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17 Aug 2020 16:23:14
Sign Thornton and Clifford.
barrie, ceci walk.

Why not honestly... another hometown boy on a league minimum deal and he can retire near his hometown and play for the city. If the coaching can turn matthews, hyman, Tavares, kapanen, Marner, mikheyev, engvall, Robertson into the players they should be offense and scoring should be no issue. Sign him league minimum. The guy is killer at face offs and can set plays up. He will get 40 points + in Toronto. San Jose kinda sucks and did last year. Add one of two defensemen and problem should be solved with Ceci and barrie gone. Play spezza @ 3c and let kerfoot and nylander go for some defensive help. Do the nylander To devils for subban 50% retained deal and a 6th/7th round draft pick and say kerfoot & johnsson to ducks for Manson and a 2nd round pick from Anaheim. Holl can go for a 5th round pick too. Also for the ones hating on this, is taking subban on 50% retained and a pick back really bad in your eyes? If so how? He is 30-31. Not that old. At all. Also he's from Toronto. Will play with pride. He can hit, has a wicked clapper and he would be much better then Holl. Easily better. And Manson is hated on here for reasons I can't fathom. The guy is a beast and will fight and hit and stick up for team mates. He played for the sucky duckys. He will thrive in Toronto beside rielly. Your clearly have 0 hockey sense if you disagree. Sometimes changes of scenery is all that's needed. Manson would be great in Toronto. Thornton is added for a fan favourite plus leadership with spezza and also he could be effective in lower minutes. Faceoffs, pk etc. Imo this is a winning team. Leadership, hometown boys, grit.

Leadership: Thornton, Spezza, Subban, Clifford.

Grit: Clifford, Kapanen, Manson, Muzzin, Subban, Dermott.

Hometown boys or in surrounding area: Marner, Hyman, Spezza, Thornton, Muzzin, Subban, Tavares, Clifford.




This is a Toronto team with real talent and leadership and grit. I would love to see this
Team iced. Brooks and gauthier can be call ups and sandin and liljegren for defense. Maybe trade dermott and engvall at deadline to boost the third Line and throw sandin beside lehtonen. I know some say it isn't perfect but come on That defense looks much better then


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17 Aug 2020 16:36:55
Lol wtf is this are you high or drunk. Nylander >>>> Subban even at 50% retained. A late round draft pick isn’t even close to making up the difference.

If you bring Spezza and Clifford they won’t be playing more then a 4th line role. You could potentially play Thornton at 3C but he is likely a 4th line player now too.

I’m not sure why people are so obsessed with Manson. He sucks. I swear if I see another trade for him on here that isn’t like a 3rd round pick at most I’m going to lose it. Manson sucks in his own end, has no offensive upside, and is just overall bad and overpaid. His advanced stats tell the whole story.

Holl should be worth at least a 2nd round pick.

17 Aug 2020 16:54:19
Johnsson and kerfoot for Manson and a 2nd is bad? Elaborate. We get salary freed up plus Manson was + 34 and has 37 points in 2017-2018 on an okay Anaheim team. Look who he played with and the team he played on. He’s still only 28. He’s 6’3 225lbs. And shoots right. And since you think Subban is a bad idea, make it 50% retained a prospect plus a 5th round pick then. It’s also a cap dump and getting a right shot and proven player back also. He’s way better then Holl.

17 Aug 2020 16:56:23
How is + 34 and 37 points just 2 years ago bad? One bad year doesn’t mean s*** also Anaheim is brutal And there goalies suck now and they were riddled with injuries. With a goalie like Andersen, and a partner like Reilly with the offense of the leafs I’d bet you 1000$ he is at least + 10 and 30 + points.

17 Aug 2020 17:00:42
A lot of people just read these dumb articles and then float the props here don't they? Lol. That Nylander for Subban is a big one now.

17 Aug 2020 17:54:27
Gibson is considered one of the best goalies in the league, making up for a Toronto like defense but lacking the Toronto like offense.

Manson is essentially ceci that can fight. He makes to many mistakes for how slow he is.

17 Aug 2020 18:18:15
Cause It actually makes sense? Scaredy cat willie who’s talented but scared of hitting and being hit at 7 million or Subban, not much older at 30, who will hit, score and fight and is from Toronto at Half the price of his contract, and will actually play with grit and heart? Hmmmmm. he also lit it up in Nashville. So on an offense stacked team even without nylander it makes a ton of sense. And we get a pick back that could turn out well. Barabanov and Robertson will fill the offensive hole nylander would leave. Barabanov will be close to as good but will play grittier
And I think is faster also.

17 Aug 2020 18:21:03
But he hits too. And protects the front of net. He was + 34 and had 37 points just a few years ago on a mediocre team. + 37 says it all. With an offense like Anaheim’s.

17 Aug 2020 23:09:46
He did eltzy I agree. But he has declined.

18 Aug 2020 00:50:01
Subban and Manson both suck donkey balls. Hockey is a "what have you done for me lately? " sport. And neither Subban or Manson have done much lately.

Neither are in the top 50 defensemen in the NHL, and even if Anaheim and Jersey retained salary, it doesn't matter, because our defense would be worse, not better.

Give it a rest Eltzy. This trade really does suck. Why would Leafs trade long term controlled players for rentals with nothing going for them other than that they are big and can hit? Those are qualities we need, but not only those qualities. If that was all we were looking for, we could still get Luke Schenn. He had a great year 10 seasons ago. Since the past is what we are basing things on, then hey, he is still a good player right.

Get a grip. These aren't even you're own original thought out trades. Straight from Tanner to this forum. The Manson one has been tossed out more times than I toss off.

18 Aug 2020 04:45:26
😂😂 a good chuckle thanks buddy lol! Sign phaneuf tho misewell.



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