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15 Nov 2022 12:57:25
Tor: 1st neimela
Stl: tarasanko 50% retained

Big winger who can play with bite but can also put the puck in the net was rumoured last year to wanting out of St. Louis and no is on an expiring deal I think he would be a good add for a playoff team

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15 Nov 2022 19:49:59
I personally wouldn't give up a defense prospect (we're extremely thin) for a forward. We'd also probably have to move some salary out to make this work.

16 Nov 2022 01:33:02
A 1st round pick plus Niemala for Tarasenko?
Surely you jest.
Tarasenko is used goods and will be a UFA at the end of the season.
He will be looking for term and money!
Tarasenko will be 31 in less than a month and is as big an injury risk as Matt Murray is and Petr Mrazek was!

16 Nov 2022 10:45:11
@leafs67 you’re right leafs are thin in blue line prospects but do you really think we need another small offensive defencemen on this team I’d swap neimela for sandin if need be. Also leafs don’t have to move salary out at 50% retention he would cost around 3 mil and then the leafs have 5.6 of muzzins ltir gives the leafs enough wiggle room to add another piece

@waterbuff I’m not sure if you understand what a rental player is as I seen you wrote similar comments on other post there’s no plan to resign him just need a solid player come playoff time his health is not an issue look it up other than during the c.v. he’s played over 70 games every year I’m paying a first which will be a late one so doesn’t hold a lot of value and a good prospect idk where you have been but that’s the going rate for good players.

16 Nov 2022 12:55:09
You're right, assuming Muzzin is out long term, which seems to be the case. I just think defense is our biggest area of need right now. Also Tarasenko isn't quite what he used to be.



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