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01 Mar 2021 23:32:40
So these are the kinds of deals i'd like to see get done this year and that could help us out next year as well:

Leafs Get:
Pearson(1,875,000) retained)

Canucks Get:
2021 2nd or 3rd round pick)

Leafs Get:

Flames Get:

lines look like this:


Leaves the leafs with 1.6 in cap space ans that is without trading Kerfoot....If somehow we could get a better 2nd line left winger and drop Person onto that 3rd line i think it becomes very tough t play against.

This also helps us next year with a good player in Mangiapane and might even allow us to resign Bennett and Hyman....and dare i say Pearson assuming we then trade Kerfoot.


1.) 01 Mar 2021 23:53:46
Bennett is underrated for what he does. He is another Hyman type player and would be an adequate replacement for Kerfoot.

Too bad we have to even think about finding a replacement for Kerfoot. We used to have a good 3C. Until we traded him for Kadri.

2.) 02 Mar 2021 00:02:44
There’s no way the leafs pay Kerfoot 3.5 to sit in the press box and I’d have a hard time putting Simmonds on the 4th line after how well he played before his injury.

3.) 02 Mar 2021 03:52:31
Hey Hockeyluvr Kadri was a train wreck off the ice then turned out to be train wreck on the ice. See two consecutive playoff suspensions against Bruins. He was suspended by his own team first then twice by League. How many chances do you give a pro athlete? Shanahan bout 5 years ago called him in offseason to read him riot act of his "activities" off the ice. Rumor was his likeness for "nose candy". HIS PARENTS were called him with him by Shanahan. Hmm embarrassing? Was in article written by Chris Johnston shortly thereafter. They made perfect decision to move on from him. Heard of addition by subtraction. Perfect example. Drives me nuts when media talks about how Leafs miss him but don't discuss his on ice immaturity.

4.) 02 Mar 2021 14:29:59
leafs1994 I realize leafs would not pay kerfoot to sit on bench. I just did not know who to trade him too or for what. my point was we have all that depth and are still under the cap. realize Simmonds was playing well but he and Thornton have not stayed healthy. he can be moved up and down the lines as need be. I also wish we still gad kadri . he got suspended in those platoons cause he was the only player wearing his heart on his slave who gave a daMN and he was over compensating for the others.



13 Feb 2021 02:48:59
So this is not a complete trade breakdown...looking to you guys to adjust it or even reject it...has to do with rumors Pens want Fleury back.i know Pens could probly deal directly with Vegas, but i am basing the fact that Vegas may not feel comfortable with Jarry and want a more seasoned backup like Andersen...does it make sense if so what is missing as a really did not know how much more the Leafs would have to add and who it would go to.

to Vegas:
1st round pick(Pens)

to Leafs:
Jarry (3.5Mil)
Rust (3.5Mil)

to Pens:
Fleury: 5mil(2 mil retained by vegas)


1.) 13 Feb 2021 11:48:56
I really like this deal. The main thing that might hurt this trade is Vegas on the hook for 2 million retained next year for fleury. If fleury was a ufa like Andersen I don’t see how any team would say no. Unfortunetly he isn’t and Vegas might not like that 2 million next year.

Guess that 1st might make up the value (4 million total) so on second thought yeah awesome.

I’d love this deal
Pens would love this deal
Vegas probably loves this deal

Don’t see anything wrong

Good work.

2.) 13 Feb 2021 13:54:10
The idea is interesting, but I cannot see Pit giving up Jarry, Rust and a 1st (which they don't have in this years draft) for a 36 year old goalie even if $2M is retained.

3.) 13 Feb 2021 14:18:07
Give pens kerfoot lol

Oh and Minnesota has pens 1st in Z (s) ucker trade

They’ve given up 6 of their last 8 1st rounders. Then traded 1 of those picked 1st rounders just a few months after drafting it only to deal a 1st and previously picked 2nd rounder to get that very player back 6 years later.

They did win 2 cups during this process and Burke has been known to deal 1st rounders when first taking over a team in the past to improve them right off the hop. but would he dare deal a 1st rounder in 2022 on a aging goalie he may lose to free agency or retirement that very summer to try and improve a very aging core. I don’t know by I’ll take the under on this one.

4.) 13 Feb 2021 19:58:21
RLF. i get what you are saying . as i said deal needs a little work. maybe from Leafs side. maybe Leafs send Pens a 2nd or even maybe a 1st. unfortunately it can't really be anyone cap wise. or i would send Kerfoot like Craigger said. Vegas does get the extra 2mil cap retention but allows then to sign a backup for a cheaper deal.

5.) 14 Feb 2021 14:46:33
Yea, there is something possibly there Loxley. To me, Vegas is getting too much back, even if they retain on Fleury, and Pit is giving up too much, and Toronto is probably getting too much.
Maybe something like Vegas gets Andersen and a Leaf prospect like Korskov, Leafs get Jarry and Rust, Pens get Fleury ($1m retained)?
I don't know, does that make sense?

6.) 14 Feb 2021 17:39:20
Jarry save pct is .857

Just saying.



05 Feb 2021 17:58:25
Just adding my take on a possible Flames deal...wondering....

Leafs Trade:
2nd (2021) or a prospetct

Flames Trade:

cap works for both teams...Nylander and Lindholm are close in points but Lindholm seems to get more assists and Nylander might help Flames get more scoring....both are signed for same duration and Nylander is 2 years younger..Bennett plays on LW with Tavares and Lindholm on RW...lines look like this:

Thornton(can switch out any of the bottom six guys)



We get more grit with Hyman and Bennett on first 2 lines and get a lower cap on Lindholm who can set up either Tavares or Matthews for goals and is cheaper than Nylander...with the lower cap we can resign Bennett for his qualifying offer and still have extra to hopefully sign Hyman...Kerfoot can be traded and replaced by Brooks to free up more cash to sign a goalie to replace/resign Freddy


1.) 05 Feb 2021 19:17:50
Flip the pick around and have Calgary send the pick and maybe.

2.) 05 Feb 2021 19:34:29
Lindholm would not be part of this deal. He is reason why Bennett is feeling the way he does. Lindholm took the 3rd line center role from him causing this whole mess.

On top of that Calgary is slowly turning into a Swedish national team. They love their Swedes. They would want nylander to be with Lindholm and or backlund.

I think nylander gets leafs Bennett plus a massive cap dump to like Derek Ryan/ David rittich (5.865)
That along with Bennett’s 2.55 brings it all up 8.415 total so leafs would simply need to dump 1.515 which is basically a Hutchison and Dermott.

Then leafs need to flip rittich to a team goalie desperate

But no matter how you figure it all out I just can’t see Lindholm being the return

That’s my take anyways.

3.) 05 Feb 2021 21:22:10
Oh and the 2 cap dumps needed to facilitate this trade due to cap restrictions obviously brings leafs back a top prospect or 1st rounder.

I’d prefer connar Zary but I’m sure dubas would want the 1st rounder as he wants to pick his prospects not being given other prospects. Calgary may miss playoffs so that puck could fall in top 10 and since no restrictions or compensations can be put in deals leafs would get no matter where Calgary falls

So in closing
Nylander Hutchison Dermott
Bennett Ryan rittich

Hyman Matthews marner
Bennett Tavares simmonds
Kerfoot Ryan micheyev
Vesey spezza petan

Rielly Brodie muzzin holl Lehtonen bogosian

Andersen Campbell

Robertson Thornton rittich

80.3 plus Kessel is 81.5 when all healthy

Sandin Boyd barbasov malgin liljegren taxi

Then deal rittich or waive him whatever

Plus that 1st or zary

Something along those lines anyways.

4.) 05 Feb 2021 21:25:30
No, I don't think you get Lindholm and Bennett for Willy either. Simply for the reason of, why pay more against the cap for a player that will give you no more production than the player you are trading.

5.) 06 Feb 2021 01:04:59
RLF. Nylander should give them more goals as Lindholm seems to get more assists. that was my thought. the 2nd was for Bennett and possibly add a prospect C as they seem to be low on choices in Calgary.

6.) 06 Feb 2021 01:09:05
Craigger in this scenario Lindholm is part of the deal. might have been low on what i sent back from the Leafs. don't get your point on Lindholm is the reason Bennett is upset. Lindholm is 1st line C and Bennett seems to be flipping back and forth on 3rd line from LW to C. as for your second novel you wrote i did not even bother reading that. i get bored 4 sentences in with the long winded stories.

7.) 06 Feb 2021 04:15:08
Ok perfect deal then

Well done.

8.) 06 Feb 2021 13:01:29
That’s the problem with today’s kids. No attention span and reading comprehension has taken a hit as a result.

Read the whole explanation whether you agree with it or not. There is almost always some valuable information to be gleaned.

Is Lindholm better than Nylander? Hard to say. They are both close enough that I fail to see the point. Trading one soft Swedish player for another isn’t really an upgrade. We may as well just keep our own Dough Boy.

If Calgary is going to trade Bennett for a 2nd, may as well just make that trade and retain Nylander.

9.) 06 Feb 2021 14:50:30
@Loxley. Is Nylander going to give them more goals? Lindholm put up 29 and 27 the past two seasons. Is Willy that much better at goal scoring? Lindholm is also 2.1M less against the cap over the next 4 years. Would we want Dubas to spend an extra 2.1M a year on a similar player? I don't, and I can't think Calgary would.

Lindholm also plays a more physical game than Willy. Lindholm had more hits last year alone than Willy has in his entire career. He can play centre regularly and is better defensively than Willy. It is not like Lindholm has faltered this year production wise either.

Despite the value some put on Willy, I am not sure you have put enough of an add for Calgary to do this deal. Just my opinion.

10.) 06 Feb 2021 18:39:05
RLF i was just looking at Lindholm as a guy comparable to Nylander only this year he seems to have more assists than goals. albeit only a short window into the season. so you're right we probly have to add to the deal. the big thing i like if we get the extra cap space which would hopefully be spent to keep Hyman who is a player most Leafs fans don't want to see go. not so concerned about keeping Freddy as most fans seem to like what Campbell has done and think he deserves a chance to start. so maybe we have to offer a first round pick or add someone like Robertson.



31 Jan 2021 02:45:22
Hey guys,
so here are a few trades i'd like to see happen....wondering what your thoughts are on them and what might have to be changed to get them done

Ryan, Bobby

Engvall, Pierre
2021 6th round pick (TOR)

Bennett, Sam
Kerfoot, Alexander
2022 5th round pick (TOR)

Dunn, Vince
Dermott, Travis
2021 2nd round pick (TOR)


1.) 31 Jan 2021 02:56:26
Dunn looks to be an up and comer by he is really far down that depth chart right now. Talk is he has an attitude and work ethic problem. If he can be had cheap then why not but he doesn't really change much on the team.

Posted my own Bobby Ryan trade yesterday so I am definitely interested in the target but this seems a bit light. Someone will offer better than Engvall and a 6th.

I don't mind the Bennett move if you like him better than Kerfoot but it's a pretty sideways prop.

2.) 31 Jan 2021 04:53:05
I like the idea of using Bennett as a lw beside Tavares. and if we leave Hyman on Matthews wing that top six looks pretty good. only reason i get rid of Kerfoot is Bennett is cheaper and allows us to get Dunn who i have liked before and gives us caproom once Campbell comes back. I put Engvall in just to even out Ryan's 1 mil salary hit. figured him and a pick would be enough. how about a 4th round pick and Engvall?

3.) 31 Jan 2021 06:43:37
You will not be getting Dunn who is currently better than most you lhd with exception to reilly muzzin.

4.) 31 Jan 2021 07:44:09
Russian colt summed it up. That's why the Blues, who are hurting for lhd, are shopping him actively. Also explains the reports of his poor work ethic. He's too good.

I hope I'm as smart as you one day hotwing.

I like Bennett as well don't get me wrong. I wouldn't feel any which way about a Kerfoot for bennett trade though.

Engvall is totally buried now. He won't be playing anymore if the lineup is healthy. I would happily send him off for Ryan I just think it costs a bit more. That also depends on when the trade is made though. He has 4 goals right now so they ask for more. If he has 6 goals by game 30 this may do it.

5.) 31 Jan 2021 08:12:30
How are blues hurting for lhd. wtf are you smoking. If we were to trade Dunn we have the following available. So wtf are you talking about. There are zero reports of his poor work ethic (other than some blogger) . He had a bad game and was benched 1 game. Came back tonight and kicked ass. You guys don't even research before you try and act like you are experts lol.


6.) 31 Jan 2021 12:23:34
Please people no more blues deals

Best line of hot wing yet
Dunn is currently better than most you LHD with exception of rielly muzzin. Lol.

That puts him right where Dermott is so what’s the point of trading for him.

Hey Krug and scandella you can write the same.

7.) 31 Jan 2021 18:02:05
The leafs don’t need a defensive liability. Yes his offence is good but that’s not what leafs need. The 1.8 cap hit is too steep for a bottom pair dman on the leafs. The 2 bottom pair Dmen for leafs needs to be under 2 million together for dubas system to work. Just like 2.5 is max the leafs have on a 4th line.

Whether you think Dunn is good or not it really doesn’t matter. You don’t need to research anything because my explanation sums it all up.


8.) 31 Jan 2021 19:06:21
Hey you have deemit sandi lehtonen all vying for that 2rd spot and Dunn is a level above all those guys. Its simple.

9.) 31 Jan 2021 19:48:22
Dermott Sandin Lehtonen all make 1 million dollars less than Dunn for a spot Dunn would be competing for as well so why bother getting him. He’s 2 expensive for 14-16 mi utes a night and would become the 4th option on the PP so his production would drop. Leafs don’t need an offensive dman who’s a huge defensive liability in that spot. Same reason liljegren doesn’t get to be 3RD. That bottom pairing just needs steady D that plays D. Nothing fancy. Nothing to win a game but nothing to lose a game and nothing over 2 million combined to do so.

Do I need to go on or do you get it yet

Oh, it’s the 3rd spot not 2nd

It’s as simple as that.



01 Jan 2021 14:31:33
I know Dubois just signed with Jackets but rumours are still out there he wants to be traded,so how about this...what needs to change or be added to get something like this done...

Leafs Trade:

Jackets Trade:

Dubois could move to left wing where Nylander plays and Foudy would be a great option as 3rd line centre when we have to move Kerfoot..Korpisalo is a good backup and could be a future #1 depending on what he can show us this year and what Freddy does if Leafs decide to not sign him


1.) 01 Jan 2021 16:02:16
Just my opinion, but I think you are undervaluing Dubois a bit. Dubois is only 22 and a former 3rd overall pick who does a bit of everything and is a sure bet for 50-70 pts a season. He already has 19pts in 26 playoff games, so he ups his game when it really matters. In all honesty, I think if we are offering Nylander, we are the ones adding a bit, so I doubt we also get Foudy. I could be wrong, but I think Dubois will get some really good offers that beat this.

2.) 01 Jan 2021 18:04:45
As much as I’d love Dubois I think franchises who are rebuilds would jump quickly at opportunity at landing a guy who could turn their franchises around thus making it impossible for leafs to compete for his services

Nylander, Robertson, Amirov (the Russian both Toronto and Columbus wanted and why leafs didn’t trade down and just took him at 15 knowing Columbus wanted him)
Throw in liljegren (once savard leaves Columbus will be thin on right side) and now Columbus might think about it

Only until a team like the rangers or sens jump in and offer an even better package than this one.

Trying to get the other 2 players from Columbus only makes it harder to land Dubois.

3.) 01 Jan 2021 22:36:13
all good. figured i was light on leafs side. just wondering what everyone else thought they'd have to add.




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30 Jul 2021 15:40:40
forget makar. makes to much. I'd trade Sandin for chychrun. then trade rielly for depth forwards.




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26 Jul 2021 17:39:29
with this apparent rebuild/ tear down in Arizona. . is their anyway we could get both dvorak and chychrun. what must he be thinking. I'd be more than willing to chip in sanding and some 1st rounders to get him. maybe them we could move moran elsewhere for forward help.




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25 Jul 2021 15:34:22
Dubas is too busy focusing on nickle and diming the Oilers on what type of pick Hyman's rights are worth. he wants a 2nd Oilers offer a 6th. so now we will get no pick and he screws Hyman out of a year on his contract. nice work Dubas. don't worry about the insane trades going on and what we could have gotten for Rielly who will surely walk away now after this season as a UFA. always the small game eh Kyle. picks now to be a tough guy and not when we needed it on the Marner deal.




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23 Jul 2021 21:35:57
Risto cost the flyers way more than Engvall. what is going on in Philly and Carolina these days.




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23 Jul 2021 21:33:45
i'd rather keep our second. hopefully we can draft Josh Doan.





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