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19 Mar 2024 11:44:26
Maybe Leafs shouldn't re-sign Bertuzzi & Domi, but instead go with their young guys (and by young guys, I don't mean bringing up Cowan, Minten or Niemela, at least not to start the season) .
The younger guys I mean are the ones who pretty much played their 1st full NHL season this year.
We may lose a bit of 'snot' on offense, but we will target on defense.

First trade Kampf & Timmins for picks only

Leafs re-sign
Robertson $1.5M/ 2yrs
Liljegren $3.25M/ 3yrs
Benoit $1.1M/ 2yrs (reasonable especially if he doesn't play much down the stretch)
Dewar $1.15M/ 2yrs
Jones $1.4M/ 1 or 2yrs

Leafs target & sign (D with lot's of 'snot')
Roy $5.5M/ 6yrs
Dillon $3.5M/ 3yrs (maybe add 4th to keep AAV lower)
Bortuzzo $.95M/ 1yr
*** Lindholm $5M/ 1yr show me contract
- lots of hope on this one, but everyone who plays for Leafs seem to get a salary boost the following season

New lines

Knies - Matthews - Jarnkrok $16.275M
McMann - Lindholm - Nylander $17.85M
Robertson - JT - Marner $23.403
Holmberg - Dewar - Reaves $3.3M
Tverberg $.851667M

Rielly - Roy $13M
Dillon - Liljegren $6.75M
Benoit - McCabe $3.1M
Bortuzzo $.95M

Woll $.766667M
Jones $1.4M

Estimated cap is 87.7M
Total $87.646334M


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19 Mar 2024 12:24:53
I like the defence but not crazy about the F’s. I really don’t think Robertson has a place in this lineup. Poor JT would be by himself digging in the corners on that line.

19 Mar 2024 12:53:56
I get what you're saying Clarky, but unfortunately the cap is going to be extremely tight next year if Leafs really want to upgrade on defense.
Maybe they add Robertson with Lindholm & Nylander.
And move McMann with JT & Marner.

19 Mar 2024 14:56:43
I don't think Bertuzzi will be affordable. As the cap rises GM's will go insane with the money they throw around.

I have been against bringing Domi in for years. Never liked the player. He won me over. Keep Domi long term.

I like that defence, but as Clarky said, that F group is as soft as they come. I'm not sure I could justify that one.

19 Mar 2024 17:11:39
Okay boys, lets try this:

Domi $2.65M/ 1yr (negotiate extention next season when JT's contract comes off the books) .
Liljegren $2.5M/ 1yr

***Leafs don't sign Bortuzzo

Instead, trade

Robertson RFA
Timmins $1.1M/ 1yr
Burroughs $.55M/ 2yrs (@50% retained)
2023 4th round pick

Leafs save $1.15M ($.75M on Lily &
$.4M with Burroughs) .

So same salary cap as above, just

Roberson for Domi
Bortuzzo for Burroughs.

19 Mar 2024 17:57:58
Sorry, wrote the pick down wrong

Robertson & Timmins
Burroughs $.55M (50% retained)
2024 3rd round pick.



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