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24 Sep 2021 23:14:05
Alright marner to each Canadian team, trying to make these fair but also trying to make cap work.
Start east and work west

Tor: marner
Mtl: Gallagher Drouin primeau

Tor: marner, Reilly, 2022 1st 2023 1st
Ott: stutzle, chabot, c brown

Tor: marner 1.5 retained, lily
Peg: lowry, PLD, Stanley

Tor: marner, kerfoot
Cgy tkachuk mangiapane, dube

Tor: marner
Edm: Hyman, Bouchard Yamamoto McLeod

Tor: marner, Reilly 50 % retained
Van: meyers, hoglander, Miller, garland

In the Vancouver deal the leafs then have to move kerfoot and a touch more to be cap compliant

Some caps may be off but I tried to put it within a million or 2


1.) 25 Sep 2021 01:23:32
I think the only deal I like is the Calgary edition of trading Marner.
Can imagine Marner on a line with Ehlers and Scheifele but I don’t care for the return.
I like Bouchard and Yamamoto in the Oilers deal but I don’t want Hyman back with that ridiculous, 7 year contract that Ken Holland gave him.
Gallagher, Drouin and Primeau don’t cut it.
Gallagher has a big, long term contract, us already 30 years old and is hurt a lot. Drouin is a failed high draft pick that couldn’t succeed in a talented Tampa team and has been no better with the Habs.
Hog lander and Garland are nice pieces from the Canucks but Miller is past his prime, injured a lot and Meyers shine wore off quickly after winning the Calder. He is now no
better than a replacement player.
Can’t see Ottawa making this trade as they are just about at the end of their rebuild and have a nice looking group of young players and control all of their draft picks.
Giving up Stutzle, Chabot and two 1st round picks is a huge price to pay for Marner and a rental.

2.) 25 Sep 2021 07:47:39
In the Ottawa deal the leafs give up the draft picks.

3.) 27 Sep 2021 00:04:40
It is a good thing you aren't the GM.



26 Aug 2021 23:39:43
Blockbuster time

Tor: matthews, Reilly, mrazek, dermott, some long shot marries to even out the contracts.

Phi: couturier, frost,York, brink, hart provorov, sanheim, Allison

Leaf lineup
Robertson couturier marner
Ritchie Tavares nylander
Kerfoot kampf engvall
Spezza frost simmonds

Extras brooks brink Allison kase bunting

Provorov brodie
Muzzin holl
Sanheim sandin/lily



1.) 27 Aug 2021 00:59:37
I prefer to read possible trade projections not fantasy.

2.) 27 Aug 2021 02:44:45
Then get off a fantasy trade site, you want more kerfoot for a 3rd proposals?

3.) 27 Aug 2021 03:22:31
This one's for you @Waterbuffalo

Malgin to Winnipeg for future considerations.

Riveting wasn't it?

4.) 27 Aug 2021 14:04:57
Man leafslife, idk how you came up with such a realistic proposal, that thing is just earth shattering for me, reading malign for future considerations just changed my world. Thank you for letting me read something that is so likely to come to fruition.

My impersonation of waterbuffalo.

5.) 28 Aug 2021 01:24:03
Glad you liked it bobandy. Seemed very original and imaginative to me.

6.) 28 Aug 2021 03:44:47
It’s not a bad deal.

Losing Matthews sucks but in 3 summers from now it may suck anyway

Couturier is a top 5 defensive dman on a good cap hit this year. Problem is the 8 years after this year he has. When will he start to slow down. Definetly before he turns 38. I’m guessing you’ll get 3 great years with him. 3 slow progressing declining years followed by 3 boat anchor contract years. Having Tavares and couriruer slow down together might suck in next 4 years but hey losing Matthews in 3 will also

Provorov and his 4 years at a good price vs losing rielly next summer is great. Who is a better dman. Guess depends on what year you look. I’ll take provorov as a player and definetly his age and contract are much better. However, the differance between the 2 Dmen isn’t that huge really but losing rielly for nothing will suck so adding provorov for 3 extra years definetly is at the least a comparable trade off. At best he turns into something we’ve all wanted for years

Hart for mrazek is basically an even trade off. Of course Toronto gets hope to look forward to but as far as the next 3 years No one can definitively say one is better than the other. After the 3 years due to hart RFA status and probably entering his prime might be a huge gain but he could also never recapture his first few years and amount to nothing close to his ceiling. So this deal is based on hope but for now salary term skill I call it a draw

However, like every gm will tell you if they could have a generational center on their team they’d basically trade anything for it. Outside mcdavid Matthews would be the most coveted player by every team as they’d all have 3 years to convince him to stay with your organization. No GM wouldn’t take this gamble. 3 years is long and marketing around Matthews is a dream for any owner.

Due to this part of the buisness Philly would need to add a much better forward
1st Philly adds

Then Toronto adds

That makes the caps be equal this year

Next Philly adds 2 non signed prospects
Ronnie Attard
Bobby brink

Matthews rielly Engvall mrazek
Couturier provorov konecny hart brink attard.

7.) 28 Aug 2021 06:25:56
You’d rather koneckny over sanheim and frost?

8.) 28 Aug 2021 10:39:31
Yeah I would. Sanheim ends up bottom pair dman maybe 4th D if holl drops in play a bit at best. This is the best sanheim will be on this leaf team for at least what 3 more years as provorov myzzin and Brodie will always be ahead of him on the depth chart

Frost plays 4th line maybe 3rd at best this year
Sure his upside might be top 6 forward but how long until he gets there if ever

Konecny is top 6 at worst right now.

My point is finding a 4th-5th dman and a bottom 6 forward for this year can be done internally. Robertson could be ready but like frost why play the maybe card in the top 6 when konecny is top 6 now.

And I meant top 5 defensive center in league when I talked about couturier

Replacing 50 goals is near impossible but konecny makes the gap to 50 goals lost closer than frost probably ever will.



26 Aug 2021 16:04:30
Tor: marner
Car: svech


1.) 27 Aug 2021 01:01:38
Can’t see Carolina being at all interested in Marner at $10.89 million a year when they have just signed Svechnikov for $7.75 a year for 8 years.

2.) 27 Aug 2021 01:46:02
Carolina is probably the worst trade partner for Dubas. They are the Anti-Dubas of the NHL. They would have told MNM to sit or take 7 million instead of signing them.

Don't think they ever take a big contract.

3.) 27 Aug 2021 15:46:00
@LL. And they have a more balanced team as well. Wonder how that happened? lol.

4.) 27 Aug 2021 20:11:24
@RLF who would have thought. Stand your ground on players and get better contracts lol.

5.) 28 Aug 2021 05:08:58
So montreal and Aho signed an offer sheet of 5yrs@8.46 with 38.6 million being paid in signing bonuses including a huge 11.3 then 9.7 in first 2 years. Carolina decided to match this thus having to honour that very same contract Aho signed with montreal

Marner and the leafs agreed to 6yrs@10.9 with over 60 million in signing bonuses.

So Toronto pays a premium on marner as they get 2 ufa years while Carolina only gets 1

Marner had 224pts in 241gms in 1st 3 years
Aho had 197 pts in 242gms in sane time frame
Marners best was 94 vs Aho 83

So right away a 75pt avg player vs a 66pt avg player is usually 1 million. So that puts marner at 9.46 for 5 years. Now you have to pay for an extra year of ufa.

3 yr bridge
Yr1 4.5
Yr2 6.75
Yr3. 9.0
Last RFA year
Yr4. 11.25
2 ufa years
Yr5. 13.5
Yr6. 15.75

Then leafs owed marner 4-5 million he lost in performance bonus due to helping team out 1st 3 years

Now you get 65 million

Yr 1 4
Yr2. 6.25
Yr3. 8.5
Yr4. 10.75
Yr5. 13

That’s 42.5 over 5 see contracts aren’t that far off and Carolina had nothing to do with Aho except matching

Svechnikov only had 140 pts in 205 games which landed him a 8 year 7.75 per year deal and only 4 million being paid in bonuses. Now that’s a Carolina deal.
It’s pretty on par with hishier Keller and conners deals.

It’s not Carolina it’s the league. 45-60 pt players get the 6-8 yr @7-8 million deal unless they bridge its 3@3.5-4.5 per

61-76 pt players got 8.5-10.9 on a 5-8 yr deals unless they bridged its 3@4-7 per

Mcdavid draisaitl eichel all got 10-12.5 over 8 as they should of

Matthews got 11.6 over 5. That’s the only deal that looks odd in all of this

Any star player drafted before 2014 outside of Crosby ovechkin settled for smaller contracts after their ELC deals. 6yr deals were a big item at this time netting star players 4.5-6 million per. Then age 27 year they get huge payday like Kane but are basically retired when contract is done. Mackinnon will be same. Tavares and stamkos same. All 34-35 when it’s done

The younger guys now get. chance at 2 massive contacts.

I think 2014 drafted players and beyond all went to buisness school. Boy are they making these pre 2014 drafted contracts look silly.

6.) 30 Aug 2021 17:09:08
Excellent post JdB1394. 👍.



24 Aug 2021 17:51:47
Tor: kerfoot, micheyev
Chi: strome nylander

Leaf lineup

Tavares matthews marner
Nylander strome nylander
Brooks kampf engvall
Bunting spezza simmonds

Reilly brodie
Muzzin holl
Dermott sandin lily



1.) 24 Aug 2021 21:47:25
I think I'd rather send Engvall than Mikheyev, or possibly Brooks.

2.) 24 Aug 2021 22:38:33
None of the above brings anything new to the team! Nick Ritchie brings what the leafs need. Also that second line would be the softest line in the NHL!

3.) 24 Aug 2021 22:41:42
Good prop. I am not sure why there are so many props for A. Nylander involved as I don't see the appeal, but I would think he has the least value in this one and Leafs are having to pay for the hope that Strome can be a 3C moving forward. Seems fair.

4.) 24 Aug 2021 23:46:16
Stroke has the skill set and it looks pretty certain they want him gone. I like the deal.

Maybe Alex can play better with Willy on the team.

5.) 25 Aug 2021 12:43:07
I like the trade as Strome could be a solid 3C, no way Tavares is not 2C and move to the wing. He is the a better natural center than Matthews, but Matthews is a better all around player right now.
A. Nylander is a bust and at this point you're just hoping for something there.

6.) 25 Aug 2021 15:25:57
Forgot Ritchie, knew I was missing someone, the nylander deal is just in the hope, playing together they can make some sedin magic, it’s a long shot but worth the attempt if this is it all it costs.



13 Aug 2021 16:08:13
This ones going to be a bit controversial

Tor: marner, dermott
Buff: skinner 1 million retained, dahlin, jokiharju, cozens, Quinn

Tor: Reilly, 2023 2nd
Van: hoglander, 2022 4th


Cozens matthews hoglander
Skinner Tavares nylander
Micheyev kampf kerfoot
Engvall spezza simmonds

Muzzin holl
Dahlin brodie
Sandin jokiharju



1.) 13 Aug 2021 16:25:26
This also might be controversial but I think Buffalo says no. They most likely won’t give up their entire future for Marner as most think he is overpaid. Dahlin is a future 1-2D Cozens is projected to be 2C and Quinn is a top 6 F. Although they are getting rid of skinner, I still think they pass.

2.) 13 Aug 2021 23:57:41
Leafs like this!
Don’t think Buffalo does!

3.) 14 Aug 2021 02:18:46
Getting rid of Skinner should cost this much lol. I don't think Buffalo does this but it's not far off value wise.

4.) 14 Aug 2021 13:42:27
Neither team does the Buffalo deal. The deal doesn't improve either team materially.

Hard pass on the Reilly deal.




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25 Sep 2021 07:47:39
In the Ottawa deal the leafs give up the draft picks.




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21 Sep 2021 15:12:12
Probably swap the tkachuk deals and it’s closer.




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21 Sep 2021 15:11:14
Replace Sanford with Thomas since after this deal you can’t afford him anyways.




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19 Sep 2021 18:06:42
I would hate to see a line of Hyman McDavid brown. That’s some hard workers on each wing, I weirdly could see them doing something like

Brown mcdavid puljuarvi
Hyman draisatl yamamoto.




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19 Sep 2021 18:04:48
I really like this, but I think Vancouver is slightly higher on Hughes than that.





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