismiss OUR concerns as irrelevant.

THEY assembled the team. THEY signed the players. THEY designed the plays. THEY ran THEIR systems.

This is THEIR team.

Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed. Too bad. The truth hurts.

Never be afraid to stand up for yourself. For the truth to be heard. No matter who you upset.

And the truth is, there is zero difference, none, between this team and my very own father.

They keep promising.

And never deliver.




06 Jun 2021 07:26:55
They’ve created a bit of a mess for themselves.

2 top six wingers, and entire 4th line, a backup goalie, and defensive depth.

At least 7 players. With $12.5M in cap space. Do the math.

Hyman $4.5M
Backup $2.5M
5 players @ $750k = $3.75M
Total = $10.75M

Which leaves $1.75M cushion for added depth.

It’s NOT enough.

Dubas will be pulling from the scrap heap again this year. Hyping each player more than whatever piece of junk that guy from American Pickers finds next.

But let’s not forget. While it might be expensive. It’s still just junk.

Or, in Dubas terminology: they are all just Duds.


1.) 06 Jun 2021 12:04:05
Hyman won't take 4.5. that's the biggest issue. Same as Rielly won't take 6 next off season.

2.) 07 Jun 2021 14:04:08
@LL. I am not sure Hyman won't take $4.5, but it will depend on term and construct of the contract. At his age, he may get 5X$5.5-6M on the open market. Giving him more than 5 years at that cap hit, would not be advised, but doesn't mean some foolish GM won't do itmof course.
5X$5.5=$27.5M. 6x$4.5=$27M. If the Leafs offer the extra year and heavily front load the contract, it may be possible. imo.

3.) 07 Jun 2021 21:24:43
@RLF that's kind of my thinking as well. I'm sure someone offers it to him though.

Look what Josh Anderson got after a horrible season.

4.) 08 Jun 2021 13:50:44
@LL. Anderson is a few years younger though and closer to a Wilson type as far as physicality goes. He will only be 33 when his contract expires. Hyman in 6 years will be 35. Not saying some GM won't do it, but it wouldn't be advised. I wouldn't give Hyman more than $4.5 on a 6 year deal and I have always been a big supporter of his. That 5th and 6th year he could very well be on a 3rd line.

5.) 09 Jun 2021 05:35:54
@RLF giving Bobrovsky that kind of money and term was also ill-advised but some GM is always crazy enough.

McDavid needs a winter. Hyman and Freddy sign in Edmonton. Easy call.

6.) 09 Jun 2021 19:09:21
EDM seems logical until you look at all the UFA and RFA players they have. If they give Hyman and Freddie a combined $10M for instance, they have about $13M left. RNH, Larsson, Barrie, Kulikov and Chaisson are all UFA. Then they have Khaira, Kahun, Yamamoto, Shore all RFA and Bouchard, Jones, Bear, Pujilarvi and Mcloed all coming off of their entry or cheap deals within two years.
Good luck to EDM if they do sign Hyman and Freddie.



06 Jun 2021 07:22:06
By gnawing through a levee, even a rat can drown a nation.

The harbingers of death and disease. The scourge of the earth. Rats have no morals, conscience, decency, or consideration for others.

They eat the faces of babies.

Rats reek of filth and decay. Wretched and offensive. The corpse of Leafs Nation festers.

Rats feast on it’s rotting flesh.

It is easier to warm up a corpse than cool a fanatic. What does a corpse care about winning? Or losing?

Differences in ruin are only a matter of degree. All disgrace smells the same. The constant gnawing sense of once having had something special.

And lost it.

At this point fans need to be reminded to never spit in their own faces.

Or pay miserable little rats to do it for you.




01 Jun 2021 03:08:40
I hate to say “I told you so”.

Except I did tell you all so.


Can I finally get some support to get rid of Dubas now please?


1.) 01 Jun 2021 05:32:05
I'm totally with you in firing Dubas. Time for Keefe to take a walk as well. Only adjustment made was putting Spezza up with Foligno and Kerfoot period. Anemic power play adjustments = zero. There is something fundamentally wrong at the core of these silver spooned millionaires. Their compete level deteriorates the tougher it gets. Break them up, get best value possible, and move on. Austin is no Jonathon Toews, and Mitch's Dad can't fix this. Shanny made the wrong call, and Lou is making him eat it, even after losing JT for nothing. Soft is an understatement. On another note, congrats to Price, guy is a former team Canada warrior. That is what 10 million gets you. Stoic determination. Fire Shanahan as well!

2.) 01 Jun 2021 07:41:33
I can't blame Keefe. That's seems extremely shortsighted. What did you want the guy to do? He put Foligno on the fourth line because he's clearly still injured, he's missing his best defensive defenseman and his 2C captain.

Tell me, what would YOU have changed?

Sorry Soup. That hurts. You instead of Freddy the last 5 years and second round is easily made.

3.) 01 Jun 2021 08:12:30
I will add. As soon as game 5 was a loss. I knew what was coming. I expected this. This is the condition known as being a Leafs fan.

4.) 01 Jun 2021 10:20:24
Pop Quiz leafs fans

Name me last salary cap team to have a 10 million dollar player to win a cup

Kane Teows
McDavid draisaitl
Matthews marner tavares

4 not in playoffs 2 bottom feeders 1 swept 1 loses 3 straight and are done

Even Tampa no one over 10
Crosby takes discount under 10 2X cup

Seriously 10 million is a jinx. Chicago knows this

Colorado better win cup in next 2 years or mackinnon will be their 10 million plus player

If a player wants a cup they best to sign under 10 million because 2 5 million guys can stop you better than you can score at playoff time

Fire Dubas yes
I’ve been agreeing since I started voices here.

5.) 01 Jun 2021 11:54:30
Never thought this team could make me not want or care about watching hockey anymore year after year they do think the last three games were a totally different team compared to the first 4 Shanny and Dubas will be fired and I’d say trade marner and Reilly for big returns and the only two players who should be resigned is Hyman and Spezza build up the pool now before Matthews leaves.

6.) 01 Jun 2021 12:53:54
@Craiggers this is very true. The depth takes such a hit that if your paying MNM+JT that much money and someone doesn't perform your done.

If MacKinnon didn't show up for 3 games Ave still have a team (when Kadri isn't suspended lol) .

Those Hawks teams had great depth and D.

Lightning are so stacked it's unreal.

Mathews didn't look right all series and Marner just enjoyed turning the puck over. When your paying 22 million to 2 guys Willy, Kerfoot and Spezza can't be your offense.

7.) 01 Jun 2021 13:06:29
I have been on getting rid of Dubas and his plan all along. It will be very hard for him to survive this.

8.) 01 Jun 2021 18:28:15
Matthews wrist or arm was bugging him.



22 May 2021 19:00:30
“Some time, Rock, when the team is up against it, when things are wrong and the breaks are beating the boys, ask them to go in there with all they've got and win just one for the Gipper. ”
(George Gipp)

The Habs drew first blood. It came in the form of our Captain’s. The pain was real.

The team’s response. A somewhat embarrassing “fight” between Perry and Foligno.

And a LOSS to the lowly Montréal Canadiens.

It was NOT enough.

The Leafs MUST win tonight.

Failure to do so will result in exactly that. Failure.

FAILURE in the eyes of its fans. Who have tasted the bittersweet sorrow of loss enough already.

FAILURE to ice a team that appears capable of contending.

FAILURE for keeping the confidence of fans unchecked.

FAILURE to be “Canada’s Best Team” any longer.

FAILURE is NOT an option for this team.

The fans will NOT lower their expectations.

We ARE angry.

We will NOT accept mediocrity. Again.

At MINIMUM, this team absolutely MUST reach the target they have set for themselves.

Failure to do so will result in exactly that. Failure.

The Maple Leaf is our national emblem. A symbol of immense strength. It is with great pride that our Captain wears that badge with honour.

Our heroes are without their Captain. But they are far from leaderless. This team needs to step up.

And win one for the Gipper.

Just one game.

For the Gipper.





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11 Apr 2021 18:06:41
Kerfoot is addition by subtraction.

Besides, his cap would need to be included to balance salaries.




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11 Apr 2021 18:03:48
That’s messed up.

Does the team trading the player have to be the team
that retains 50%?




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11 Apr 2021 06:38:37
Oleksiak has been traded twice already for a return less than what you are offering here. I’m going to assume that given the precedents, you can get him cheaper.




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10 Apr 2021 20:57:21
Can’t give up both Kerfoot and Engvall while receiving only Patrick. Would destroy our centre depth. As far as I know, Laughton hasn’t played any meaningful centre role in a few years. He’s a winger now, like Kerfoot. He can’t be trusted to carry his own line at this point.

I’ve seen quite a few Philadelphia games this year. Usually against Pittsburgh or New Jersey. I have serious reservations about Patrick’s ability to play centre. While I have no doubt that he is better than Kerfoot, I don’t think he’d better than Engvall.

Philadelphia plays him 4C if that tells you anything.




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10 Apr 2021 20:46:40
Montour isn’t exactly a big fish. A third for a guy that failed out of Buffalo doesn’t really excite. It seems like Buffalo got a pretty good deal actually.

Dubas needs to go big or go home.

Does he have the balls?

My thoughts is he should. Desperate GM’s do desperate things. Whether he makes the big move or not, if this team fails in the playoffs again, I doubt Dubas comes back.

At least by making a big move he can say he tried.

Doing nothing, again, and failing flat on their faces, again, would be the worst possible thing to have happen. Again.





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06 Jun 2021 07:45:34
I mailed Nylander a fan letter one time.

I didn’t think he got it.

Until the police showed up at my door.




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06 Jun 2021 07:42:55
Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Rielly gets traded this year.

He wasn’t one of Dubas’ boys, after all.




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06 Jun 2021 07:40:06
Not the worst trade no. Because he did manage to dump Zaitsev.

It wasn’t that Brown was a bad player. We all watched him play here. And get screwed over.

Everybody, including Dubas, knew Brown was getting screwed over playing 4th line here. And at the $2.1M he was earning at the time, and looking for a raise shortly, Dubas had to trade him. We weren’t going to be able to afford him anyway.

I agree, losing Brown sucked. Especially seeing him do so well in Ottawa, where his style is a best fit,

But he deserved a better chance. And I’m glad he got it.

I say the same thing about Dermott now too.




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06 Jun 2021 07:33:27
Brandon Tanev.




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06 Jun 2021 07:33:11
Tom Wilson.