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03 Jan 2022 17:51:52

Leafs Marner

Sabres 1st 2022 best pick they hold no protection Dahlin Tage Thompson

Sabres hold 3 first round pics they would die for Mitch Marner and leafs get nearly 3 million cap relief in this deal. With a lottery pick to boot no draft lottery protection. Leafs make this trade as soon as season ends

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03 Jan 2022 18:22:05
They don't want Marner. They don't need him. By the time they're competitive again he's a UFA.

Not many teams would die for Marner lol.

03 Jan 2022 18:25:32
This trade above mould then allow you to trade Jake Muzzin. Liljegren could take his spot on second pairing no problem.

Reilly Brodie
Dahlin Liljegren
Dermott Holl

Holl is traded off-season or later this season so you add. A cheap 6 th defencemen. The bottom line by trading Marner and muzzin and adding sandin and Thompson. Your savings on the cap is well over 9 million dollars plus you added a totters pick in 2022. Leafs have all kinds of flexibility.

03 Jan 2022 19:05:39
Where is Sandin in this new defense corp?

03 Jan 2022 21:14:15

Reilly Broadie
Dahlin Liljegren
Sandin Dermott

Holl is traded

Amirov is the first top prospect I would move I don’t trust Russian hockey players I don’t know the minutes he is getting in KHL but 3 points 10 games reminds me of the drafting mistake the leafs made not taking Debrincet .

The other guy that commented on Marner not being wanted badly. He is potentially the 5 th best right winger in the NHL watch the second half of season but his contract isn’t going to work. Matthews is priority A and Nylander is priority B.

03 Jan 2022 23:51:00
Lol. I'm the other guy now?

Top 5 RW. Where is he overall? At 11 million he needs to be a top 5 in the NHL in order for teams to want him.

the only Leafs player making 10+ other teams would give a tonne for is Mathews.

04 Jan 2022 03:19:18

if MARNER is healthy he is 100 points a season. He is the best playmaker next to mcdavid. Marner is Kucherov but much younger he has 3 seasons left after this one. look at the growth of Nylander the last 18 months expect the same growth from Marner. Leafs could keep him til this contract ends but I don’t see how you have MATHEWS MAKING 14 MILLION NYLANDER. MAKING 10 MILLION MARNER MAKING 10 MILLION AMD TAVARES MAKING 11 MILLION REILLY MAKING 7 MILLION. Something has to give no team have 3 forwards over 10 million and one making nearly 15.

04 Jan 2022 04:14:18
I will never say keeping Marner is a good idea. I think Dubas made some really solid signings and got a bit lucky as well but with Rielly and Soup's new deals, he's going to need league min to replace them.

Mikheyev needs replaced after this year as well and everyone keeps wanting an upgrade to the D-corps.

Marner has never hit 100 points. If he put up McDavid or Drais numbers this year then his value is higher. But he never has.

Think about it like this; what type of team wants Marner and is willing to give up assets to acquire him? Rebuilding team says no. Most contending teams want retention or need to send salary back that you don't want.

Hey, maybe someone will hire Millbury soon though then we're set lol.



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