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25 Mar 2024 15:48:41
Robertson RFA
Liljegren RFA
2024 1st
2024 5th (SJ chooses)

To Toronto
Ferraro $3.25M/ 2yrs
***2024 1st (via Pittsburg)

***only applies if Pittsburgh is out of bottom 10, hopefully it is an 11th or 12 OverAll selection
Toronto drafts either Carter Yakemchuk or Zayne Parekh.

Is this enough?


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25 Mar 2024 18:50:18
I don't see the value for SJ tbh.

They swap to a worse pick, give up Ferraro and receive Robertson and Lilly.

I'd say don't do the pick swap and it's a deal.

25 Mar 2024 19:21:57
@LL what do you think it takes to get that pick?
Leafs need to draft a potential top 4 RHD. There should still be a few good potential top 4 RHD at that spot.

25 Mar 2024 21:01:13
@Tags if I'm SJ I want a massive haul for that pick.

If I'm looking at it from their point of view, if the pick ends up in the top 10, it becomes unprotected next draft. I don't think Pitts gets much better (If at all) . They could end up with two picks in the top 5 without Guentzel, Malkin, Letang and Crosby aging another year. I don't think Pitts has goaltending Jarry is just hot.

Just my take though.

26 Mar 2024 01:58:47
Sorry LL, I guess I didn't explain myself correctly.
I'm saying if the pick ends up outside the top 10, what would it take from the Leafs to get it?
It gives us a chance at Yakemchuk or Parekh.

26 Mar 2024 11:16:03
I don’t think you get that pick regardless of what you send them they are gonna be patient and rebuild through the draft and then overpay some vets on shorter term deals much like Anaheim and Chicago.



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