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31 Mar 2024 14:21:15

Robertson RFA

Jokiharju RFA

I had put this out before and it makes a ton of sense for both teams if Robertson is as good a s you say. Buffalo gets a "30" goal scorer and Toronto gets a mid pair RD. Both young. Both RFA's. Leafs can then look for a 2nd pair, Big LD which is easier to find than an RD, to play with Jokiharju.

Rielly McCabe
Big LD Jokiharju
Benoit (Boosh?)

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31 Mar 2024 16:09:13
RLF do you really think Jokiharju is better than Liljegren?
I haven't really seen much if Jim, buy from what I have, he doesn't do anything for me.
If we're trading Robertson for a Dman I would much rather target Ferraro, who I think offers much more than Jokiharju. Don't know what else is needed from the Leafs in that deal, but this is the way I'd rather go.
And then target Roy or Pesce in the off season.

31 Mar 2024 17:15:37
Tags, yes, I think Jokiharju is better. I think he is smarter with the puck and his defensive reads are better. I think he is a #4 and Lily a #5. I would trade Lily and bring in Jokiharju if it was straight up for Robertson like I showed. You could still bring in Roy for instance.
Rielly Roy
McCabe Jokiharju
Benoit Timmins/?

I'm really good with that. Then if you can sign say Trenin (Yes, I am still on Trenin lol), who is playing 4C in Colorado btw, you start to build upfront as well. If this happens, then I am good with moving Robertson, Liljegren and probably even Jarnkrok if Domi and/ or Bertuzzi are brought back.

31 Mar 2024 18:10:43
RLF no doubt that could work, but I'm still not sold on Jokiharju as you are (I think he or Lily can play #4 spot with an upgrade at #3). Also, I think Jokiharju's next contract will be $1/ $1.5M higher than Lily's.
Rielly Roy
Ferraro Liljegren
Benoit McCabe
Timmins or UFA (Bortuzzo, probably sign him for same as Timmins)

I think I'd rather trade Kampf in the off season and re-sign Dewar ($1.15M) 4C, he has shown we'll IMO.

31 Mar 2024 19:49:40
I would be ok young asset vs young asset

But regardless of what happens leafs this spring

They have dollars to fix the defence if we plug in what we have you see what’s missing

Reilly —————
McCabe Liljegren
Binot Niemelä

You could upgrade the 4 hole and slide Liljegren down to 6 th D

PESCE is a good target leafs just need to bid high.

31 Mar 2024 21:25:15
I don’t make that trade right now; maybe in the off-season we shop Robertson but I’d like to delay that decision until the year is over.

Jokiharju is another Liligren; everything except the number of games played screams the same thing.

Both 2017 picks, Lili 17th overall and Jokiharju 29th. Similar size, Lili’s offence is better. RLF mentions better reads; I don’t see him that much so I cannot really offer an alternative view except what I see the few times the Leafs play the Sabres.

Lili has played 193 games to Jokiharju’s 340 so again let’s see if Lili steps up his game. He’s carrying the puck with more confidence of late.

01 Apr 2024 00:41:40
Yes Rsears, I think we're all just talking about trading in the off season.

01 Apr 2024 00:44:17
Tags. Yes. I didn't think that part needed to be explained as no playoff teams make trades right now.

01 Apr 2024 12:41:31
I guess I was speaking more to making the decision later as opposed to right now.

01 Apr 2024 19:17:50
No explanation needed.
The TDL has come and gone.



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