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14 Jan 2021 03:26:08
Ok! Game 1 outta the way. So let's trade Nylander for the 10,386 time this year!

Tor: Nylander

Edmonton: McDavid, Draisaitl, Pasternak(three way trade) Edmonton 4 first round draft picks.

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14 Jan 2021 05:46:22
Leafs don’t have the cap space.

14 Jan 2021 07:49:58
Nylander stays how sweet his deal looks now. He was fighting leafs over money. Funny the leafs gave MARNER the moon and NYLANDER 60% of that money. This season we may see NYLANDER is better than MARNER.

14 Jan 2021 08:20:00
Different skill sets but I have been saying for a long, long time I don't think Marner is unequivocally better than Nylander. Nylander 100% has a much better shot but Marner is a better setup guy.

I agree though, Marner isn't worth that money although we have all been through that enough.

14 Jan 2021 12:29:25
94 vs 60 points looks like a 30% differance

Only a hand full of people have hit 90+ points in 1 season by their 3rd year in last 10 years. All those people got a bigger % of team cap when they signed their deal

Yes he is overpaid but so is anyone making over 100 grand doing something they love to do. Every hockey player is overpaid and why do u care it’s not your money

Love to see some of of the people on this site negotiate with a agent. Funny how everyone will buy a house for 30% over market value but then wine about dubas negotiation skills. Look in the mirror before judging someone and enjoy overpaying for a house,

16 Jan 2021 17:17:20
But it is his money Craigger. And yours. And mine. And every other fan of the Blue and White.

That’s why fans have the right to criticize their favourite team and demand accountability. Because it is our money.

I spent hundreds of dollars on Leafs merchandise alone last year for me and my kids. And I am not a high income earner.

Hockey revenue comes from somewhere. And it comes directly out of our pockets.



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