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22 Dec 2021 19:30:03
I could pull players all day long that teams might want to move

Leafs trade Nic Robertson and first 2022

Flyers trade Konecny retain 50%

So many teams are in cap hell and are paying a player too much cash on a long term deal. It sinks the entire payroll structure this is the case here. Leafs over pay and get flyers to eat half of the contract.

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22 Dec 2021 19:58:28
Explain how a team retaining 50% of a good sized cap hit for long term helps them out of cap trouble. Flyers would have $2.75M in dead cap space and have to replace Konecny with someone else for a maximum $2.75M just to break even.

22 Dec 2021 21:06:58
Flyers get 2 assets here Robinson and a first. So they rebuild. I’m not saying it’s perfect situation for flyers but they gave this player too much term and money . He is almost earning what nylander does. Look at flyer contracts. Look at Dallas Jamie Benn ant Tyler sequin . Dallas flyers and Islanders are in cap hell.

22 Dec 2021 21:37:07
Does everyone think retention is cheap?

Think about it like this. SJ doesn't want Kane anymore. If they could dump that contract for 2 1sts they probably would but no one is willing to take on salary for that long unless it's a massive overpay.

22 Dec 2021 23:38:35
Looks like DM has two accounts now or added a younger version

You understand that Konecny at $2.75 is an absolute bargain, right? He makes $1.5M less than Nylander which is hardly the same. If Konecny was at $2.75 for another 3 years, what do you think it would take to acquire him? I bet more than Robertson and a late 1st.

23 Dec 2021 08:34:51
RLF maybe I couldn’t access my first account Crime.

23 Dec 2021 09:12:24
So you have two accounts like 1 said. Seems you got back into your 1st account and the case is solved.



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