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30 May 2022 20:07:10
Dubas can't stick with Muzzin he will be hurt more next season trading Muzzin is a huge key to leafs off-season

Who are this years version of Kampf Kase and Banting.

I'm also willing to take a flyer on Malcolm Subban in looking 4 a goalie I can sign to two way contract that could surprise. If leafs can' get lucky with a goaltender as they did with Bunting Kampf and Kase it will be a great offseason

Leafs Muzzin

Kings 4 th round pick


1.) 31 May 2022 00:11:33
Replacing Muzzin for his price will cost a lot and he doesn't even have to move if he doesn't want too.

2.) 31 May 2022 05:53:09
Muzzin has to give Leafs 10 teams plus he will probably want to go back to L. A. Reilly there are only 2 trades Leafs need to make Muzzin and Mrazrk.

3.) 31 May 2022 06:59:23
@Dmackin no he doesn't. It's a simple Google search away.

Muzzin has A NTC until next year, then he has a modified-NTC. Why this confused so many people (including media) is behind me.

4.) 31 May 2022 15:22:51
Look these players will have places they will like to go just for the weather. So if leafs need to move him something can be worked out where he is happy. Florida Arizona Kings Ducks San Jose Dallas Nashville Los Vegas New York rangers . Those cities for weather and other things he may find appealing no snow less tax more entertainment . Moving Muzzin shouldn’t be so difficult.



30 May 2022 07:24:43

So Liljegren is worth less than a 7th round pick. Will you go play marbles please

Core leaf defence

Reilly Brodie
Sandin -----
Giordano Liljegren
Holl ?

Leafs trade Muzzin


1.) 30 May 2022 17:53:46
I might their 1st round pick this year. It's either 7th or 8th.

And I am really good at marbles!

2.) 30 May 2022 19:55:00
I did e eventually figure that out 8 th overall do you actually think Ottawa would trade that pick 4 Liljegren and the rights to Mikeyhev

Come on dude I don’t think Ottawa would trade that pick for even Nylander

The trade isn’t fair for Ottawa.

3.) 31 May 2022 04:46:04
Hoping Leafs can afford to resign Lyubushkin!



29 May 2022 11:07:41
folks here warning up to return oF Kadri . I give kadri a seventh year late in his career he can go on LLTR. If Leafs are fair he is back Leafs owe him that

Trade Mrazek Muzzin Holl

Future to obtain cap space

Difference adding cap space

Banting Matthews Marner
Nylander Tavares Kerfoot
Robinson kadri Engvall
Speeza Kampf Kase

Now your 3 lines deep and you just added Kadri salary and subtracted Mikheyev and Kessel


1.) 29 May 2022 16:54:26
He’s not coming back to be the 3rd centre.

2.) 29 May 2022 19:00:41
I'd see if he wants to first line lw with Matthews and marner.

3.) 30 May 2022 00:18:08
Kadri will want term and dollars neither of which the Leafs have available.
I suspect Kadri will be able to translate this past season into a $7 - $8 million a year extravaganza with at least a 6 to 7 year term.
Leafs can not even afford to sign their own goaltender!
The mistake was signing Tavares and trading Kadri.

4.) 30 May 2022 04:00:39
@WB I find this whole "Kadri will get 8" to be a bit much. Be didn't put up 40 goals. He was a point a game player at 32. I think he probably gets Hyman money. 7-8 years for 4-5 mil. He gets the money he wants going into retirement, the team gets a lower aav. Win win.



28 May 2022 12:32:17
Something to watch

To me Engvall and Mikheyev are exactly the same skill set. But watch what both ends up signing for. One is RFA the other UFA. This is why I let Mikheyev walk

Leafs Mrazek Holl

Arizona 2022 4nd round pick


1.) 28 May 2022 13:31:25
What about a sign and trade of Mikheyev?
If he’s in demand why not go this route and get something?
We would have until season opening to get under cap.

2.) 28 May 2022 14:16:47
Because Dubas is not old school taught, that you should try to get something instead of nothing.

And because he doesn't think like us, in his world everyone is suppose to like all his trades and players because HE DOES!


3.) 28 May 2022 16:16:06
It is no secret that i am critical of Dubas at times, but sign and trades are extremely rare on UFA players. There are multuple reasons why they hardly ever happen.

4.) 28 May 2022 17:09:18
the sign and trade is only good to get an 8th season on a contract, there is no reason for mickeyev to sign for more than 2-3 years if he feels he can get more than 3 or 4m on the contract after.

5.) 28 May 2022 18:44:59
Don’t agree with either comments. Hardly ever happening does not mean they don’t.

Imagine a team like Arizona wanting a player like Mikheyev. Unfortunately they can’t deal directly with him and have to wait post July1. They see value at $3.6 to $4m for 3 or 4 years. They are ready to give up Christian Fischer, an RFA power forward who will no doubt sign around $1m for 2 years.

The Leafs can strike a deal and trade with doing some due diligence.

Hrenklin I don’t understand your 8th season comment, nor the statement on no reason to sign more than 2-3 years to get 3-4. Doesn’t more than 2-3 equate to 3-4?

6.) 28 May 2022 19:08:39
Rsears. You are speaking like the Leafs hold the cards. Leafs have no power, Mikheyev does. For a sign and trade deal to work, Leafs have to have a deal in place with a team that Mikheyev wants to go to at a price he thinks he is worth on the open market. Otherwise, why would Mikheyev sign just to get an average deal and be sent to a crap team? He can just wait until free agency starts and pick wherever he wants to go or take the highest bidder. There is zero incentive for Mikheyev to sign now with Toronto unless he wants to stay and then you can be sure he will want a no trade to make sure exactly what you are suggesting doesn't happen.
The player holds all the cards once he gets to be a UFA, which is why you pretty much never see sign and trades because it is not in the players interest.

7.) 28 May 2022 19:28:37
The Leafs are the only team that can offer an 8th year is what he meant. Why would a team give up an asset for a player that they can simply sign. The player isn’t going to sign with Toronto and give them the ability to trade him wherever they want.

8.) 29 May 2022 00:04:31
Big daddy, I fully understand the 8-year contract but it has nothing to do with a sign and trade.

RLF, you’re right that the Leafs do not hold “all” the cards but they are the only team that has current negotiation rights. That is worth something.

The Leafs May in fact have to let Mikheyev walk. My point, that no one has suggested, is a sign and trade gets us something.

I have already stated that the Leafs would need to come to an agreement in advance on a sign and trade.

Absolutely not impossible.

9.) 29 May 2022 00:06:07
Bigdaddycool, it takes creativity to do a sign and trade.
Stretch your mind a bit, perhaps.

10.) 29 May 2022 00:25:57
For those who don’t think a sign and trade is attainable, then trade his UFA rights and get avdraft pick.

Don’t simply let him walk.

I believe both Nashville and Columbus owe us a player TBA. Maybe something more significant can be obtained with trading his negotiation rights.

11.) 29 May 2022 01:17:45
Rsears. As i said, very rare. I didn't say impossible. My point was that you gave a scenario that is not likely to result in a sign and trade because the only card the Leafs hold is Mikheyev's rights at the moment. Mikheyev will likely get that on the open market and not have to play for a crap team that Arz is likely to be. There is a reason no one has suggested a sign and trade. It is because it is so unlikely that it happens where they get an actual return that no one thinks about it. I admire your resolve on the idea, but it is about 99% not happening. imo.



28 May 2022 02:26:05
Leafs Mrazrek Holl 2nd

Montreal 5 round pick

Montreal continue rebuild Trade Price


A goalie will become available b4 the 20 game mark. All I'm saying is if Leafs can go cheap on a goalie and hit jackpot they can load atop 6 forward and top 4 right defensman . The oilers are doing great with shaky goaltending I want kadri back


1.) 28 May 2022 02:57:11
I wish i was as confident as you in finding a goalie within your scenario, but I can't remember the last time one was available of any quality in the first 20 games.




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27 May 2022 15:49:58
Leafs add depth to top 6 do not trade Nylander or Kerfoot

Leafs need 3 pieces in free agency or trade

A top 4 defender right side and top 6 forward and a goalie

Penguins won't offer Kasperi Kapanen a contract he has regressed big time

Leafs can get him for 2 million I make investment he loves Nylander and Leafs RFA no way Pittsburgh want to pay him 3 million going forward


Leafs trade Muzzin Holl Mrazek
Don't resign Kase or Mikheyev
Sad because he loves team and has done all he can with low pay but Simmons can't come back

Anywhere picks

That creates 16 million in cap space

Can you say it's likely Muzzin is better or more healthly next year it's likely he regresses in both health and skill move him now

Reilly broadie
Sandin -------
Giordano Liljegren


Marlins can find a few bottom 6 forwards or 6 th defencemen

Joey Anderson




25 May 2022 13:15:20
Could leafs bring back kadri 4 x 6 I give him. If they hadn't traded him they own one cup already

Leafs kadri 4 years 6 million


1.) 25 May 2022 17:18:07
Kadri is making minimum 9 mil next year and he’s not coming back to Toronto after they gave him away.

2.) 25 May 2022 20:14:34
@Mackin all anyone said at the time was how Kadri cost them. Now, every media outlet is in love with him. Not sure how people justify this in their minds.

He isn't taking 4x6. I would expect him to get a 6x7 type of deal.

3.) 26 May 2022 12:38:12
Yea, most wanted Kadri gone. I was fine with trading Kadri, I just didn't like the return.

4.) 27 May 2022 00:29:18
@RLF as was I. Two dumb decisions in back to back playoffs then after getting traded, does it again.

The return was brutal, but I don't fault Dubas for shopping him. We all knew it needed to be done.



05 Mar 2016 19:34:37
At draft leafs send Pittsburgh first round pic plus a second round pic and prospect too team in top 8 for their first Rd pic thoughts please.


1.) 09 Mar 2016 07:02:34
If last years draft was evidence of how Hunter and Dubas conduct themselves at the draft than we can probably count on more drop down scenarios than paying to move up. I think the leafs making the most selections in a single NHL draft is a good record for an organization "turning a new leaf" and becoming synonymous with winning. The balue of the Pittsburgh pick is as much a mystery as the leafs cause it can be anywhere between 15th and 30th. It'll probably cost more to get another pick within the top 10 at this years draft. I think the prospect value drops quite a bit after 12 or 13 selections.



20 Feb 2016 05:13:49
Lupel will. Either be traded offseason where leafs retain 50% of his money or he will. Be bought out. He is gonzo regardless.


1.) 20 Feb 2016 21:35:05
I don't think buying Lupul out will happen because then it affects our cap space for years to come. If we ride him out for a year and at most two we shouldn't have cap issues for that period. He also could play well enough to offload him next year or the year after.

Buying him out only cripples us a bit when we are competitive and we need the cap room



17 Feb 2016 11:00:18
Is Kadri worth 5 yrs at 5million per if u disagree click disagree if u think he worth it lick agree.


1.) 17 Feb 2016 12:19:23
Kadri has the potential and all the right tools, but unfortunately, he seems to have this sense of entitlement and because of it has yet to mature into the well-rounded player he should be.

I would seriously consider trading him.

2.) 22 Feb 2016 01:40:00
Kadri has to go. And it will happen. Lou is waiting to strike. Maybe by deadline but most likely this summer.




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30 May 2022 19:55:00
I did e eventually figure that out 8 th overall do you actually think Ottawa would trade that pick 4 Liljegren and the rights to Mikeyhev

Come on dude I don’t think Ottawa would trade that pick for even Nylander

The trade isn’t fair for Ottawa.




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30 May 2022 19:27:11
I don’t want to subtract from the forward group. We trade Muzzin because a cheaper player with same skill set and better health prognosis is out there to be had.

I want to add a top 6 forward Kadri seems to be perfect fit I don’t mind giving him 7 years. The end of the contract he will end up on LLTR

Muzzin and Mikheyev leaving along with Kessel off the books opens up nearly 9 million in cap space. Kadri gets 6x7 for the leafs he will take a bit less he loves Toronto he never wanted to leave.




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28 May 2022 12:06:31
You don’t trade Engvall either a late bloomer but even when he sighs it’s going to b a value contract 1.75 million or so on a 3 year deal.




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28 May 2022 11:57:51
Max Donnie Is awful the guy I look at that give u more in free agency is Marchment

You don’t t remove top 6 forwards you add to the hat group. Let Mikheyev walk but keep Nylander and Kerfoot.




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27 May 2022 15:54:43
Hehehe Sandin odd man out it’s a joke right that dude yesterday is a top 4 left denfender with upside to burn

Sandin is your replacement for Muzzin.





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16 Jan 2016 12:32:00
Bozak should get a first plus a little more




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28 Dec 2015 12:58:16
We would get a lot for JVR but there are many pieces that must be moved b4 him.Kadri,Bozak,Lupel,Komarov,Phaneaf and Reimer




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25 Dec 2015 15:25:44
I mean all the UFA at season end




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25 Dec 2015 15:08:33
The team isn't really improving Til 2017-18 Kamorov will be 31. He must be traded at deadline. The pieces that will be gone b4 next season are phaneaf Reimer, kadri,komarov,Bozak hopefully Lupel and all the Rfa at season end.




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23 Dec 2015 00:55:46
Why do the Leafs want to make playoffs. They must finish near bottom.to put the ship in the right place going forward.