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07 Feb 2024 18:38:38
Oops again fat fingers.

Canucks will need cap room for Lindholm.

Would they consider trading off Garland’s $4.9m for 3 years and take on final year of Brodie.

Brodie might make a difference on their 3rd pairing for a playoff run.

He’d probably accept that move.

Would you do it?


1.) 07 Feb 2024 20:33:04
Send Bertuzzi as well and get a second back with Garland. Use that second and a prospect to get Tanev from Flames.

2.) 07 Feb 2024 20:41:28
I think Garland was available in the off-season, but he's really found his spot right now. I don't see them moving anyone if they can help it.

I'd do it though. I'm a big Garland fan. I was really hoping to grab him from the Yotes.

3.) 08 Feb 2024 02:25:54
If Garland was a defenseman yes!
But committing almost $5M to an unnecessary, 3rd line forward for 3 more years does not seem like a very good idea when Brodie’s $5M cap hit will be needed to bolster Leafs defense next season.

4.) 08 Feb 2024 13:26:58
Agree with WB49 on Garland. Not a necessary player.
As LL said, I don't see Van making a major move unless it is an impact player which they already got in Lindholm.



07 Feb 2024 18:36:17
Just looking at the Canucks situation, now and next year when they will need to deal with at least 13 UFA and RFA negotiations.

They just acquired Lindholm who will definitely add to their formidable offence and will need.




06 Feb 2024 17:36:57
So the big debate seems to be a choice between fine tuning the lineup or standing pat.

In other words, “don't give up the farm” this year. Keep Minten, Cowan our 1stR.

I’d add Grebyonkin and probably Niemela to that list.

The rest are tradeable, not that they will get us a ton.

So I see the draft and SHL/ KHL as ways to backfill with secondary scoring and physicality.


1.) 07 Feb 2024 00:01:35
I like your list of keeps. minten Cowan 1st rd pick greboykin niemela and add Steeves and hildeby to that list
As a true leaf fan I know this is not their year and they need these prospects for future not waste on a quick fix.

2.) 07 Feb 2024 00:47:58
From what I’ve been reading since 2007 that’s the concensus.

3.) 07 Feb 2024 13:13:17
Thanks for your confirmation Teenage Boy. It’s useful to buy penny stocks.



01 Jan 2024 18:06:18
So it’s easy to point fingers at various players since each has flaws in their game.

Having said that I believe the first thing that should happen, now that Samsonov has been waived, is to offload two UFAs that probably won’t be returning next year.

Get something back while you can and make room for a big add later.

First is someone I’ve been recommending for some time now. TJ Brodie must go!

IMO he’s easily replaced at less money. Lyubushkin, Tanev and Murphy can all take his place. His $5m easily allows this to happen.

I’m not suggesting he can get any of these players. Just trade him and get a draft pick; I’ll take a 5th from Arizona who will need a veteran voice after they offload Dumba. After Dumba goes their most experienced Dman is Travis Dermott, enough said.

His direct replacement may not come til next year.

Bertuzzi is next! While his play has been marginally better he’s NOT worth more than $3m. I’d rather sign Nylander with part of his money!

Send him packing to Calgary for Tanev and AJ Greer.

Or send him to Chicago for Murphy and Dickinson. Add Alex Steeves; Leaf’s don’t seem to appreciate him.

Both these trades allow a replacement this year for Brodie, at less money AND Greer is tougher to play against than Bertuzzi. Dickinson is having his best year offensively without losing his D ability and has good size, grit and speed.

Give Robertson or McMann a chance on L2.

Are we better? I believe we are marginally better but better of cap-wise.


1.) 01 Jan 2024 18:22:08
Bertuzzi doesn’t get Tanev.

2.) 01 Jan 2024 20:45:16
Have to disagree on Bertuzzi. He's been a great addition to the roster.

I know we're all divided on Brodie, so I won't comment on that again lol.

3.) 01 Jan 2024 23:32:32
Bertuzzi has not been bad (6 goals, 8 assists, +4) but neither has he come close to earning his ($5.5M dollar) salary.
I would resign Bertuzzi at $3 if he was interested but considering he is playing with Tavares and Nylander he should be far more productive and definitely replaceable for that much money.
Brodie has taken a big step back this season but is still a useful defender if put in a position to succeed (2nd, 3rd pairing) for somewhere around $3 x 1 or 2 years.
Keefe is using Brodie the second most minutes of any defenseman on the team, in a 1st pairing role, against the other teams best players.
Brodie is simply not suited for that role any longer.

4.) 01 Jan 2024 23:58:22
Brodie will take 3 for two years. Bertuzzi and domi can both go.



29 Oct 2023 22:48:37
I’m not convinced that Bertuzzi will ever be a fit with the Leafs.

I don’t think I can watch him skate around aimlessly with one hand on his stick any longer.

If SJS sees Bertuzzi as someone useful let’s go after Duclair, a speedster with scoring, energy and can easily keep up with Matthews and Marner.

Leafs add Alex Steeves and get 29yo RD Matt Benning, a dependable Dman who can skate and PK.


1.) 29 Oct 2023 23:39:55
Duclair and Benning for Bertuzzi and Steeves would be a good fit for the Leafs if San Jose was interested.
SJS might be more interested in Leafs 3rd round pick than Steeves as they are a rebuilding team looking to build through the draft.

2.) 30 Oct 2023 00:39:28

3.) 30 Oct 2023 00:55:18
I really don't like the idea of moving Bertuzzi. Making the playoffs won't be an issue, but the playoffs will be.

He's shown himself as a playoff performing and has an edge to him. I'd still keep him unless he's horrible around the TDL.

4.) 30 Oct 2023 11:28:14
When I see these types of deals and how much support there is to get rid of every new player the Leafs added this year and get back "speed" and "scoring", I think how so many must actually miss Dubas.

Tree added the type of players at the start that Dubas would trade assets for at the TDL. The big difference, it cost the Leafs nothing to add them at the start of the season. Bertuzzi/ Domi=O'Reilly/ Foligno, but Bert and Domi are younger. Klingberg>Gustaffson, but similar in puck moving offence D-men. Cance are, Tree will try and add a vet physical D-man and not need to add the rest which saves assets.

So what do people want? Trade all the grit now for more speed and scoring and then at the TDL, trade young assets/ picks for the grit we all know the Leafs will lack come playoff time? In other words, do it exactly the same way Dubas did for years and delete the propsect/ pick cupboards even more.

5.) 30 Oct 2023 14:03:40
I think Bert has been a good fit one the 2nd line it’s gonna take more than 10 games for guys to get some chemistry going so just take a breath.

6.) 30 Oct 2023 14:24:24
It really has nothing to do with Dubas! I like Treliving and his desire for snot.

I am and have always been supportive of playoff type hockey players. I always consider a player’s willingness to do battle. Duclair has some battle!

Fighting is not the only way to deter the opposition; crunching body checks and “having someone’s back” by stepping in immediately following a questionable opposition occurrence is critical.

And Bertuzzi has played one playoff so let’s throw out small sample size again as a caveat on Bertuzzi.

He has shown little to zero physicality, edge and/ or grit. And he’s costing $5.5m. Honestly I’d trade him 1:1 for Anthony Mantha and give HIM a chance on L1 or L2.

He has a better scoring history than Bertuzzi and is huge, physical and can skate well! Maybe the Leafs can get something extra because the Caps want to offload him so badly.

And while Reaves has prevented late hits, shoves and face-plants, what fear did he create against the Preds.

Let’s get a physical player who ALSO has some skill like Jack McBain or Trent Frederic.

7.) 30 Oct 2023 15:18:39
You might want to fact check your scoring history Bert has been fine do not forget he’s playing through a nagging injury he’s a guy who can play in the corners and infront of the net while having some skill to go with revo has been fine as well that line has done fine I would like the leafs to grab a centre tho so kampf can be moved down.

8.) 30 Oct 2023 15:39:18
Rsears. It isn't about Dubas in particular, more the style of building a team. What many are proposing is very dubasesque. That is the point about missing him.

As I have said numerous times before, people begged for more physicality and grit. Leafs get it, and many then want to trade all of it away because they don't score enough. That doesn't sound like a familiar philosophy? Ironically, many who want these guys moved are also those who complained about Dubas moving assets at the deadline and likely will again this deadline.

Fighting still matters. Leafs tried the "team toughness" in the past where they all jumped in and then got their collective butts whipped so bad that it didn't deter anything.

Duclair has never been a guy that I thought had any real "battle" in him. He has had his share of injuries as well. Sure, he has speed and can put up points. Defensively he is meh at best.

Martha is rarely noticeable most nights and he has been plagued by a lack of consistent effort. As you said, the Caps would love to get rid of him.

9.) 30 Oct 2023 16:59:27
So good dialogue.

So if fighting still matters (and I agree) here is a stat Goat. Bertuzzi has had 5 fights to Mantha’s 10. Mantha’s opponents have not all been lightweights like Bertuzzi.

Their scoring history is quite similar really: .28 goals per game each and the nod to Bertuzzi on assists per game .38 to .31.

I had looked quickly and saw that Mantha outscored Bertuzzi 120 yo 94 and had more assists 134 to 127.

Consistency, bringing it every night, is an issue with both Bertuzzi and Mantha.

If I saw Mantha play 8 games this year as I have Bertuzzi maybe I’d feel the same annoyance so be careful what you wish for, right?

But I would still do the trade because I feel, in my gut, that Mantha can find his way and become a top6 forward.

And so far I haven’t seen much I truly like about how Bertuzzi plays the game.

I hope it changes cause right he is a Maple Leaf.

10.) 31 Oct 2023 01:41:22
@Rseara I really liked Mantha when he was with the Wings. Had a lot of hope for the kid at the time. The more I've seen of him though, the less I'd make that trade. He went to a Caps team that was at least above average and has done nothing since then.

11.) 31 Oct 2023 11:20:28
Rsears. Why make the Mantha for Bertuzzi trade if you believe both have consistency issues? Plus, which no one seems to remember, Bert has a No move clause and asking a guy to waive it 10 games into the season pretty much assures that the Leafs won't be signing anymore notable free agents.

As GOAT said, I think we should relook at the stats. Bert has 221 points in 331 games (.67 pg) and 10 points in 7 playoff games while Mantha has 254 points in 427 (.59 pg) games and only 6 points in 11 playoff games (0 goals) . Mantha had 2 good seasons years ago and done not much since and Bert has been pretty consistent throughout.

Mantha also cost 200K more. It's not like Mantha is more physical either. If you still have fait in him, all good, but why trade anything of value for him other than dollars in, dollars out for cap purposes?




Rsears's banter posts with other poster's replies to Rsears's banter posts


13 Apr 2024 23:57:28
There was an exchange yesterday on Samsonov.

I didn’t join the conversation because I might have regretted what nasties I would write.

Honestly, not that the Leafs are defending well, but he’s looking pretty brutal in all facets of his game.

Woll ha been poor recently as well.

The question was also recently presented by LL I believe on the likely playoff opponent.

I had said Leafs in 6 if our goalie beats their goalie.

I want to believe this can happen but I’m not very confident.




04 Apr 2024 01:39:56
Seems to me that Woll is not the guy we were thinking he was at the beginning of this year.

I have not cared for his play at all lately and I think he has lost his game much like Samsonov did earlier.

He better get it back or he’ll be watching from the bench.


1.) 04 Apr 2024 03:41:14
When did we start Haring on players so fast?

2.) 04 Apr 2024 04:03:48
He has been inconsistent since coming back. In all fairness though, two of his previous 3 starts he posted over a .950 sz% allowing 2 goals in 43 shots and 1 goal in 24 shots. I was pretty happy with those two performances.

3.) 04 Apr 2024 11:45:53
In 6 of his last 8 games his SV% was .857 or less; not stellar.

4.) 04 Apr 2024 14:16:58
Give him a chance, we might get both goalies hot at the right time. I can’t wait for Edmundson to come back and take out Brodie.

5.) 04 Apr 2024 14:22:05
He’s still pretty green don’t even think he has 50 nhl games under his belt he will be the backup come playoff time and just restart next year.

6.) 04 Apr 2024 22:44:55
I’m not suggesting we give up on him; simply stating he’s likely to be watching the playoffs if he doesn’t have a re-set.

Yes to an Edmundson return and sitting Brodie.

7.) 05 Apr 2024 00:15:17
@Rsears definitely going to be backup at this point, but I'm sure he gets a look.



02 Apr 2024 01:36:26
As well as Reaves has played tonight why is he on the ice with the goalie pulled?


1.) 02 Apr 2024 06:00:53
Keefe has an odd way of sending guys out late in games. Always confuses me.

2.) 02 Apr 2024 12:19:00
It is more that he sends them out for a D-zone faceoff that gets me. I can almost understand during in game play, but I haven't understood the off a faceoff part yet. That said, if the team could finally learn to play hard with a big 3rd period lead, there would be no need to worry about defending with the goalie pulled when you enter the period with a 5-1 lead.

3.) 02 Apr 2024 12:38:12
Keefe believes in clogging up the middle in the Dzone. Each player moves closer to the middle ice thus allowing space on the outside.

These same players remain stationary supposedly taking that vulnerable or dangerous space away from the opposition.

But they are giving away time and space.

Good offensive players take advantage of both these by slowing the game offering a small feint one way moving to the other with shot pass for a deflection or hitting the goalie’s pads for a rebound.

I’d much rather take away time and space with an in-your-face aggressive approach causing the opps to make mistakes by making quicker decisions.

I don’t like a passive defence.

4.) 02 Apr 2024 14:10:03
Rsears. Yes, the collapse D that Keefe uses has been discussed often on here. I am referring to the players having a 5-1 lead heading into the 3rd and they just stop competing. They stop battling hard. It's like they don't want to do anything that may cause a retaliation. They dig the hole for the opponent, put them in it, and then hand them a ladder in the 3rd to climb out in hopes then they won't be too pissed off at them.

5.) 02 Apr 2024 22:17:44
Their battle showed in the first two periods; they were aggressive and often taking physical initiative.

It’s impossible to show that same hustle and drive when you collapse inward.

Let’s remove the ladder going forward.

6.) 03 Apr 2024 12:55:33
They collapse to the net all game though. It's their defensive strategy. I am more referring to the way the players sit back and stop forechecking, stop hitting, stop pressuring in the O-zone. It's like they are thinking "If we don't hit, don't bury them any worse on the scoreboard than they won't get mad at us and start taking runs at us". Stop giving them hope. Keep the pedal down and let them know we can and will dominate you - is what I am talking about. Change the mentality.

7.) 03 Apr 2024 18:14:34
My take is we should have one forward high at all times to not allow odd man rushes, but we essentially send A 1 man forecheck which results in easy outs for the opposition. But that feels like a coaching decision rather than a players philosophy.



17 Mar 2024 00:45:57
Pathetic defence.
You CANNOT just sit back and give them time to organize themselves.
Just awful.


1.) 17 Mar 2024 14:07:23
Don't understand why Keefe came out with Tavares & Nylander after the 3rd goal.
Kampf just came out of the box, so he was fresh to close out the game.
Should have been Kampf, Dewar & either Holmberg or McMann.
Leafs were the better team last night and specialty teams did us in, whether you agree with someone the calls or not. Leafs just needed to score one PP goal and there's no comeback.

2.) 18 Mar 2024 18:14:59
I 100% agree with you tags was saying the same thing I put that loss on keefe poor team management I understand going for the empty netter but the leafs didn’t have the momentum.



17 Feb 2024 21:55:14
I’ll be interested in watching Frank Vatrano tonight as I believe he would be a very good LW with Tavares.
Very good skater with a very good shot, plays with decent physicality and does PK.





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15 Apr 2024 22:19:54
Not yet!

It was your hypothesis that placed Nylander on L4.

No one else would put forth such a statement.

And how many games did Acciari play with the Leafs?

What position in scoring does Kampf hold this year? Tied for 12th!

It’s your distortion of facts that is outrageous.

As for Kampf, I quite like him. He and Holmberg are competing for L3 but that doesn’t make him a3C.

And yes I will take a breath as I did last time.

That will continue until you feel offended yet again.

Over to you!




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15 Apr 2024 16:48:59
Why would any coach put Nylander on 4th L? Such a statement offers zero value to the reader.

It’s a nonsensical statement and posted in an attempt to make support for Kampf’s production!

It might baffle some.

Kampf is a good 4C. I do like him in that role and I’m happy to have him on our team though he’s a bit overpaid.

Kampf was in those scoring positions NOT because of his scoring skill BUT because he played MANY more games than others below him!

In 22/ 23 Engvall had 6 fewer points than Kampf but played 24 fewer games.

Kampf was ahead of the likes of Simmonds, Ritchie, Clifford, Blackwell and a number of Marlie callups like Steeves, McMann, Abruzzese and Robertson.




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09 Apr 2024 12:06:54
Brodie had a good game last night.
At league minimum I suppose, as a 7thD.
But honestly I’d rather give someone a look-see at the minimum.
Maybe Tre can duplicate a Benoit-like move.




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08 Apr 2024 22:44:38

I was nodding my until I got to the last two sentences.

First the goalies you mention are certainly solid but who are you giving up?

And I don’t see any reason, at any salary, to resign Brodie. He’s been on a steady decline for the last two years, IMO.




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08 Apr 2024 12:43:50

You may be correct that they will not accept less than they are currently making.

And they may still be looking for a team at the start of next season.

I personally would not pay a 40-45 point player who has played L1 or L2 most of the season $5m, let alone $6m.

And Domi is only worth more IMO than his current $3m if his goal total was perhaps 50% higher.

But you feel it’s more and that’s fine; it’s your assessment.





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21 Apr 2024 14:29:29
Bert and Domi provide snarl but Domi gets stupid once in a while (took two poor penalties) and Bert was careless with his stick (and took a penalty) .

The Bruins have better discipline and are smart/ sly in how they draw penalties. Coyle embellished the Benoit penalty; as soon as he felt the stick he grasped it with his hand, pulled it upwards and did his tumble.

Why can’t we do that?




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21 Apr 2024 12:39:45
4L was fine but Reaves cost the first goal. He made a bad decision and left his position to make a hit causing a 2-on-1.

I left with 2 minutes remaining in 2nd - couldn’t stomach the play.

At that time Matthews and MO were non-factors IMO but maybe they picked it up in the 3rd.

Goaltending and special teams were the difference.

The Bruins execute extremely well and are very disciplined. They play the game right and play it smart.

Need Nylander and McMann back for game2. Need a split for sure.




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21 Apr 2024 01:51:47
Not Samsonov.
Going to bed.




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19 Apr 2024 19:43:53
Like many here, I think (and hope for cap reasons) that Woll is our goalie of the future.

I believe had his final two starts been solid he would be game1 starter but it appears, based on media reports, that Samsonov gets the net.

If he falters early it will be interesting to see how quickly Keefe makes the change. I don’t have the number off the top of my head but I remember twice Woll came to our rescue.

If this happens it will be Woll until he falters.

Clearly goaltending is the number one question (not the only one) that will dictate how far the Leafs go.




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19 Apr 2024 19:00:23
I think Jones would start before Murray.